Why do so many Feds sell out to Ruling Cabal?

Many Federal Agents, aka Feds, "sell out" to the evil Ruling Cabal because of great pay, the best benefits and a sense of power; and the alternative would cause major personal losses and extreme "forever" problems.


by Preston James

Why do so many Federal agents, aka Feds, seem unaware or uncaring of the monstrous evil they contribute to when they follow the illegal and unconstitutional policies of their agencies which are mandated by the evil Ruling Cabal?

The majority of all Feds have drunk the Cabal Koolaide and have been effectively mind-kontrolled by their internalization of the particular subculture of power wearing the USG cloak of authority they have been socialized into.

Thus, it is fair to say that they have become true believers in their subculture and all the Cabal myths that support their false beliefs. It is the powerful rewards for internalizing this authoritarian subculture of the Cabal and all the rewards given them for doing so that motivates them to “sell out” to this Cabal-defined and -controlled Hierarchical system of authority and control.

However, there are always some feds who learn that the subculture of their agency is a lie, and most of the time they just live in quiet desperation to maintain their great pay and top benefits (which includes the best retirement packages imaginable).

Those that have too much character and integrity to go along just to get along, leave their jobs. Those few that try to change things get stepped on hard by the Cabal – often fired, blacklisted, sometime harassed for life, some get jailed on phony trumped up charges and some get murdered.

Older Feds are more likely to learn the sad truth that they work for evil, satanic kingpins of the Cabal, top policy-makers that are part of powerful think-tanks and organizations outside the mainstream USG.

But why do those that learn of the total corruption at the top of their agencies do nothing and usually go away quietly? Because they know that if they cross the set policies of their agency and appear to veer away from the prescribed belief set, they will be stepped on hard by the full authority of the USG like a boot in their face 24/7.

The USG provides all kinds of low-labor “sweetheart jobs” to the Cabal-approved “yes-men and -women”, most of whom are connected to the Cabal families.

This is a major and truly disgusting theft and waste of US Taxpayer monies. It’s always “pigs at the taxpayer trough” for DC officials and elected politicians. But the large corporations that stack the US Congress with massive Campaign funds (thanks to the Citizens United case) feed at this taxpayer trough even more.

Why does the US Department of Justice have a cadre of 500 lawyers designated the Senior Executive Services who are basically untouchable and who receive very high salaries and benefits? And why do they cover up so many crimes of the USG and Ruling Cabal?

Why don’t Feds do their jobs and start arresting all the pedophiles and crooks that populate DC?

First, most Lower level Feds are so highly compartmentalized and removed from the secret evil and Globalist NWO agenda and policies of the Ruling Cabal, that they just do not understand how their agency serves as a parasitical plague on We The People, and the world. Most of their daily responsibilities are basic Law Enforcement and actually much needed services by the public. But a fair portion are predatory and based on anti-human evil self-serving policies of the Ruling Cabal top policy-makers.

Second, most Feds have completely internalized the false ideology of their agency which has been carefully provided by the Cabal leaders and is quite anti-human in many ways when carefully examined. And these Cabal leaders who sit at the top of a USG (including military and Intel) and corporate Hierarchy, set all their major policies, and create the agency subcultures which fit together to support their age-old Globalist NWO Agenda.

Third, those Feds that do find this out and feel compelled to speak out get “stepped on” by the Ruling Cabal. Of course, the Ruling Cabal’s several top leaders are able to easily subvert and neutralize the Rule of Law. Cabal leaders can do this because of the extreme, absolute Caesarean Power they wield by occupying the very top of their Hierarchy, thereby easily making self-serving policies and exerting Control over all aspects of the USG, Congress and Law Enforcement.

It is this evil Ruling Cabal that runs the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and sets the top policies that govern every Federal agency. These several evil parasitical, soulless Cabal top leaders determine set policies that determine how USG agency leaders cover up major Cabal and Federal Crimes, often imposing national security as a false but effective cover.

The Cabal policies in place that control the alphabets and LE agencies ensure the continuing cover-up of their crimes.

