Director James Gunn and the #MeToo movement Under the Spotlight


…by Jonas E. Alexis

James Gunn, director of the Guardian of the Galaxy saga, has been fired by Disney because someone has recently published his old tweets in which he contemplates on things like pedophilia and rape. These tweets obviously suggest that Gunn was onto something.

For example, he tweeted: “I like when little boys touch me in my silly place.” You ain’t seen nothing yet. Gunn expanded and expounded on his thesis saying: “The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like ‘whew this feels great, not being raped!’”

Deadline magazine itself declared that “Yet another described a monkey masturbating on a young child, and his commentary that it made him “extremely happy.” These missives were not funny and entirely disturbing, given a preoccupation with fetishing underage boys. That left him a sitting duck for his retroactive social media commentary.”

Gunn indeed apologized for these tweets, and given the ideological foundation upon which the #MeToo movement is based, one would think that #MeToo apologists would universally condemn Gunn for his reckless tweets. Interestingly enough, Gunn found comfort in the arms of Selma Blair, the same actress who actually accused director James Toback of sexual harassment. Blair, whose Hebrew name is Bat-Sheva, said:

“If people are punished despite changing, then what does that teach people about owning mistakes and evolving? This man is one of the good ones.”

We all should agree with Blair here. But why does that work only for Gunn and not Toback and others? Didn’t Toback ask for forgiveness as well? And so if a person asks for forgiveness and moves on, does that absolve his misdeeds? And if that is so, what in the world is the #MeToo movement about? Why did they want to corner Harvey Weinstein?

Here is the rob: “Blair also linked to a petition that has over 80,000 signatures asking Disney to reinstate Gunn as the director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.’” Why doesn’t she want to reinstate Toback and others? Why the double standard?

What we are seeing again and again is that the #MeToo movement lacks moral rigor and is therefore melting in the heat of its own contradiction.


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  1. jonas, your argument sounds like, “if the execution is not perfect in its method, drop the case.” perfectionism?

    personally, both the church and hollywood were abusers. by what the preachers touted as truth, w/o the slightest proof or even allowance of questioning. and hollywood’s visual moving picture storyboard products, presenting the oh-so-delightful and approved lifestyles of the rich and famous: to a little youngster whose father constantly bitched & complained about his miserable lot in life and was always on the roam, sight-seeing and oh’ing and ah’ing the rich neighborhoods. and himself deriving most of his escapism entertainment from patronizing hollywood. of course, hollywood’s representation of “the good life” sucked me in. fortunately, some 60 years later, i see both as utterly devoid of worth and nothing but lies.

    • meanwhile, both rich and famous and righteous and just both continue their hunger & thirsting after innocents. oh well, not w/o precedents: our nation sends its young generation to fight zionist (whose supporters are both rich and famous and righteous and just) wars. and steals its young generation blind by requiring they pay for their own post-secondary education w/ the equivalent of payday loans. and our churches tout the righteousness of abraham sacrificing his own son to the warrior god yahweh. and how good yahweh is by catching his knife hand in mid-flight. (oh yeah. sure.) while they build their central liturgy on the symbolic drinking of blood and eating of flesh. (child sacrifice, sirs, for those who don’t make the connection.) and finally the baloney about solomon, the world’s greatest wisest man also a mean and nasty kleptocrat, as evidenced by his commoners pleading for some relief to rehoboam. (and we all know what good ole rehobo’s answer was.) and solomon’s pos book of juvenile aphorism’s. what utter crap.

    • And as I say repeatedly, I am not against religious folk, gathering and doing things in the community, and I am not an atheist. I think the case of this Gunn guy is a textbook case of abuse in the metoo wave. Al Franken would be the other. There are always zealots in every movement. A few innocent people get caught up in every wave of this type. So, far, I would say the major targets are people who were very powerful, and lost their positions because women finally got together, just like the victims of church sponsored sex abuse. Once a forum for reporting is created, and victims feel safe to come forward, they do so in droves. Among them will be people who do not fit into the victim category but find, comrade or personal gain by simply labeling anyone within reach. As a society, we have to continue to get better at discernment and priorities. I have watched many Catholics who look into the serial abuse in the church become exasperated, and either hit a wall and say they can’t go any further, or they get really mad, and follow it to the undeniable end. It is a pursuit, and the perpetrators have a 30 year head start, and have installed laws like 5 year statutes of limitation, and protection by way of secret govt contracts. The church infiltrated the FBI, not the other way around,. it has been there since inception. The most useful tool is a trusted liar.

  2. David,

    You still have not answered the question I asked. I already said that I agree with you that the moral law should apply to everyone, including priests. But answer this very specific question. If a teacher happens to say to your precious son or daughter in class that “The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like ‘whew this feels great, not being raped!’” Or “I like when little boys touch me in my silly place.” Don’t you think the school is under obligation to let that teacher go? Shouldn’t you as a parent take action? If the answer is no, then I wonder what kind of parent you are.

    • Jonas, In this current environment, where we have victim lists a mile long, a tweet does not get my attention.
      What gets my attention is when the topic of pedophilia comes up, and people point to everyone except the most prolific violator. The answer to your question is this. If my child was abused sexually, and it was a teacher, then I’m all over the school to see that the perp is brought in, and further abuse is prevented. But if I talk to other victims and see where it is concentrated, then that is my immediate target. As it is, right now, and continuing, the Catholic Church is the most prolific violator as an institution, so that in my opinion should be the focus of a parent anywhere. Tweets do not make the list. The internet will take care of that. Thousands of other active pedos with actively recovering actual victims has been and will remain my focus.

