Smackdown: Iran Spanks IDF in Occupied Golan with Rocket Attack


Editor’s note:  Netanyahu is in Moscow with Putin watching the 2018 Victory Day parade and issuing threats against Syria.  While he was “out of town,” his IDF took a spanking from Iran in retaliation for their attack, by our analysis, in support of al Qaeda and ISIS.

Thus far, Iran says they only heard about it on CNN, which they don’t take too seriously.  We have asked Press TV in Tehran for a confirmation.

Netanyahu got some splainin’ to do when he gets back to Occupied Palestine.  Sorry, we couldn’t help it.


Video of Israel’s attack that the Iranian missiles retaliated against.  The footage below is of two Israeli missiles that were shot down and landed in a civilian neighborhood, causing fires:

Emergency sirens sounded in the Golan Heights Wednesday night, as conflict broke out across the Israel-Syria border between Israeli forces and, the Israeli military says, Iranian forces in Syria.

Propaganda Warning from VT

Editor’s note:  Below is the CNN report, utterly free of facts of any kind.  For fun, watch a second or two of it, until you get sick:

​Israeli residents along the country’s tense border with Syria have been urged to enter shelters.

​Social media users report that Israeli tanks have fired at positions in Syria, Israeli air sorties have been initiated, and that Syrian artillery is shelling Israeli targets.

Tensions in the area spurred the Israel Defense Forces to send military vehicles, troops, and missile interceptors to Golan Heights earlier in the day. Israel had been on high alert already after the country claimed to detect unusual “Iranian activity” in Syria.

“Launches of about 20 missiles were registered at around midnight toward the frontier positions in the Golan Heights by Iran’s al-Quds forces,” an Israeli army spokesman told reporters. “Several bases were targeted,” the spokesman said, some rockets were intercepted, and Israel has “responded.” No injuries have been reported.

The Israeli military said it viewed the attack “with great severity.”

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    Looks like the stage is set.

    Israel has said Iran is not holding up its part of the JCPOA agreement and Trump has pulled the US out of the deal.

    North Korea is having friendly talks with the US so it cannot be blamed.

    The US dollar is likely to go up instead of down because China’s yuan oil and gold deal has not really taken off yet.

    You already have Israel hitting Iranian positions.

    You have a US president who is considered incompetent who no one will blame Israel for ignoring when it ‘retaliates’ against the nuclear false flag by hitting Iran with nuclear weapons.

    • And of course nearly 300 members of the US Congress signed a letter of unconditional support for Israel so they can hit the US again and no one is going to hold Israel accountable.

  2. first off the 20 missile attack is real..not made up by isreal..

    but..there is nothing available that shows any damage they caused.

    i am totally disappointed in putin for allowing Syria to be struck like this and for not delivering the s-300 systems as he agreed to do.

    it appears russia has decided to take the side of isreal and the USA..out of fear.
    very sad development.

  3. Yes Amelius, that is the article. Thanks for putting the link out. North Korea better nuke up and, any other country that fancies actual freedom. Is there a correlation between a country without nukes and, a citizen with a gun? Just asking. Both seem to be treated poorly

    • Ok cool. Thanks for the tip that prompted me to read the article. I’m familiar with the author, Tony Cartalucci, as his work is often available on globalresearch. I always enjoy his work.

  4. One can make the argument; no missiles were fired at the Golan Heights. The released video of IDF forces in Golan showed no blasts or, damage, only sound which can be fabricated and, incoming tracers which could be footage from anywhere. Reports are conflicting. I read of no damage and, then a report with a laundry list of strategic targets damaged but, no photos and, only supported by tweets from Israeli’s. It seems to be an over sell of the Iran threat. What are we witnessing today? Is the end of Syria? Is there anything Syria can do about it? Has Putin nixed the delivery of the vaunted S300s? It seems so. N. Korea better pay attention. There is no satisfying the Zionist beast. For centuries their scribes have been writing about ruling over the “goy” world. Maybe it is time to stop ignoring them. Maybe it’s time to take them at their word. They also write we are only cattle. Is it time to pay attention and, wake the F up?One needn’t be a Nostradamus to see Gaza conditions are in our future if we don’t stop buying into the anti-semite (business) bullshit. There is a reason jews were expelled from over 80 countries and, it ain’t because they are nice guys. Hitler wasn’t the evil man they make him out to be, He was a leader and, patriot. Under extreme conditions and, against all odds Adolf Hitler raised Germany from the ashes of WW1. In only 4 years he made Germany great again. How? By doing away with the interest based fractional banking system which, was the same as London’s, the same as today. This is why he has been made into a super villain. He understood the honest value of paper currency is based on honest labor, the productivity of the work force is the true GDP.
    Rather than demonized, Adolf Hitler should be studied. No other modern leader has accomplished so much in so short of time. Read about it. I suggest David Irving’s work. It is extensive and evidence based. Is it a coincidence that M. Gaddafi (gold dinar), Sadam Hussein (against the dollar) , John Kennedy (Silver Certificates), Abraham Lincoln (Greenbacks) and, others leaders who refuted our current bank system were murdered in horrible ways?!! Is it a coincidence the Muslim nations, where interest payments are illegal, are touted as evil? How about N. Korea, Venezuela, Russia, and China? All are working towards exiting the DOLLAR. London and, Wall St. know their system is being rejected. I feel as soon as they figure out how to tax and, fractionalize crypt o-currency bringing it under their control, the dollar will be replaced. Is it weird of me to think, when that happens we will all be marked.