These covered up crimes usually include Treason, Sedition, major criminal and civil RICO, pedophile, war-making, crimes against humanity, subversion of the US Rule of Law, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Crimes the Cabal used the FBI and Department of Just-us to cover up typically include satanic-based pedophile, child sacrifice, sex trafficking, organ trafficking, and many other unimaginable crimes.

Supervisors in these federal agencies appear to follow the orders given at the top of the Ruling Cabal Hierarchy and always follow these mandates and policies set by these top Cabal leaders or their Cutouts (without questioning them). If they don’t, they know that severe life-destroying sanctions will always follow in short order. Any Fed can “sandbag” (look busy but accomplish little as a way of silently dissenting, a frequent occurrence nowadays.

Part of the problem is that many Federal agents enact one small piece of the total work product of their agency, and do not know the full work product and output.

Nor do they understand or comprehend the extent of the evil done to individuals or society at large by the overall functions of their total agency work product, especially with those cases directly managed by their agency leadership.

Take the FBI for example. Any serious cases with potentially serious public blowback are taken over by the Washington Field Office (WFO). The WFO then carefully manipulates the evidence, covers it up, sometimes using extreme and completely illegal methods using specially deployed, closely trusted specialists. Many of these specialists have sold out to the Cabal or been deeply compromised themselves or mind-kontrolled to believe the false narratives provided by the Ruling Cabal. This keeps most ordinary field agents from ever understanding the final work product, which is often a serious RICO crime or cover up initiated to protect the interests of the Ruling Cabal or the agency itself.

I know about these false-narratives of the Cabal because many years ago I was briefed by a Fed who gave me what is known as the “John Cathey talk”. When I asked this man if he ever felt bad about his agency (the Company) bringing in massive amounts of illegal narcotics to sell to raise off-the-books black ops money, below is what he stated to me as something I should pay attention to. This high ranking Intel man was not part of the trafficking operations but knew about them and accepted them as normal Intel procedures. Here is what he told me, and he said this was the talk given to him by “John Cathey” years before, when he was briefed.

“Drugs and prostitution have always been here. It is a fact of history and no one is ever going to stop these vices. Now these are hard realities of life. Drugs will always be imported and sold; it’s a fact of history and a fact of life. We don’t force anyone to use drugs, it’s their own free choice. Now do you want all this money to go to the scumbag street urchins to waste, or doesn’t it make more sense for this money to go to your government to be used to protect the national security of America so America can remain strong and you can have true freedom? Nobody forces anyone to buy or use drugs, it’s an individual choice, but it just happens to be an historical reality that it goes on. So grow up and think like a big boy. If you don’t do this, somebody else will anyway, so it’s not like your refusal would ever make a dent in all this anyway.”

We all know that the “Feds” are: FBI, DHS, FEMA, DEA, CIA, US Marshals and all other agents of the USG who carry arrest rights for federal crimes.

Lately even the mere suspicion of a federal agency under the Patriot Act and NDAA can result in a search warrant, a national security letter that “suggests” your employer fire you for being a suspected terrorist (when you are not), or a warrant for your arrest. Under the Patriot Act you can be arrested, taken to a black military prison for life, tortured (or murdered) and never given any legal counsel or even come before a judge at any time.

Many of us know that it is very difficult to ever hold any Feds accountable for their illegal acts and individual crimes unless they are set up to be discredited or cast out of their agencies because they have gone outside allowed parameters of behavior (which happens once in awhile to make the public think there is actually rule of law for top officials and Feds—there isn’t).

Why do so many Federal Agents habitually continue to violate the spirit of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights while putting on the appearance that they believe they are in fact doing what is right and just?

After all, Feds have to take an oath of office to uphold the US Constitution and defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Evil has become institutionalized as normal in these agencies and is now expected because “this is just the way things are done”.

Most lower level Feds been provided big lies, false-narratives and propaganda by the Cabal which they have believed, and they have been convinced that their immoral, unconstitutional actions are normal and okay.

Have most lower level “worker bee” Feds been bamboozled by the massive wealth and power that stands behind their badge, and has it corrupted their thinking and motivation? Or have many identified with their evil leaders? The answer is yes to both of these questions.

Is there a common process that has corrupted most Federal Law Enforcement Officers that has also corrupted the leaders of those agencies they work for? The answer is yes.

