Benjamin Netanyahu’s son: “Fuck Turkey”

Yair Netanyahu takes American tax dollars to the club and spends it on strippers. In short, your money is supporting Yair and corrupt Israeli officials.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Imagine the uproar in the Zionist world if the son of Turkey’s president happens to say “Fuck Israel.” Wouldn’t you hear about this in a matter of seconds in the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc.? Wouldn’t the entire Zionist castle go after Turkey?

When Erdogan denounced Israel’s recent massacre in Gaza and expelled Israel’s ambassador from Turkey, Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair, wrote a post saying, “Fuck Turkey.”[1] Why does Turkey have to be “fucked”? Well, the country no longer can absorb Israel’s diabolical enterprise in the Middle East.

Keep in mind that Turkey, at one point, did support Israel’s covert activities in places like Syria. As VT has pointed out in the past, Russia did present irrefutable evidence showing that Turkey was supporting ISIS in Syria. Gordon Duff has also pointed out that Erdogan was “complicit in massive industrial theft in Syria.” Even Newsweek declared that ISIS once saw Turkey “as its ally.”[2]

But Erdogan seemed to have had a change of heart. He obviously could no longer support Israel’s complete machination in the Middle East. He has to support his brothers and sisters in places like Gaza and the West Bank. Erdogan moved on to expel Eitan Naeh from Turkey.

Obviously the Israeli regime thought that that was a bad move. Erdogan is no longer their puppets, so he has to be attacked—or perhaps assassinated. As Gordon Duff has recently pointed out, Israel has already sent his assassination team to Turkey to take Erdogan out of the political landscape:

“A coup is in the planning to begin with the killing of Erdogan. Israel is planning it; we get it from everywhere, particularly our contacts in the Turkish Army. This began long before Erdogan expelled the American and Israeli ambassadors.

“Erdogan simply had enough; when he saw Kushner and Ivanka smiling while 3000 people were being gunned down by the IDF, he exploded.”

The plot thickens: Yair meant it when he said that Turkey needs to be “fucked.” And Erdogan has been targeted for assassination for quite some time now.[3] Former CIA officer Graham Fuller was accused of attempting to conduct covert activities in Turkey.[4] Robert Baer, a veteran former CIA officer and author, even appeared on CNN and talked about how a military coup could be used in Turkey.[5]

In any event, what we are seeing here is that the Israeli regime is using American tax dollars—at least three billion every year—to destabilize countries in the Middle East. One can also say that this money is probably being used by Netanyahu’s son, who spends it on strippers in Tel Aviv and elsewhere. The Times of Israel has reported:

“A stripper on Monday told an Israeli television channel that Yair Netanyahu was a regular customer at strip clubs, following the release of a bombshell recording in which the prime minister’s son is heard making disparaging comments about women during a night of excess in a series of Tel Aviv strip clubs.”

The unnamed stripper declared: “A few years ago I was working at a strip club in the area of Hamasger Street and one evening I see two guards in suits not associated with the club standing at the door of one of the private rooms where the girls are taken,” she said. “I asked my boss, ‘what is this?’ and he told me, ‘Netanyahu’s son is there with one of the girls in one of the [private] rooms.’”[6]

Did Yair care about how government-funded resources were being spent? Not really: “She [the stripper] said she found it ‘bizarre’ Yair Netanyahu was being accompanied by government-funded security guards and apparently didn’t make an effort to conceal his identity.”[7]

So, my fellow Americans, you want to know what happens to your precious money when you send it to Israel? Ask Yair Netanyahu, and he’ll tell you that he takes it to the club and spends it on strippers. In short, your money is supporting Yair and corrupt Israeli officials. Is that really want you want to do with your money? Don’t you need to support your family and your fellow Americans?

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  1. Recalls a late night sub-way ride at 149th Street on my way back to the Bronx when she-who-was was reading a book The “N#@*%r of the Narcissus”. I warned her that if any of the passengers saw her reading it there would be hell to pay. She gave me a frosty look said that Joseph Conrad was a great writer and compromised by putting the cover towards her lap. She, that memorable night, like Nair Netanyahu’s outburst, proved half-wits of barely lit intelligence like the moon that night beyond the 149th Street tunnel – a faintly lit, thin sliver of a waxing crescent moon.

  2. The word ‘f*uck’ like ‘schmuck’ is very common in Tel Aviv where the city is full of them.

  3. The Federal Government should legalize gambling, prostitution and drugs in the U.S. Are not all these activities going on 24/7 every day anyway? Let’s end the hypocrisy. The U.S. today is nothing but a hypocritical corrupt cesspool going straight down the drain. At least if these were legal, not only would government get a cut of tax money to pay down their enormous debt with, but horrible Venereal diseases could be better controlled, dirty needle and improper dose problems with drugs could be eliminated and gambling debts could be collected in court. Why Israel lover liar trump could run a brothel from the White House or in the new Embassy at Jerusalem. Isn’t the U.S. already at rock bottom with all the whores in Congress having sold the country out to Israel anyway and Israel having done 9/11 while blaming Muslims? We might as well party to the end.

  4. to be fair, if Yair spends three billion dollars on strippers, thats three billion dollars less to spend on poison gas, assassinations, bombs, propaganda, etc.

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