Collusion, Did Putin Just Sink Trump?

Putin defends Trump like an "idiot son"


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Was this the real announcement at Helsinki?  We think so.  Putin never looked smaller than he did next to Trump, never sounded less statesmanlike.  He appeared to be a small man, a puppet, next to….

Introduction:  The Syrian people accept aid from Russia but they don’t love or trust Russia. Russia does what it does because it serves Russia.

Putin serves Russia and even many Russians don’t entirely believe that.

Trump, on the other hand, believes North Korea, he believes Israel and he believes Russia loves America more than it loves Russia.

This isn’t politics, it is pure unadulterated stupidity. That the Republican Party is silent with very few exceptions, plays to how, if anything, they are worse.


Pure Collusion

Trump is in Helsinki colluding with the Russians. Putin is either torpedoing Trump, or just doesn’t understand how illegal Trump’s statements in Helsinki are.

Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulis, guilty of collusion already. Trump lied.

We all know it, we knew it the day Trump asked Russia, through Katie Couric, to begin an espionage and black propaganda operation against his political opponents.

We expected Vladimir Putin to deny interference in the American election. I am a big fan of Putin but also believe the indictments; Russians are that stupid; yes, they would have done it, and the proof is compelling.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responds to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s closing remarks during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Now we have Putin defending Trump and, quite frankly, involving himself in American domestic politics by supporting Trump against his own Department of Justice. Once indictments are filed, the President, were he to open his mouth, is guilty of obstruction of justice.

Trump is more than weak, he has bent over, he has sacrificed America’s position in the world. This is someone who must have hired a ghost writer to do The Art of the Deal. Trump is the “worst negotiator ever.”

Worse still, Trump seems to have been suckered into a negotiation allowing Russia to openly operate against the FBI and CIA, inside America, where they threaten “Russian Security.”

Let’s remember, this is the president that has attacked Syria over and over, that has invaded Syria, and the president that has backed Saudi Arabia in Yemen and their genocide there and has encouraged the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people.

John Brennan tweet:

Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???



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  1. Trump got clobbered for a poor answer to a very tricky question, forcing him to chose between the American intelligence Services and the Russian who he was trying to play nice with.

    It was definitely a good thing for them to meet and discuss issues of importance. I don’t believe anyone was anyone’s puppet.

  2. Your response to my comment, mr. Duff, saying that I am not a real person, is even sillier than your article. I obviously rankled you, which shows, that you are aware that you article was indeed, sub-par.

  3. your hatred for Trump is disgusting, the criminal and dying American system is beyond redemptio, no matter your double speak.

  4. Putin is a declared Reaganist, he sought his political upbringing in Reagan era diplomacy role models. He will never enemize places like US, Europe or the western created international clubs and societies, he will simply aim to shame them and recalibrate them in a russian way and involving Russia. Trump of course always seems more like a professional hired lobbyist rather than a self thinking president of a sovereign country. Putin strikes me as a person who always stresses out what we can and should do while US presidents always speak “what we can and will do”. Netanyahu also always reflects US stance “we will act no matter what.” Talk about bullies.

  5. CNN is disgusting by challenging, judging, and speculating about what their president does. Amampour is so
    aggressive asking every one what they think of the presidents “treasont usa”she WANTS to be right by force.
    They are ignoring the fact that after 9/11 the FALSE reports that come from their own intelligence started the story of WAPENS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ! There were never found ! So mayyyybeee Trump has doubt about the same intelligence report. Never the less it is better to have communication with other countries that create evil feelings towards one and go to war. Politicians and news created Rusia as evil without any reason even if Rusia would have influence the votes in USA…..USA is not innocent as they also do with other countries. So if you are clean throw the first stone. They want Trump to do the same as the past politicians have done ! The people is tired of useless politicians that is why Trump was elected

  6. I missed something. I must have been away when the US intelligence agencies regained their reputation and established a solid foundation of altruism. I might have missed the moment when they suddenly became completely reliable. To insinuate that a US intelligence agency has done an impropriety is outrageous, since 9/11 and Iraq and all the rest. Let’s throw Venezuela and Afghani Opium in there, and we have a major breach. How dare we ? The complexity of the current situation is beautiful. Trump is an idiot, and intelligence is infallible. Ha ! “I’d rather be a hammer than a Nail, yes I would, if I only could, I surely would”.
    Maybe we should explore the extraneous existentialist meaning of Eng-land losing in the quarter finals to Croatia.