And if so, has this process that has corrupted the leaders of LE agencies and Federal LE Officers also corrupted the Major Mass Media who help to support it in lock-step. Have most USG-elected and appointed officials been corrupted by this Cabal-created policy, high pay and the pleasure of wearing the USG badge of power and speciality? Is this why all FBI are called “Special Agents”?

Yes, there appears to be a common process to this indoctrination of Cabal ideology and values for those wearing the cloak of USG authority and power. Most become seduced by the job security and great sense of power they gain by working as an agent of the Ruling Cabal which runs America and much of the world.

Psychologists have identified the process by which folks attempt to create cognitive consistency in their world. When they are being directed and well paid by a very powerful Ruling Cabal, there is strong motivation to identify with the prescribed values and practices, as well as the culture created by the Cabal at the top of the USG Hierarchy and to view it as a favorable part of themselves. All such is necessary to receive great pay, great benefits and great retirement. Feds are thus motivated to resolve any major cognitive dissonance in their daily jobs by aligning their operational beliefs with their agency’s practices and culture. They do this by realigning their beliefs and forming new norms and expectations for behaviors to establish cognitive consistency.

First, it is a fact that national security is often invoked as a false cloak providing cover for many of the illegal and unconstitutional acts of these Federal agents, and this serves as a strong motivator for Feds to just accept that sometimes rules and laws must be broken to protect America. The term “national security” is actually best defined as the personal security of the top Cabal members and their close associates and Cutouts who serve them and their policies directly.

Second, there are long term norms and strange subcultures that have emerged which have normalized these grave crimes against We The People and America. Breaking laws, violating the Constitution and Bill of Rights and doing abject evil on behalf of the Ruling Cabal is the new norm and what is not only expected but is often relished because many Feds love wearing the cloak of Cabal power. Many enjoy using and abusing this government power provided by the Cabal against ordinary Americans who they often label and view as under-socialized low-lifes and scum.

Recently a significant number of disgruntled active and former agents have leaked the actual methodologies used to circumvent the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and current state and federal laws as well as RICO. Many leaked in secret, some now done openly to a degree never before dared occasionally as a group. More and more are now coming to believe that illegal and unconstitutional actions and attempts to use secrecy and national security to cover them up are serious RICO crimes in and of themselves, and nullify secrecy rights. I believe that this is a proper view that will soon be upheld in some federal courts, as populism continues to expand geometrically.

It’s a sad fact that some Cabal Leaders and their high associates and Cutouts, members of the US Congress and the administration, federal agents, and federal Judges are the biggest, most serious law-breakers in America. No doubt the top Ruling Cabal Policy-makers are the biggest lawbreakers who do the most unimaginably inconceivable evil of anyone and get away with it because they control Federal Investigations and have historically been able to stop them or sidetrack them anytime they want. The FBI and CIA and  all alphabets including DHS are actually functioning as a large RICO crime syndicate, continually servicing the needs of the Ruling Cabal (which some call the Deep State or Secret Shadow Government SSG).

Lee Wanta

Take the amazing case of Lee Wanta, known to insiders as the 27-Trillion-Dollar financial genius.

Here is a man who became a Fed and lived by his Christian beliefs and values, filled with character and integrity and a great unwavering love for our Constitutional Republic of America and Rule of Law for everyone. Lee Wanta became known by President Reagan as a rare financial genius and was asked by President Reagan to help him take down the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union.

Lee Wanta was recruited from his multi-role Federal agent status by President Reagan to serve as his personal secret agent under the Totten Doctrine (which dated back to the American Civil War). He was falsely jailed on trumped up, fake charges even though he had diplomatic immunity. The real reason was that Lee Wanta refused to break the law and could not be compromised by the Cabal.

It was Lee Wanta who personally negotiated an end to the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain (Operation Stillpoint) and was able to negotiate a win/win Agreement of Cooperation with the New Russian Federation and the USA. For years the details and documents of this amazing operation were buried due to its deeply classified nature.

