Update on the Skripals

Michael Shrimpton gives an update on the Skripal Affair and his own ongoing struggle to secure justice.


So, Yulia Skripal is still alive! Possibly in response to my last column on the Skripal affair (I am the only commentator who has picked up on GO2’s role in the affair and suggested that she was being held against her will) the British government produced her. However the ‘interview’ was very tightly controlled, and no independent questions were allowed. They wouldn’t allow me anywhere near this heavily staged event!

I’m still concerned that both Yulia and her father are being held against their will. MSM journalists are largely intelligence-illiterate. They are thinking therefore of Russia and Britain only, leaving Germany out of account. Since Yulia and her father are clearly in GO2, not police, custody, although police officers reporting to GO2 may be involved, and since GO2 is a German intelligence agency, this is nonsense.

Almost all media reporting on the WMD attack at Salisbury has been more or less gibberish. MSM journos continue to witter on about Novichok weeks after expert analysis in Switzerland confirmed that the nerve agent used was BZ, a non-lethal agent. A small amount of Novichok had been added to the sample, but given the very limited shelf-life of the agent once mixed it cannot have been used at Salisbury. Such Novichok as appeared was clearly added after March 4th, in a deliberate attempt to contaminate the sample.

The British government is lying, with respect. Almost all the statements they have made since March 4th have been junk. Whether Theresa May knows they are junk is unclear. She’s a house-trained idiot, no offense intended, with a limited intellect. Her ignorance of intelligence matters is profound, with respect, so she may simply have bought into the junk being foisted on her by dishonest officials, like she did when I was sent to prison for an offense I had not committed.


MI6 HQ at Vauxhall Cross. GO2 are housed in a secure part of the building, to which MI6 cannot gain access.

It’s high time that GO2 was shut down. The agency behind my malicious prosecution, it has been causing chaos for years. The UK cannot function as an independent country after Brexit if GO2 and the German electronics company, S, which operates Germany’s covert telephoning-tapping centre in London, are not shut down.

We also need the intelligence yield which we were denied when we defeated Germany in 1945. GO2 have hugely important files, e.g. on the Comet sabotage operation and subsequent cover-up, the King’s Cross fire and the Piper Alpha sabotage. Their files on the Manchester Arena attack and the explosion in the ISIL bomb-making factory on the 5th floor (4th floor in British numbering) of Grenfell Tower will also make interesting reading.

We cannot go after GO2 with Theresa May as Prime Minister, however. She has to go, and the sooner the better. The new Prime Minister has to get to grips with intelligence matters and grasp the role played by hostile intelligence agencies in politics.

The left and the MSM are obsessing on Russia, which that silly woman, no offense intended, Polly Toynbee, son of the notorious German spy Arnold Toynbee, described on BBC 1’s Sunday Politics Show, as an “enemy foreign power”. This is paranoid nonsense, with respect. Russia is a friend and potential ally. She played a glorious role in defeating the German enemy in World War II and a significant role in World War I. No future war with Germany will be short if it’s a one-front war. The key to defeating Germany, as always, is to crush her in a pincer movement.

Until Germany is defeated and broken up we must continue to accept international chaos, mass murder and huge loss of life, i.e. the sort of nonsense we have had to put up with since 1945. Governments are going to have to make up their minds. The British government is committed to maintaining large-scale narcotics imports by the GO2 distribution cartels, permitting ISIL terrorist activity (the government are fully involved in the shameful cover-up over Grenfell, currently the subject of a musical comedy inquest) and covering up Germany’s role in sponsoring the 2008 financial crash. This is simply unacceptable. We need order, not chaos.

I’m not sure that any minister understands that the current high murder rate in Britain, not least in London, is driven by GO2. Soft sentences for murder are vital for their two drug distribution cartels. Narcotics traffickers rely on enforcers and the threat of violence. That’s why the German agent Phillip Allen played such a key role in the abolition of capital punishment, arranging unpopular and unjust executions such as those of young Derek Bentley and Ruth Ellis, in order to undermine popular support for the death penalty.

As soon as capital punishment was abolished the murder rate went up, of course. This is all way beyond the capacity of any government minister to understand, sadly. The current British government is a classic example of the truism that only politicians with an intellect of less than 25% above the mean can get elected. A government minister, not knowing any better, would doubtless see the foregoing comments as a conspiracy theory.

Sadly, the current crop of ministers combine their profound ignorance and lack of intellect with powerful egos, which prevent them from taking advice from someone smarter. It’s a toxic combination, which prevents the UK from being rationally governed.

The G7 Summit

The President played a blinder in Quebec. Watering down the communique was brilliant. He was right to stand up to the others on trade – the reality is that Germany and China are already waging a trade war on the US. The Trump Administration are fighting back. Good for them.

Hysterical nutters in the British MSM are having a go at the President over the perfectly proper imposition of anti-dumping tariffs on the EU, without pointing out that until we leave the EU our steel and aluminum industries have to be treated as part of the EU.