    • Khalid, sorry can’t let that fly. What are the fees and are they based on terms that involve time ? because that would be the same as interest. It is pretty small minded to think that tomatoes and oil cost money, but loaning money does not,… so,.. can I borrow oil at the same price as buying ? If so, I’d like to borrow 500 million barrels for 2050. Thanks.
      Find a different argument, because charging for loans is the same as trading commodities.

  5. Just the jews launching homemade rockets at themselves and firing millions of American dollars called iron dome at them, then millions more attacking Iran in Syria after Putin showed the world he is Nut&yahuuu’s lap dog. Just like the jews fake palistinian ‘rocket’ attacks at empty fields to have a reason to murder a few more of Abraham’s real children to AMUSE THEIR DROOLING KHAZAR MASSES stealing and killing in Palestine.

  6. Visit New Eastern Today there’s an article which explains how PNAC strategized the US signing the JCPOA with the hope Iran messed up but, just in case Iran played by the rules the back up plan was to create a false flag Iran attack or, just out right make up a story there was one. This gives Israel the fake permission to escalate. I doubt the missile attack against the Golan Heights is legit. There is a link to the documents in PDF. Check it out.
    NutnYahoo is conveniently out of town. Safely miles away from any danger, sorta like Winston Churchill on the nights London was bombed.

  7. “Thus far, Iran says they only heard about it on CNN, which they don’t take too seriously. We have asked Press TV in Tehran for a confirmation.”

    I’m confused, does this mean Iran only heard about the spanking they gave the IDF on CNN?

    • The CNN correspondent says, “This is the Iranians directly attacking Israeli territory.”

      Bullshit. The Golan Heights is Syrian territory being illegally occupied by the Israelis.

      She goes on to mention that Israel conducted airstricks on Iranian weapons stockpiles inside Syria last night. Well, Iran was invited into Syria by the duly elected Syrian government, whereas Israel is illegally occupying Syrian territory and violating Syrian airspace to conduct aggressive (not defensive) strikes on Iranian weapons and Syrian government targets. So fvck you CNN, you Israeli bootlicking blowhards.

    • Oh, I hear ya JohnZ. CNN is the WORST of them all IMO. They’re a bunch of complacent, TelePrompTer reading, warmongering know-nothings. They read a script for money and have no thoughts of their own. There’s never a dissenting voice in their stupid panel discussion. All correspondents unanimously push the same intelligence insulting narratives, no matter what crisis they’re talking about. When I mentioned CNN in my comment, I was just quoting from the above article and referencing the video linked in the article, that’s all. The only reason I would ever watch CNN would be to see what lies they’re telling. Following Trump’s strike against Syria in April, I got into it with someone on my Facebook friends list and she was quoting CNN’s lies verbatim. I honestly felt embarrassed for her, because of how stupid she made herself look. That’s what CNN does to it’s followers, it makes them stupid.

  8. Bibi Put In Corner By Putin

    Now that Nutty – Trump’s butty, got the US out of the JCPOA he races to ratchet up war talk against Iran. Maybe he told Putin Iran will react in a bellicose manner to Tel Aviv’s missile strikes on alleged Iranian stockpiles in Syria. Either way Nutty, whose ratings at home skyrocketed on Trump’s thumping blow against Iran, is on a winning streak – or so he thinks. Iran was committed to staying nuclear free and Bibi is commended for opening up their nuclear options. Something just doesn’t seem right! Whatever plans he ran by Putin for Israeli involvement in attacking Iranian assets in Syria we can rest assured they were pooh-poohed. Can’t but help that Nutty – flying out for some prime media coverage on Russia VE celebrations alongside his ‘go to’ guy was told to ‘go to hell’ or because Putin is a civil man told him bluntly: “Tut-tut. Nothing doin’ Nutty. Not today. Not tomorrow. Nyet!” Meanwhile the US has a fleet all ready at Trump’s command to … wait it out on the high seas while Bibi does his nut to get beyond the war rhetoric. Maybe CNN can make it happen – get the White Helmets to fire in a few poison gas canisters at the Golan or fall back as usual on their friends ISIS, Al Nusra or whoever to launch a salvo or two of artillery and give General Eisenkot the cue, or lance to go tilting at windmills. They may not be the windmills of La Mancha but it will help add a quixotic touch to Bibi’s insanity, chasing his tail and an all-but-invisible Quds enemy ghosting around Syria. We still await photos of those hundreds of Iranian missiles the Israeli Air Force allegedly blew up recently. Don’t let facts stand in the way of a good war Israel, you never did before, so why start now!

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