The SSG has spent many millions of USD trying to discredit Lee Wanta’s story, but has failed due to a smoking gun recording of his planned assassination by two puppet-masters. Thousands have heard this recording left by mistake on Ambassador Wanta’s DC answering machine. This recording prevented the perps from murdering Ambassador Wanta. Because Ambassador Wanta’s many LE roles were top secret, supporting documents were easily buried by the Cabal. Because the USG agencies make so many copies for different facilities, it has been possible to now recover a great deal of them. And these documents fully support Lee Wanta’s incredibly interesting mission to help transform the Soviet Union into the new western oriented, deeply Capitalistic Russian Federation which now supports the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and supports religious freedom in this new Russian Federation.

The Ruling Cabal creates and mandates all the top USG policies. The earlier members hijacked America in 1913 when they used human compromise ops and bribery to pass their notably illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act, the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on Americans. Approximately 40% of our federal taxes paid goes to the Federal Reserve System (Banksters) as payments on the illegal interest they charge us for using what should have been our own real money in the first place, but which now has become Cabal-issued, interest-bearing debt-notes instead.

Money creation out of thin air, and down a rabbit hole

The Ruling Cabal can create money out of thin air at will, enough to buy, bribe and control every single part of the USG, from top to bottom. This evil, satanic Cabal has used its unlimited money power to construct a Hierarchy of its authority that engulfs the whole USG as well as every state government top to bottom. Thus today, America is now organized in a big Hierarchy of agents of Cabal control. When a Federal agent crosses the Cabal or its senior Cutouts, he or she is subject to the full weight of the Federal, State and local governments being brought down upon their head and a USG boot in their face 24/7 for the rest of their life.

What this means in practical terms is that if you are in Federal Law Enforcement or work for an alphabet or a USG or DOD contractor, and if you buck the Cabal, they can step on you wherever you are. A Cabal member at the top can give the order to step on you, and it will be passed down to your neighborhood level. Your local police will be told a false story about you labeling you as a criminal, pedophile or terrorist and they will always believe it and do whatever is asked of them, even if they break the law doing such. You will perhaps lose your job, become blacklisted, maybe jailed on a minor trumped up phony charge (like great America Heroes like Lee Wanta, Scott Bennett, or Susan Lindauer and a number of other great American Heroes). You may be attacked psychotronically, followed and gang-stalked by those paid under a DHS private contract.

If you are a federal or major corporate whistleblower, mandated policies set by the top Cabal members can result on the FBI being sicked on you and following you around, harassing you and keeping you from working. Or local satanic cults or retired Intel can be hired to surveil you or even gang stalk you. Most satanic cults are deputized by the CIA under national security like many large corporation and defense contractors, and their security departments are licensed to buy and use advanced remote psychotronic equipment in some cases.

If you are a big enough problem, the Cabal can order your elimination under national security. These wet-boy squads are now being deployed by top FBI officials with no Potus signatures as Signed Intelligence Findings. Some large corporations and their associations have their own wet teams and harassment or neutralization teams. Every agency is alleged to have a list of wet-boy contractors as does big Pharma too and many large DOD contractors.      J. Edgar Hoover ran numerous teams, some pure Mafia as reported in the true story based book, The Squad by Michael Milan.

There are numerous true easily verifiable stories about Feds who had high levels of integrity and honesty and who refused to do illegal things and paid a deep price for not going along to get along.

Doubt this, then carefully research the case of great American hero Geral Sosbee, former FBI agent who refused to break the law and violate the Constitution. He disclosed FBI crimes, like the other great America hero Dr. Frederick Whitehurst. Frederick Whitehurst, M.D. used advanced data caching methods to protect himself, but Geral Sosbee was not so fortunate and has been harassed by senior FBI AGENTS for years upon the orders of the Ruling Cabal.


There are numerous other great American heroes who  have been wrongly jailed using phony trumped up charges. Right after the Iran Contra, “drugs in/weapons out” through Mena, Arkansas. One whole federal prison in Vacaville, California (Vacaville Medical Prison) was filled with CIA pilots and CIA assets that were feared to have learned too much about the Iran/Contra affair (which was a complete violation of the Boland Amendment). Many were drugged and tortured at Vacaville, major felonies and crimes against humanity by those responsible to ordering such and doing the actual dirty work.