The suggestion that Russia be invited to re-join the G7 is entirely sensible, with respect. It was a wonderful smack in the mouth for our very silly Prime Minister. With John Bolton as his National Security Adviser President Trump now has access to serious security advice. John may even have read my book. I am sure that President Trump is aware that the British government’s case against Russia on Salisbury is a crock.

Update on my case

The Criminal Cases Review Commission have refused to refer my two convictions back to the appropriate appeal court. Having wasted more than two years on a pointless inquiry, during which they conducted almost no investigation at all, they waited until my birthday, on March 9th, to announce their decision. No doubt they were hoping to upset me, but they’re not terribly competent with respect. They sent the letter to my solicitors, but failed to e-mail it to me, as they usually do! My very busy solicitors not unnaturally thought that I’d been e-mailed a copy. The CCRC usually sent a hard copy of their letters as well.

It wasn’t until I pressed my solicitors to chase CCRC for a decision, after I got out of Salisbury Hospital, that they realised that I was out of the loop. That then triggered an application for a Royal Pardon and the listing of the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal hearing, which had been held up by the CCRC ‘investigation’. The Royal Pardon application had to wait until we had a new Home Secretary, of course. Amber Rudd was thought to be opposed to a pardon and in favor, in principle, of jailing political opponents.

That investigation was so absurd, BTW, that the CCRC managed to persuade themselves that Dell laptops are sold with a separate warranty for the hard drive. That was intellectually dishonest drivel, frankly, which calls the good faith of the CCRC into question. When have you ever bought a Dell laptop and been given a separate warranty for the hard drive?

The warranty issue is vital. The hard drive the Crown Prosecution Service used to convict me was an aftermarket model, in other words not my hard drive. The warranty date also suggests that GO2 or Thames Valley Police purchased it after my arrest. Dell’s service website was also tampered with so as to remove critical data relating to my hard drive. The Thames Valley Police computer technician who gave evidence against me, Kelly Chant, omitted the serial numbers of the two hard drives she examined from her reports, as well as any reference to the Dell service website, about which as an experienced technician she surely must have known. Whoops! The Bad Guys have been caught red-handed.

This also applies to the memory stick. We now know that the prosecution claim that it was manufactured in China was untrue – only the chip was. This undermines the CPS timeline. I could not have acquired the memory stick in New Zealand in August 2011 as the CPS alleged. Almost certainly it was sent to SanDisk’s European regional assembly, packaging and distribution centre and then to the UK. SanDisk claimed to the court in a written statement that they could not track memory sticks by batch number, which I seriously doubt. SanDisk are now backing away from that position. They were of course taken over by Western Digital Corporation, an NSA contractor with higher ethical standards.

I pressed to cross-examine both the Dell witness, who carefully left the serial number of my hard drive out of his statement, and the SanDisk witness, but was denied permission by firstly former District Judge Andrew Vickers, who retired early in 2016, and then Her Honour Judge Karen Holt on appeal. This was a clear violation of Article 6(3)(d) of the European Convention on Human Rights. I took the case to Strasbourg, but in an intellectually dishonest ruling with respect, an Armenian judge, who is close to the UN, declared my application inadmissible. I don’t know what his reasons for this eccentric decision were with respect, since he didn’t condescend to give any. The ruling demonstrates, with respect, the urgent need for the UK to withdraw from the increasingly pointless ECHR.

If the Bad Guys thought it was game over they were wrong. They forgot that I am a barrister. When a barrister is convicted of a criminal offense he or she is usually charged with professional misconduct. Where the conviction is a crock it is open to the barrister to challenge it, which I’m doing. The Bar Standards Board resisted that, but as the Tribunal judge rightly pointed out with respect at the Preliminary Hearing last January the Bar’s rules expressly import the Rules of Natural Justice. These require that a defendant barrister be allowed to challenge a corruptly or unfairly obtained conviction.

The hearing is likely to be held in September. In the meantime I have had to prepare a 30,000 word witness statement, running with exhibits to over 400 pages, and a 15,000 word Skeleton Argument (legal brief – there are no bodies, not yet at any rate!). You can see why some of my columns have been delayed.

There’s also the issue of costs to consider. I was ordered by DJ Vickers and Judge Holt to pay a total of £8,400 prosecution costs. The CPS are now pursuing these, but of course that opens up another line of collateral attack on the convictions. It is an Abuse of Process for a corrupt prosecuting authority such as the CPS (no offense intended) to pursue costs through the court system in respect of a corruptly obtained conviction. The CPS position is that having fooled DJ Vickers and Judge Holt, with respect, into believing that the hard drive and memory stick they produced were mine (we now know they were not) they can still pocket the costs. No. If you can expose the prosecution’s case as a lie, which it was with respect, the court has powers to stay the proceedings as an Abuse of Process.

