Australia to Netanyahu: We Ain’t Moving, Mate

Australia has given Benjamin Netanyahu the finger by explicitly declaring that they are not moving their embassy to Jerusalem. Period. End of discussion


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Australia has given Benjamin Netanyahu the finger by explicitly declaring that they are not moving their embassy to Jerusalem. Period. End of discussion. Canberra’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has said:

“While I understand the sentiment behind this resolution, the Australian government will not be moving our embassy to Jerusalem.”

Bishop was just getting started. She moved on to say:

“Jerusalem is a final status issue and we have maintained that position for decades and we are doing all we can do to ensure that any support we give to the Palestinian Authority is only used for purposes that we determine.

“Our funding to the Palestinian Authority is subject to a memorandum of understanding, defining precisely how it is used and subject to very close audit to ensure that no funds are diverted to the so-called Martyr’s fund.”[1]

Bishop apparently realizes that Netanyahu is doing his Talmudic magic by attempting to persuade countries in the world to move their embassy to Jerusalem. Trump, Netanyahu’s finest puppet, declared that the move will bring “a lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.”[1] Nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump was essentially perpetuating the Israeli narrative, and both the European Union and Vladimir Putin have rejected that narrative precisely because recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital while ignoring the Israeli settlements and concentration camps in Gaza can never bring “a lasting peace” in the Middle East. In fact, it can only bring violent conflicts because Israel continues to ignore international law and more specifically the moral order.

What would the consequences of such action? We should expect violent reactions in some circles, and this is already happening as we speak. People of reason should continue to resist the Israeli machination of the Middle East, but not through violence. The central issue again and again is that we have seen these violent reactions in history before.

So we should all applaud Bishop for her brave move. We hope that other government officials will have the courage to tell Netanyahu the same thing.

[1] “Just No, Mate: Australia Refuses Pressure to Move Israel Embassy to Jerusalem,” Sputnik News, June 16, 2018.


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  1. Yes Brendon spoke up and look what happened. What do australians expect with a Jewish pm and ministers. Open arms for investment in talpiot and never a word said on the many mossad caught out with stolen/fake ID passports. Having anti Islamic politicians is kosher too. But imagine a politician mocking and calling for Jews to be deported.

  2. Well, if folks are waking up and questioning things, I would think the first question would be, who is in charge ? The answer is the Head of State, unless that is a meaningless term, which then the question becomes, Why would something so serious be meaningless ?
    America has a head of state, elected every 4 years with a 2 term limit. Australia has a head of state that is according to the birthing cycle of a family on a distant island and it is indefinite. as long as children are born into it. My point is, the British take their titles seriously. It is appropriations and ownership. Australia should never doubt that. Try joining Brics !!! that would be a good test

  3. Cornel West needs to get it in his head that Palestine is not his grandmother’s land.

    100% of Palestine is occupied Arab land. But Cornel West wants his “precious Jewish

    brothers and sisters” to share Arab land. Why is Jewish-Khazarian colonialism of Palestine

    different from other European colonialism? Where are the French of Algeria and the

    British who were in Aden, Yemen?

  4. The Queen is still, the “Head of State” in Australia, I wonder how much actually goes through that office, as we all know, they love to downplay their role. It’s convenient.
    But it makes sense that Britain, can play the bad guy on an issue one minute, and the good guy the next through the subordinate states.
    If the “Head of State” is a meaningless position, why have it ?

  5. Let´s wait and see how long this will last and how long it takes to get rid of FM Bishop and get their puppet in.

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