None of them had previously talked about what they did know, many had no idea what they were contributing to and thought they were serving the national security interest of the USA. All were illegally jailed on phony trumped up charges to discredit them and keep them from ever testifying about anything they did know about the massive arms out for drugs in through Mena, Arkansas. I know about this because I talked with one on the phone when he got out who was an associate of a friend of mine.

However, despite all these heavy-handed sanctions that are readily deployable by the Ruling Cabal to scare Federal agents from ever disclosing any major Cabal crimes they ever learn about or help cover up, more and more agents are leaking evidence about these Cabal crimes and even coming forth publicly. 

Networking on different levels for humanity

Thanks to the emergence of the powerful worldwide Internet that communicates information and knowledge at the speed of electricity, information of Cabal crimes that are leaked spread like wildfire all over the Western world. The Internet is actually the world’s New Gutenberg Press.

Just recently the only Black American FBI agent in Minnesota was arrested and is apparently being accused of leaking a monstrous load of unconstitutional RICO criminal procedures of the FBI which were published on the Intercept. This is a huge case and this agent is apparently being accused of leaking FBI procedures, which include how they set up and create terror and entrap patsies as terrorists and other methodologies to spy illegally and unconstitutionally on Americans.

If the FBI were ever deeply investigated by a non-corrupt Congressionally fully-supported honest special prosecutor or Inspector General, the evidence uncovered would show that the FBI set up the first Twin Towers bombing using the Blind Sheik and insisted that real explosives were used and also was deeply involved covering up the second Twin Towers bombings on 9-11-01.

Several years ago I predicted that because of the Internet, all secrecy would be ending and all Ruling Cabal Crimes would eventually become fully exposed. The number of average citizens who are learning of these serious Cabal crimes that include perpetual war-making for profit and pedophilia, sex trafficking, massive narcotics sales for black ops money and payoffs is increasing by the day. So far, it is not increasing quite fast enough to overpower the constant Cabal big lies, false-narratives and propaganda cover ups of the Cabal’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

However, every day more and more folks reject the CMMM and seek breaking news on Alt media websites through their personal computers and smart phones.

Most VT readers understand that the FBI’s main job is to create domestic false-flag terror, entrap retarded or mentally ill folks in such activities set up by the FBI and to cover up the serious crimes of the Ruling Cabal.

The FBI’s criminal investigations for the Department of Justice on financial frauds and crimes are sometimes impressive, but never go for the  “Head of the Snake”, that is, the top leaders of the Ruling Cabal that sit at the top of their Hierarchy and set all the USG policies and pull all the strings. This leads some to believe that the FBI is merely enforcing some laws to limit any serious crime competition for the Ruling Cabal and its close associates and Cutouts. Certainly it is well known by the top LE experts on Ruling Cabal based pedophilia, child sex trafficking and child organ trafficking (all are related) that the FBI always covers these Cabal crimes up and runs protection for the Cabal, always.


Co-creators of reality – humans

The major crimes of the FBI are now being exposed in spades, and many of the good FBI special agents are now thoroughly disgusted with the top FBI leadership who have been functioning as RICO criminals for the Ruling Cabal.

And the worldwide Internet has become the greatest source of a new and broad based societal populism that is now perhaps an unstoppable threat to the Ruling Cabal.

The Cabal is believed by some insiders to be massively retaliating by A.I.-run back-removals of posts, censoring the large web forums they control like Facebook-type, google-type searches and Youtube-type web service providers, and by demonetizing the web as much as possible to restrict alt media websites and postings.

These actions to strike back at users who want truth and the Internet Truth-warriors that publish and broadcast it have begun to generate massive blowback, more spontaneous emerging populism and numerous new net private services to get around all these manipulations to restrict truth.

Everyday more and more evidence of serious Federal Agency and USG crimes of the Ruling Cabal are being disclosed on the Internet to the masses. We now know for certain that the Internet alt media disclosure of all the crimes and unimaginable evil of the Ruling Cabal across a broad base of society will eventually erode the hegemony of the Cabal’s six Controlled Major Mass Media (a virtual News and Media Cartel and and illegal monopoly), will unconsolidate the CMMM and will then displace the Cabal from ruling power.