  7. I spent some time today with friends from that era in DC. We took a look at Ken Starr, General Myers and his daughter Julie and their relationship to iraq and their working relationship with gulbuddin hekmatyr in afghanistan….

    and general myers role in 9/11…

    • Now there’s a guy that was propped up to be sexually integral and altruistic and an all American hero, that ended up being the guy who defended rape culture at Baylor college. Time bit, that dude. I bet there’s all kinds of “we’ed rather not knows” on that one.

  8. They have to send smarter trolls. This comment is a world record, you have conjugated dumb in 5 languages, none of them English.

  9. Mr. Duff as I look at the comments from some of da tRump supporters I would suggest camp re-education at FEMA course maybe Fox News could help with their Walmart buddies and some ‘O dem closed up ‘marts ya know da ones wit da tunnels..

    Well some folks can’t read Mr Duff and all you hear on Fox is Muller and the FBI lies.

    Heard this from a pal as I told him to simply shut the ‘eff up as ”tis coming to that!

    What else to say?


  10. Republican Patriots: Where are you??? The same place Democrat patriots are, they don’t exists.

  11. I have the impression that mr Duff is getting a bit carried away by his hatred of Trump. The silly illustrations certainly do nothing to take this impression away.

    It’s almost as if Mr Duff WANTS this Putin-Trump dialogue to fail.

    Why not give it a chance and wait to see what happens?

    And closing with a tweet from rabid John Brennan………Really? If that is supposed to give crediblity to this piece, it certainly works, but not in the way Mr. Duff probably aimed for. It only illustrates mr Duff’s bias.

    No, I’m not impressed. At all.

    • While the truth of the article below on John Brennan is somewhat compromised by the dubious nature of many articles this particular site covers, it has some very revealing facts that can’t be swept under the carpet. Coming as it does on the day of the Putin/Trump meeting it is sure to set a tone for some moody encounters on El Presidente’s return. One might even say Mr. Brennan is anything but ‘a brave and undaunted’ patriot and that his quote above might well be a last throw of the dice against Trump and a Last Hurrah for bs bamboozler Brennan, begorrah!

    • then again, you are not a real person but rather someone paid to plant comments on anything that calls out Israel for the criminal assholes they are.

      Like we don’t track IP addresses….

    • When the choice is heat slowing being turned up on the pot so the frog, er people do not notice they are being boiled (B. Clinton, B. Obama, and presumably H. Clinton), or someone (Bush II, Trump) letting it rip and making people take notice, I will choose to have the latter even though they are the greater evil.

      Nothing else is working to restrain the criminal ruling cabal from slowing squeezing the life out of everyone else, so a complete meltdown may be our only hope as a precursor to real change. Yes, a lot of us may die, but is that so bad when the few are making life not worth living for the billions?

      P.S. I have worked with enough sleazy developers who inherited their initial wealth and connections to know exactly what Trump is – and yes the world would be a better place if all of his ilk had to survive by cleaning toilets or asking “would you like fries with that”?

  12. They say, salesman are the easiest people to con. Trump in the same room with Putin, is like Jerry Lewis in the ring with Conor McGregor. One good question trump did ask, “where is the server”. A legitimate question as that is a key piece of evidence in the case.
    The change in demeanor for Trump from the NATO to this, is revealing. Not… one…. single….insult.
    The envy and pride oozing from his pores,… it was like watching old friends. He has more confrontational relationships with his own handpicked cabinet. He stood there like a person who was very confidant, that no-one or nothing can stop him. At what point ignorance becomes treasonous, is the question. Either way, he is not in Kansas anymore.

  13. The thing that confuses me Gordon, is why the MSM goes on and on about these 12 “Russians” and no one ever mentions the estimated 100,000 Hasbara Cyber Terrorists operating worldwide. Israel is the only country in the world with a state funded cyber terrorism “agency”.

    • Of course, it is VT that tells that story and began doing so years ago. That doesn’t mean the Jews as you call them don’t control Mr. Putin and his legions.

      Pay attention please.

    • After awhile, they killed two of them, I began to feel sorry for anyone who watched this crap. Maybe Fox can edit the asshole out of it but I suspect even they are not up to the job.

      It was depressing. I am a Putin fan, have a soft place in my heart for homicidal types. He shit in his pants today and I hated seeing it.

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