    • The thing about crimes of this nature, and many others, is that once it touches the lives of people, then the pursuit is not potentials, it is active perpetrators. If the most active perpetrators are keeping their jobs, and being rescued by a foreign government, namely Vatican City, then what the hell would I be doing worrying about a tweet ? I chase the bullies and I don’t care who they are. It is unbelievable to me, that protectors born into the position of such in any species would turn a blind eye. Hollywood is one city, and if we don’t like what they produce ignore it. My tax dollars do not aid and abed Hollywood. The Catholic infiltration is currently the most harmful threat we face as far as children on our own soil is concerned. So why aren’t we talking about that more ?

    • Jonas, so you didn’t answer my question. What should we do with McCormick, and all the others who have actual victims ? Are you ready to out them, and publicly call out the real active pedophiles, and demand justice from Bishops, Cardinals and Popes, and the whole shabang ? If not, what kind of parent are you ?

    • Infiltrated into the Catholic Church, yeah right, pull the other one, the church has always, from the get-go, been populated by perverts, pederasts and abusers, it has been going on for over 1500 years and has been systematically covered up by the Church throughout that time. The monastic orders in the Middle Ages had rules against sodomising little boys, rules that were frequently ignored. The church was above secular law and monks, priests, bishops etc. kept both adult prostitutes and underage concubines to abuse at their whim, sodomy was virtually a universal practice amongst the clergy at this time. The Vatican was prepared to punish clergy for acts of anal intercourse, if they were forced to by public scandal, but completely allowed all other forms of sexual abuse, be they against adults or minors. The Catholic Church has a history that is absolutely indefensible and any attempt to do so is disingenuous at best.

    • You seriously want to attempt to defend the history of the Catholic Church? You might as well try to prove the earth is flat. If you are in denial and refuse to acknowledge the horrific nature of the Catholic Church and it’s disgraceful history of abuse then there really is no hope for you.

    • I grew up in a largely Irish Catholic community, went to a Catholic School and you want to start trying to tell me about Catholicism and it’s evils? A church that raped and abused my ancestors, the ancestors of my friends and family, that murdered our babies and stole our children, that used religious dogma to justify our being kept in squalid poverty and treated like third class citizens? Book are nothing compared to direct experience.

    • not mccormick,.. McCarrick. Cardinal McCarrick. Serial abuser and protector of pedophiles, whose victims number in the thousands.

  3. I think we need a list of at least a couple actual victims to start throwing moral equivalency around.
    A lot of attention for a guy who does not have a list of victims. I missed the point where we ran short of actual pedo’s with a huge list of actual victims.
    If we are going to start punishment for thought crimes, we need to hold major organizations with a long history in actual sexual abuse with thousands of victims ,.. accountable first. The moral standard should first apply in whole to any group who alleges to be the holders or conveyors, of that moral standard. And even further than that, they should be held to the highest standard. Was Charles Manson a bad guy ? Yea,.. was Patton a bad guy ? Or Shwartzkopf ? Is Gunn a potential pedo ? What of the Cardinals and Bishops ?

    • David Odell,
      This is not “punishment for thought crimes.” Disney had every right to let this man go precisely because this is a serious issue. David, do you have children? If a teacher happens to say to your precious son or daughter in class that “The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like ‘whew this feels great, not being raped!’” Or “I like when little boys touch me in my silly place.” Don’t you think the school is under obligation to let that teacher go?

      Yes, everyone has to be held accountable, not just James Gunn. This has been my stand from time immemorial.

    • Remember the ‘phone hacking’ scandal in Britain a few years ago? That was manufactured in order to deflect from the attempt to start an investigation into the elite paedophile ring which was in danger of being exposed due to cases like the Grenville Janner court case and Leon Brittain scandal.

      The Weinstein prosecution and the #MeToo movement are the US analogue of the phone hacking scandal, it is all one big distraction from the elite paedophile rings based in Washington DC that are also in danger of being exposed due to cases like the Judge Anthony Scalia death (murdered to keep the paedo ring secret) and the FBI’s investigations of online paedo activities in cooperation with Europol.

    • #metoo is a very easily predictable wave of culture change from multiple perspectives of study. It is not manufactured, but it may be taken advantage of partially. Even just from the perspective of likely effects on culture by introducing the internet, we get the metoo movement.
      If anyone on this earth, speaks of pedophilia without naming the number one established prolific violator , then how can I take it seriously ? If I have 30 murderers, and 29 are murdering 5 people apiece and one is murdering thousands, then my priority will always be the thousands. Politics and belief are harboring mass pedophiles. I did follow the phone scandal, Rebecca Brooks ,.. was the cupbearer, in the story of the cupbearer and the baker. If their is an elite pedophile ring in DC, then ALLLLL my money is on the Catholic Church as the pimp.

    • If Gunn is fired for a tweet, what should we do to a Bishop who actually aided and abetted serial pedophiles with hundreds of tangible victims, ton’s of testimony and evidence, shredded documents hush money and flagrant use of diplomatic passports as a way of evading justice ? What do we do with Cardinal McCarrick, should he be fired ? Right now , he is protected and well paid and furnished,… as are hundreds just like him.
      Hastert was a legitimate catch, but even he pales in comparison to the prolific pedophilia in the churches that exist tax free, meaning the public is forced to support them with our tax dollars, in both tax relief and direct government contract. A far cry from a tweet by a guy who is not a teacher. I do have children, and the church is who endangers them the most by far, second place is not even close.

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