This massive diffusion of hard core truth via the Internet from legitimate truth-Warriors detailing the actual evils of the Cabal is the ultimate antidote for the Cabal’s illegitimate and parasitical rule over America.

Once American populism reaches a certain threshold and critical mass of approximately 12%, it is expected that the whole Cabal Major Mass Media News Cartel of false-news will fail and collapse. We are stuck now at about 11% and that is why the Cabal is now locking down the Internet’s social websites, dropping National Security Letters on many if not most big web providers, forcing them to censor and remove many posts, bring in censors and demonetized alt media or Truther posters.

All the Cabal’s incredible damage can be alleviated by “We The People” refusing to cooperate with the USG corruption and working to organize politically. Once this critical mass is reached and folks organize politically around the Alt Media disclosed Truth, We The People can take the American Republic right back to 1913. Then all the illegal, unconstitutional systems that the Cabal set up in America to hijack and parasitize it can be neutralized and removed one-by-one in rapid succession.

Only by neutralizing all these evil Ruling Cabal systems set up right after the Federal Reserve coup d’état in 1913 can the Republic and the US Constitution and Rule of Law ever be restored. Yes, we have to take the whole USG system back to the initial hijacking of America in 1913 by the Ruling Cabal of Banksters from the City of London. All the corrupt institutions they set up, including the roots of the FBI, the IRS (their own private collection agency), the crooked Supreme Court which is not the highest court in the land which is the DC Court of Appeals, must be replaced or eliminated because they are illegal and unconstitutional as now comprised.

We need our own banking as a part of the US Dept of the Treasury, with real money backed by gold, silver, metals, and other commodities to be used by us without pernicious usury applied.

Every single evil system the Satanic Pedophile-based Ruling Cabal set up in 1913 has to be addressed, neutralized and all the Cabal’s assets clawed back using Military enforcement, due to the presence of the Cabal’s crimes of Treason and Sedition related to their 100-year drive to establish an illegal, unconstitutional Globalist NWO without the US Republic.

Yes, We The People must take it all back to square one, the actual Cabal hijacking in 1913. Only then can new norms of honesty, integrity and righteousness be instilled in Federal Agents, instead of the self-serving, Cabal-created evil, anti-Constitutional, illegal agency subcultures.


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  1. The Feds may want their cushy job and benefits, but the insatiable lust for money and what it can buy leads those that are non spiritual down that satanic road where he awaits with open arms of entrapment.

    If you go blindly along with the disgustingly perverted and sick Cabal running the world for your own personal gain, then you are just as guilty feeding from their scraps. Because, compared to their vast wealth, it is only scraps. Unfortunately, everyone has to make money. Why not make money exposing the New World Order satanists, their pedophile networks, their secret sacrificial meeting places, their corporate ownerships, and the siphoned monies they have sunk into the SSP for travel and weaponry to further their quest to take over even more planets and their resources for yet more ways to build up their wealth.

    They are out of control at all our expense!!

    • and yes…we The Republic do need to go back to 1913 hijacking and start
      all over after these satanists are purged from our lives. We the People can do it, we are intelligent, we have the numbers, we need to coalesce.

      JFK called… he wants his country back!

  2. Since the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the singing into law by a bought Pres Wilson, the United States has been controlled by the cabal bankers, the main stream media they own, the US Military Industrial Complex and Hollywood they also own. Today, they are ready to start the mother of all wars so that they will end up controlling the world. But Gen Mattis stands in the way. To them the Americans are just goyim or cattle.

    Who are the egregious ruling cabal? More here: http://www.rense.com/general66/rosen.htm

  3. Yes David, and the other product is Christian Russia led By President Putin. I understand, that You are kind of pissed about Christians because just lately Christian Russia practically defeated Holocaustian America. In Holocaustianity there is no forgiveness so better not make any mistakes and You haven’t if I understand You right. Complete innocence as Jews are and the others are those to blame. How does it feel like, because I’m radical Christian and I don’t know, my mistakes make my way to my Master Jesus and that’s the only way there. For what do we need forgiveness if there is nothing to be forgiven.

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