7 web design errors that you should avoid

Keep yourself away from bad designs in the future.


As a web designer and graphic designer, I am very critical of the work that is done in my sector. Sector that in recent times is experiencing a wave of very large work intrusion, in large part due to the crisis that we have been suffering for more than five years. Intrusiveness that is noticed when a client comes to you and tells you that your website is not working correctly, that you are not happy with it and that you are looking to renew it.

Now, it is true that there are many other people who go into the world of web design with vocation, with desire to work and offer quality work for one thing or another because they make mistakes, in my view, of beginners. I dedicate all of them to this entry with the seven web design errors that I think should be avoided.

  1. That the web is not responsive design

This is the biggest of all web design errors. If you design a website and you do not have in mind users that use a mobile device, you are basically shooting yourself in the foot, given that users who access the Internet through their mobile devices are today a large majority, surpassing those who use a desktop computer.

2. That there is no digital retouching in photographs

This is an important point and that really catches my attention. More than anything because sometimes it seems that there are people who design web pages that do not realize when something is blurred, stretched, etc. For me, as a graphic designer, it is terrible to find stretched or enlarged photographs, but I think that other users will also bother them or make a bad impression when they visit a website with poor quality in the photographs. In fact, a picture is worth more than 1,000 words, as the saying goes.

3. That the web has obligatory sound

This is something that personally irritates me a lot and that I consider one of the big errors of web design, even though it is not easy to use. In a world where we use applications such as Spotify, radio stations, mp3 devices, etc., why are you going to put music or background sounds on your website? What if it turns out that you have videos showing your work? The era of the background sounds on web pages has been going on for a long time and I doubt very much that it will never come back.

4. That the contrast is not enough

Sometimes you browse the Internet and you find websites where it is difficult for you to read the information because they have decided that orange over yellow is very good. Okay, well, maybe I’m exaggerating a lot but there are jobs from professionals in the sector where maybe the gray range is used with white and the contrast is not good. Or a blue on black color is used and the tonalities are not chosen correctly. You have to be careful with the colors but even more so with the contrast that we are going to get by playing with them. It’s one of the web design mistakes I see most often, really.

5. That navigation is complicated

If we enter a website and we do not know how to navigate, that website has a problem. This usually happens in creative websites where it is not easy to access the information we are looking for. That is always a mistake in a world where, today, what it takes is rapid access to information. In addition, you have to have common sense and criteria to create the navigation menu and there are not a thousand subdivisions. Users like to access what we are looking for in a couple of clicks.

6. That there are broken links

This can happen to anyone but it is solved with a simple revision before publishing the web or web contents. It gives very bad image when we visit a web page and we find links to pages that do not exist. I have to correct it or rather prevent it, and as I said, just a simple revision of our web links. It is one of the easiest web design mistakes to correct.

7. That the information is not organized

Organizing the information that we are going to show on a web page is sometimes not easy, but with enough time you will find a way to do it. This is a frequent error among other things because in many cases those who design web pages are limited to having knowledge of design or programming. If this is your case, look for a specialist to help you correct one of the most frequent web design errors.

By understanding the above 7 errors, you can keep yourself away from bad designs in the future.


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