US gets caught with pants down in Yemen

“Saudi support for Islamic extremism started in the early 1960s as a counter to Nasserism—the socialist political ideology that came out of the thinking of Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser—which threatened Saudi Arabia and led to war between the two countries along the Yemen border."


…by Jonas E. Alexis

If you have some spare time, then grab a microphone and start interviewing people in the Zionist media and the Neoconservative circle. Ask them why they haven’t said a damn thing about the United States sleeping terrorist states like Saudi Arabia, which has recently liquidated children in Yemen. Is the United States an accomplice? Well, listen to this:

“A Raytheon Mark 82 general-purpose free-fall bomb was likely used by the Saudi-led coalition to strike a bus full of children in Yemen on Thursday, a local journalist claims, after bomb fragments from the scene were recovered.

“The Saudi-led coalition struck a school bus in the Dahyan area of the Houthi-controlled Saada province last Thursday, leaving 51 dead, most of them children, and injuring at least 79 others. Just as the dust was settling at the scene of the strike with charred bodies being recovered, locals found fragments of the bomb used.

“Harrowing images from the site, shared by journalist Nasser Arrabyee, show fragments that appear to be from the 500-pound MK-82 bomb, which the US continues to sell to Saudi Arabia.”[1]

Army Maj. Josh Jacques ridiculously responded by saying, “We may never know if the munition [used] was one that the US sold to them. We don’t have a lot of people on the ground.”[2] But Jacques and the war machine know for sure that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people; they know that Assad is a dictator who vows to destroy the Syrian population; they know that Assad started the Syria war.

Obviously Jacques and the war machine love to make deal with their terrorist states. Obviously Saudi Arabia promises billions of dollars, and obviously the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are concentric circles. Countries like Iran and Syria are not part of that ideology, and the US government finds it congenial to demonize those countries.

You see, the logic of the New World Order is so weird that only a political whore would accept it. Even Newsweek reports this month that “Saudi Arabia remains ‘wedded’ to death penalty cult,”[3] but not a single US politician has challenged that diabolical enterprise. The Saudis, as Politico itself puts it, have come “clean on funding terrorism.” King Salman himself said that

“Saudi support for Islamic extremism started in the early 1960s as a counter to Nasserism—the socialist political ideology that came out of the thinking of Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser—which threatened Saudi Arabia and led to war between the two countries along the Yemen border. This tactic allowed them to successfully contain Nasserism, and the Saudis concluded that Islamism could be a powerful tool with broader utility.”[4]

Has the West made any attempt to confront the Saudis? Has the Trump administration even remotely suggested that America ought to stop doing business with a terrorist state?

Of course not. But they are absolutely certain that Iran is state-sponsored terrorism.

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  1. It is Saudi Arabia have to be under the sanctions. They have much money and buy US weapons. They are bad warriors, but no matter who kills kids. And they kill. Bast@rds. If there were bombs manufactured by any other country – they would use it. Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov once said: i made AK only for the defence of the Motherland. Well, i think more people in the world were killed by AK, because the politics sell it and don’t care. Let’s look deep in the root. Saudi Arabia is the trade partner of the USA. This is the main problem. As a State, SA may be destroyed, as we say, in 3 seconds. Easy on the scheme, complicated in the political and financial reallity….

  2. Thank you Alexis for another outstanding article documenting the gross hypocrisy of the totally corrupt governments of Israel and the United States which they control. They talk out of both sides of their lying mouths at the same time. High school teachers should use your examples to illustrate the meaning of hypocrisy or double standards, one for the goose, another for the gander. Our military are all a part of this scam. So long as young innocent kids, far far away, are being blown up, and none of the lying media even report that fact, who cares? And of course Israel lover liar draft dodger Trump is all about MONEY isn’t he and taking all the billions he can from the stupid ignorant Saudis? He may even get a kick back! Our country is gone but most fools here are unaware because the Israelis own the lying media which daily lies to the country. Great but depressing article Alexis.

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