Disclosure: CIA’s AI in Tyler Texas, Real or Hoax


We are finding too much in this video that fits.



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  1. It’s good Gordon, you’ve found this also.

    He is a very smart guy and I’ve seen lots of video stuff from him. As he mentioned. most people don’t believe anything he says. But sadly, they don’t know anything about real developments, done outside the normal view of people.

    The Russians also know it very well and have their staffs to deal with it.

    But one thing should be said about AI, otherwise people could get crazy realizing it’s reality. It’s solely from this world and it’s only a technology (in reality several, as he also tells about), no spooky stuff which no one can’t understand. But each day, the knowledge distance (think of Mr. Doland’s work) to the open world becomes greater, the more they can achieve with this monstrous beast.

    The delusional part of it grows with the same speed as itself, because that’s part of the ideology behind it which feeds the AI monster. If you look at the quasi religious followers of Q Anon, you can guess what effect on peoples mind such a technique might have if applied to even greater “project” than this latest psyop Q.

  2. Q anon and its rabid followers such as jean haines who here one thing and then post as the blogosphere is a huge electronic echo chamber of idiots.

    Q anon is all about Trump draining the swamp as pick a blogger as they are all the same now like the 1000 from Macedonia…

    They have learned and upped their game!


  3. Well maybe it’s time to get off the internet and maybe go back to talking to ones neighbors in person or hevean forbid send a letter to a friend through the postal service and speaking of USPS should the Internet and AI not be a public utility like a road?

    Republicans are far to stupid to discuss a concept like that with as you shall get what you deserve!


  4. My position is Qanon is teaser crap like flat earth and Mandela effect , with a religious flare that attracts the gullible.
    AI , is not going to be better than it’s programmers, yet.

    When. it is, it will become vulnerable to input beyond the capacity and integrity of the programmers.

    These two guys are idiots. imo

  5. Early on, I am talking in November 2017, a couple of Qanon critics suggested it was an AI engine growing out of the question apps that migrated to the early Web and do things like simulate a Psychologist’s question and answer technique or a girlfriend in response to typed dialog. I have been dismissive because Q communicates only through typed posts on message boards. The current best analysis is that Qanon is a team and that the members and the teams have changed several times. This analysis is rooted in a discipline Gordon Duff is familiar with, the attributing of different unique and separate authors to various religious works based on word choice and syntax differences within a text like a book in the Old Testament. The computer programming knowledge of different people participating in analyzing Q provided useful insight on when the teams changed or that Qanon messaging was compromised by usurpers.

  6. He refers to an old collider ring in tyler.
    If he is thinking about the super collider project it is in Waxahatchie ,Tx. Never heard of anything like that in Tyler.

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