Neither the Bar Standards Board nor the CPS have actually engaged with the new evidence. The BSB are declining to call any witnesses at the hearing in September, and the CPS are hoping that Swindon Magistrates’ Court will accept that they are powerless in the face of police lies and gross prosecutorial misconduct and are obliged to enforce an order for costs no matter how fraudulently the conviction was obtained. Battle has been joined!

Judge Holt by the way has been indicted and stands trial herself, on a serious allegation of computer misuse, at Southwark Crown Court next month. As it happens every judge who dealt with the indecent images allegation has retired early, including Sir Nicholas Blake, the former High Court judge who refused my application for judicial review of Judge Holt’s refusal to state a case for the High Court, or been indicted.

Southwark Crown Court, where Judge Karen Holt goes on trial in July.

This Week’s Reading

This has included a fine addition to my library, Bomber Command 1939 – 1940: The War Before The War, by Gordon Thorburn (Pen & Sword, 2013). Well-written, this is not only a good account of Bomber Command’s courageous role in the Phoney War, but an indictment of the muddled thinking in RAF Bomber Command and the Air Ministry before the arrival of the great Bomber Harris.

The Chamberlain government had deliberately left Bomber Command with antiquated and poorly-defended kites, obviously with a view to protecting Germany. Early marks of the Wellington and the Fairey Battle lacked self-sealing fuel tanks, for example, in other words were death-traps. The Air Ministry were well aware of this. Chamberlain, a German asset, was of course happy to sacrifice British crews, the murderous bastard, no offense intended.

The book is scathing about the mendacious press releases pushed out by government spin doctors, designed to deliberately mislead the public. However Thorburn misses out the role played by the Abwehr. He assumes that Chamberlain and the Air Minister, Kingsley Wood, were working for Britain, which is absurd, with respect. They were of course playing for the away team, as was the Cabinet Secretary, the oily and sinister Sir Edward Bridges, no offense intended. All three had the blood of brave British and Commonwealth airmen on their hands.

I was delighted to find repeated references to an old friend of mine, ‘Tiny’ Cooling. A great bomber pilot and stalwart of Thames Valley Bomber Command Association, Tiny, who lived in Henley, has sadly since died. I still miss him – he was a great character. Tiny’s influence can be seen in the book.

In the period covered by the book Tiny was on 9 Squadron, one of the great bomber squadrons of all time. It went on to inflict heavy damage on the evil Nazi German enemy. Tiny later did good work in the Med, flying the Vickers Warwick, killing lots of Italians and rightly so.

Like many tall and powerful men (hence his nickname in the RAF) Tiny was in fact a very gentle character. He hated killing, like most good men and women in the military. He killed the enemy because he had to, because he was a patriot and because he knew that many, many more would die if fascism was allowed to prevail. It was kill or be killed.

I am not saying that we always agreed about the bomber war, or the Comets (Tiny, then BOAC’s Station Manager in Rome, and his charming wife Joan had to look after the relatives of the victims of the two Comet disasters in 1954, after the DVD blew the airliners out of the sky). However I always enjoyed our discussions. I miss the Thames Valley Bomber Command Association luncheons. So many of the gallant bomber boys, like Tiny, have passed on. The youngest veteran of World War II is now about 90.

I must confess to having been a bit naughty at one Bomber Command luncheon, in the lovely riverside location of Sandford, near Oxford. A Hun businessman had parked his Audi next to my Bentley. Being generally friendly and well-disposed towards our community partner the Hun, as regular readers will know, I asked him where he was from. “Hamburg”, he replied. He asked if I had ever been there. I had to say no, but who should walk up at that point but the late, great Max Chivers DFC, a wonderful Lancaster driver. I introduced Max to the nice Hun and pointed out that he had visited Hamburg. The Hun, being interested, unwisely asked when. Max, being slightly lost for words, could only mumble “1943”. Max had of course fanned the Blohm & Voss U-Boat works in his Lancaster and knowing him his bomb-aimer had probably laid the eggs smack on the target.

This Week’s Movie Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

(2018, dir. J. A. Bayona)

Given that Steven Spielberg is the Executive Producer it will come as no surprise to learn that this is a well-made movie. The special effects are stunning and generally speaking only the Bad Guys get eaten.

Like all of the movies inspired by the late Michael Crichton’s novel it’s huge fun. It does not lay huge demands on the actors, but there are well-played cameos from Jeff Goldblum and James Cromwell, both playing good guys. Neither gets eaten.

When you’re up against T-Rex’s and velociraptors it’s difficult for the human actors to make an impact, but they do their best. The opening sequence in particular is spectacular, but I love the marine dinosaur in the surf at the end!

There’s a lot of moralising and it’s a bit green at times, politically. You can tell that Spielberg didn’t vote for Trump. Don’t let it spoil your fun however. It’s hugely enjoyable and you don’t need to take the kids as an excuse.  I suppose I should be watching more edifying movies, but what the heck – I like dinosaurs!


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