Trump World: Adam Bloom, New “Worst Person Alive” (updated)


Editor’s note This is the age of Trump.  Making it even more odd is that it seems this is a largely Jewish neighborhood and all involved, all other than the poor police, are Jewish except for the lone African American.

Watch the entire report, control your self righteous anger.  Start by blaming the gutless African American chief of police.

Then recognize that this is an issue of bad manners.

Bloom was fired by Sonoco, his employer.  His lawyer, seemingly a nice guy, also Jewish, runs his firm and hasn’t been fired as yet.

The claim is that Bloom was asked by another resident.  He needed to be less of an idiot but, in the age of Trump, bad manners, even for Jews, now seems to be the thing.

This reminds me, I was stuck in the Winston Salem airport at one time.  I try not to visit the Carolinas.  Law and decency is an exception there, or so I have come to believe, with several odd experiences simply making me fly over or drive around.

One was a police stop where someone didn’t like my expensive German car and accent free speech patterns.  The other was the airport thing, hours to see their great bbq but lack of clean toilets, seating, and general intelligence.

These were the dumbest shits I had run into in my life.  Don’t even land there, let your plane run out of gas first, it’s safer.  Try to glide to Georgia if you can.

Generally, across the South, racial profiling was challenged decades ago.  The dilemma is that there is always a fragment of truth, no matter how small, behind all prejudice.  Some groups in Africa will kill others because they “smell funny.”  This killed half a million in Rwanda a few short years ago.  Africa isn’t free of prejudice.  India is the worst, except for Israel of course, where the phony Jews hate the converted real Jews and are killing them off for fun.

Every nation, every social class, looks for things in their daily life, safety, feelings of community and general wellbeing and approval.  That said, the recent revival of racial and ethnic hatreds seen across America and Europe, let’s not forget them either, is a major step backward for humanity.

Take a second and listen up, all refugee/migrant crises are manufactured for political reasons.  No one really cares, borders are easy to close, the tech exists, I have worked across the Middle East and Africa, with Israeli partners at times, showing how borders could be secured.  Nothing to it.

We are being played. And so it goes:

Bloom’s attorney:

Bloom’s lawyer, John Vermitzky, center rear


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  1. ah, racism, the state religion, and as such, the overwrought subject du jour. another perspective is the subject of simply getting along. if one can’t, go elsewhere. and keep going until finding more peaceful groups. hell, in the 55+ all-white (presently, not by the by-laws and there have been non-white stockholders in the past), we have trouble getting along peacefully, too. why? the personality spectrum, alpha – omega. board positions seem to naturally attrack the alphas. and the omegas’ tendency to help and serve and ingratiate — go along to get along — eventually wears them out. and whamo. conflict. (i think the book “5 Types of People Who Will Ruin Your Life” may be worth reading.) anyway, how many nasty blacks can get along peacefully in their native environments? few. the baltimore crime stats tell the real story: blacks killing blacks. all i need to know not to rent near those ‘hoods. like oil and water. (and what’s so wrong with HOA’s and Israel trying to keep troublemakers out? hell, coaches don’t want trouble maker players in their locker rooms, regardless of how good such players are.) what’s wrong with wanting a peaceful life and avoiding trouble?

    • sometimes i wish society treated living in neighborhoods/ cities like they do driving a car. we don’t allow youngsters to just get in and go. rather, driving requires learning the rules of the road and then passing the drivers exam to get a DL.

      use of wilderness areas have 2 unspoken rules:
      – leave no trace
      – minimize your presence
      these rules benefit all users by working to preserve both the natural space and its peacefulness.

      racism may be more “tragedy of the commons” than it is “your black. i don’t like the color of your skin.” when a group of people establish a reputation of overstepping their bounds in “going along to get along”, their statistic behavior spreads like wildfires. peaceful folks don’t want trouble makers around. the reason for gated communities.

      most of the public discussions of racism du jour are hot air. where gordie lives tells the real story. gordie, do you live on the edge of the ‘hood, or in it? or do you live in a middle class or even more exclusive neighborhood?

  2. The arrogance of these self proclaimed “chosen people/master race” thugs is astonishing and disgusting at the same time .
    I always think of what the terrorist Menachem Begin said about
    Goyim being merely cattle whose only purpose is to serve the Jews, whenever I encounter an article like this.

  3. So, yea, the first suspicion is that, being cowardly, racism finds company, another resident would have approached the pool chair and pressured him to question the woman, and that appears to be correct. But, dude has been doing it for 7 years, and knows what he is being asked to do, and uses the complaint as an avenue instead of defusing the racism of the other complaining member. It was the nod and grimace exchange.
    If you are a lifeguard at a apartment community or HOA pool, on a hot 4th of July, there are going to be non-residents there. It becomes discretionary, and if a regular shows up with her sisters 3 kids, nothing is said. Four more show up, nothing is said, everyones wet, everyones happy. Then someone enters the pool, and everyone stares and is uncomfortable because of appearances. Decisions are made. Racists are cowards and seldom act alone. The pool police Paul, was emboldened by the other member, and yea, the Lady lived there. Racism kept it’s head down quite a bit until Trump emboldened the cowards. Now we see the result.

    • There weren’t many White Eastern Europeans in Palestine until 70 years ago. Talk about an illegal immigration.

  4. If you think you are a black jew, try going to Israel and telling them that. You will, for certain, get “u-turned” at the airport.

  5. One of the methods used to encourage or direct migratory movement within the states are articles containing studies that pay to be published. these are often these, Top Ten Cities, or Top Ten Retirement type lists. They cherry pick stats and groom the verbiage to encourage investment or divestment in certain areas by certain groups. By watching these, it is pretty easy to see, that the Carolinas have been pushing the subtle agenda, for white religious communities to feel safe to locate there, and become segre-Gated. The same type studies or media waves, can be used by investment groups to divest an entire area, then swoop in and rebuild. This is becoming more common and complex as competition for prime development land rises. Keep an eye on West Virginia.

  6. Years of pool management and never an occasion to call police.
    Community pools have always been an interesting control group for human studies. They have their own set of rules and enforcement practices. It’s almost the same feeling as Maritime Law. Lifeguards are the Captains and they are supposed to be in charge of who comes and goes as well as public safety, accounting and oversight of fees and even a separate Family court law exists inside the pool area. The most invasive aspect that disturbs normal pool life for people is the Insurance Factor. Once this nazi enforcement agency shows up, you can be forced to dismantle all manner of pool accessories and additional restrictions can be placed on the already long list of rules, or just force you into the decision to not have a pool at all due to fear. It’s 2018, and we are still working out rules at the watering hole.

    • David, back-washing the filters, scrubbing the suntan lotion residue and yelling at kids to walk; what else is there to do? I once won a $100 bet that I could tread water for 5 hours from a bunch of bikers when I was 15yo. Easy money for a competitive swimmer working as a life guard. Of course now days it’s all f-cked up with bs. Oh well, swimming, sun and fun. Tell the Popo they can’t go into the deep end until they pass your swimming test.

    • Rare in society is the situation where a person can yell at other peoples children in front of the parents. And rarer still the situation where family court justice can be decided and carried out immediately, by kicking families out of the pool, a major source of familial relief, already included in the rents or fees, by a person without a badge, due to the inability of a parent to control their children. Life guard training is public service training. The balance between quality of life and public safety.

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