Did CNN just screw Netanyahu up?

Benjamin Netanyahu is running around like a wild animal telling the entire West that Israel is the most dangerous nation on the planet; he is perpetuating that the West needs to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons, but Benjamin Netanyahu won’t even tell the West that Israel, as we all know, has hundreds of nuclear weapons in its basement.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Netanyahu has recently done an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, and that certainly did not go well. One can say that this is the first time that one of the Zionist outlets had a chance to ask Netanyahu some of the honest questions about Israel’s own nuclear weapons.

Right after Netanyahu began to propound his usual lies that Iran wanted to conquer the Middle East, that Iran is using its secret weapons “to conquer Yemen, to fire rockets on Saudi Arabia, to colonize Syria militarily,” etc., Cuomo asked him a simple question: what about Israel’s nuclear weapons?

Well, the mad man in Tel Aviv seemed to have been shocked largely because he assumed that the Zionist outlet couldn’t possibly have the temerity to ask him this fundamental and basic question. It went like this:

Cuomo: A yes-no question for you. Does Israel have nuclear capabilities and nuclear weapons? Yes or no?

Netanyahu: We’ve always said that we won’t be the first to introduce it, so we haven’t introduced it. And I’ll tell you one thing —

Cuomo: But that’s not an answer to the question. Do you have them or do you not?

Netanyahu: — any country. It’s as good an answer as you’re going to get.

This is an important dialogue, despite the fact that Cuomo didn’t press Netanyahu long enough. Benjamin Netanyahu is running around like a wild animal telling the entire West that Israel is the most dangerous nation on the planet; he is perpetuating that the West needs to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons, but Benjamin Netanyahu won’t even tell the West that Israel, as we all know, has hundreds of nuclear weapons in its basement.[1]

The sad thing is that Aaron Klein of Breitbart has come out with a dumb article entitled, “CNN’s Chris Cuomo shills for Iran deal, gets basic facts wrong in combative Netanyahu interview.” Klein did not even say a damn thing about Netanyahu’s lies during the same interview. He could not even point out that it is Saudi Arabia, Israel’s puppet in the Middle East, that is wiping out Yemen’s civilian population.

This has become common knowledge now. As Foreign Policy reported in 2016, Saudi Arabia devastated virtually the entire civilian population in Yemen.[2] The New Yok Times itself declared in the same year that “Saudi Arabia kills civilians, the U.S. looks the other way.”[3] It stated then:

“In the span of four days earlier this month, the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen bombed a Doctors Without Borders-supported hospital, killing 19 people; a school, where 10 children, some as young as 8, died; and a vital bridge over which United Nations food supplies traveled, punishing millions….

“More than 14 million Yemenis suffer dangerous levels of food insecurity — a figure that dwarfs that of any other country in conflict, worsened by a Saudi-led and American-supported blockade. One in three children under the age of 5 reportedly suffers from acute malnutrition. An estimated 90 percent of food that the United Nation’s World Food Program transports to Sana traveled across the destroyed bridge.”[4]

Now how can anyone say that it is Iran, not Saudi Arabia, that is killing Yemen? How can Netanyahu come on a widely televised program and declare that Iran is actually the elephant in the room? Does he really think that the entire world is that stupid? Perhaps Ilan Goldenberg of Foreign Policy is right in saying that “Netanyahu’s ‘Iran Lied’ Presentation Shows Why Trump Should Keep the Nuke Deal.”[5]

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  1. Why the world allows the few to have so much power? Why not start a new system by which nobody is over anyone else? I knew a very small country with very little population, there was enough income for EVERYONE to live comfortably yet GREED took over the nation’s income wiped out middle class and create poverty It was disgusting to see how politics work and enslave people.

  2. Great article as usual. It has already been decided that Nuttinyahoo must go. He is a COL cutout and the nexus of control the European Old Black Nobility has a made a deal with Israeli moderates that want peace and fear that he is out of control and will bring utter desolation to Israel. Bibi has been fed false Intel as usual. Bibi’s thinks his only way to stay in power is to provoke a major Mideast war between the USA and the Russian Federation over Syria and Iran, which could easily escalate to the sinking of the whole USN all their subs and at least several large US Cities. Bibi is delusional and thinks that American military might is supreme, but the fact is that only if the secret US Space Command uses it’s high tech orbital space weapons. Russia has them too, even better ones and there is a treaty in place not to use them against each other, only against “space invaders”, so a complete US victory would be impossible one way or another. What would happen however is that much of Israel would be turned to glass in about 20 minutes. The Russian Federation has nuclear powered flying drones (admitted publicly) and also likely has nuclear powered small underwater drones which track every USN ship and sub and can be activated to take them out if ww3 ensues. The Russian Federation has cruise missiles which turn supersonic at the last leg, can zigzag, fly very low and are hived to re-targeting. They also have supersonic torpedo which create their own anti-gravity bubble in front allowing supersonic speeds underwater. Some insiders say that 2 years ago the Russian Federation reached weapons parity with the US Military and have now surpassed that and actually have weapons superiority at a fraction of the cost. The Russian federation’s Dome of Protection (satellite and ground based) can easily destroy any Israeli ICBMs that are launched. His German manufactured Dolphin class Diesel subs have already had “countermeasures” installed at the factory that can be activated (and hacked into too) if need be.

    • No wonder Russia can afford to cut military spending at the worst of times. Comfortably.

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