Recognizing the Disease, a Statement of Purpose

Unnamed Vietnam vet with kitten doing homework, East Lansing, Michigan 1970

The Senior Editor

It isn’t just patting ourselves on the back, VT really can influence policy.  Time and time again, we have seen governments, even Israel, certainly the US, the Pentagon, Britain, France, Turkey, Syria, Russia quite often, Pakistan and Iran alter policy based on VT/NEO pieces.

When they do it is simple, we are the only source they can turn to for analysis that still remembers a pre-internet world.  The team I lead and one I have to use a firm hand with more than occasionally, is trained and retrained to ignore fake news and armies of mentally ill “internet people” who have pushed themselves into the “slimelight.”

Many of them are VT readers but armies are Fox News/InfoWars types as well.  It has become a real danger to the US, one now being opposed by Google/YouTube and the fiends of Tel Aviv controlled “Silly-con” valley who started it all.

Crazy is as crazy does.

Last week, Obama gave a talk on Trump, the economy and sanity itself.  In the real world, Obama, the most popular political figure of modern times in that real world, proved himself brilliant and decent.  In the world of internet crazies, he couldn’t be trusted because of a dozen reasons, each equally fake, used to smear him because he spent 8 years fighting Israeli control of America.

Understanding the system is easy.  Internet people are only one component of an America off the rails with crazy.  Americans have always been a bit nuts.  All that held America together was bright stars of media like Walter Cronkite, and the fakes were always around, and labor unions whose only job was to support legislation that aided their members.

Union members were mostly industrial workers who bought homes, took vacations, sought medical care and tried to drink water and breath air.  They sent kids to school and had to fight the wars the fatasses started.

Their enemy was the GOP, the banks, the scamsters, the polluters, those who would educate slaves, medical bandits, fake drug companies, poisoned food and the endless scams like we have today.

Read your email, answer your phone, someone is trying to rob you every day, everything you do, everything you buy.  We are ripped off continually, we buy junk, our drugs kill us, our food poisons us, our lawn products cause cancer, our farm products are genetically unrecognizable, our roads are built to last 3 years and fracking will kill us all before anything else.

They even use little nukes to frack, if you didn’t know it.  Then the GOP suppresses the science, covers up the radiation, the chemicals in the water, studying and reporting becomes a crime.

Then internet idiots attack anyone who tells the truth, that’s their job, part of being stupid and crazy.

A favorite story of mine is Libya.  Internet people love to talk Libya and Ukraine, talk about things they know nothing about. Gaddaffi was a monster.  Libya was a horrible place under his rule though worse now.  The CIA put him in power as a “project,” he was an early experiment in fake dictators.

You see, the CIA has always had one big concern, “Europe.”  The last thing Wall Street/Tel Aviv wants is an educated, militarily strong and independent Europe.  Hitler tried to do that and see what happened to him.  You can’t turn on a TV without seeing Hitler “Satanized.”

A strong Europe is needed because the US is totally nuts.  We always have been.  From NEO (one of mine):

“People around the world are convinced that the United States is a nation run by criminal psychopaths and morons. A greater fear is that world leaders mistakenly assume that their American counterparts who do and say insane things continually are, in actuality, normal people operating inside some “master plan.”

Then, when time and time again, no such plan materializes, and it is demonstrated that America has blundered into a diplomatic, economic or military morass, for some unknown reason, a “reset” occurs, and the wrong assumptions are again made.

At every level, humanity errs in assuming that those in command are there because of talent and worth or that, because America is so wealthy and powerful, that its people are such because of moral and intellectual superiority.

Blind acceptance of exceptionalism is, in itself, a dangerous disease.

If you ask an average American what their IQ is, they are quick to answer. Invariably they will say, “140” or more. Yet, when you look at American society, at America’s culture, the idea of a nation of Mensa types is unrealistic. Americans aren’t much more stupid than other people, just much more dangerous.

Truth is, the average American has an IQ of around 96. It used to be 100, the number established as a “mean.” About 40% of Americans run between 60 and 85, enough to function at basic levels but with intelligence low enough to impair higher functions such as judgment and critical reasoning.

This is where the real problem is, of that 40%, a significant number graduate from universities and of those who come from higher socio-economic backgrounds, like those with inherited money, they get not just Ivy League degrees, but often make it through “diploma mill” fake graduate programs at the Wharton School of Business, Yale and Harvard.

In Britain, of course, “idiots,” and the quotes are out of kindness because “idiot” is a real term with a real definition and applies quite nicely, go to Eaton, then Oxford or Cambridge.

Where it comes to play in America is the manner those of limited capability are channeled into military command, into government, into teaching positions even in universities and into the White House itself.

Thus, real talent, “brilliance” as it were, is replaced by “cleverness” and even various forms of moral deficiency on the spectrum of social psychopathy.

When the world watches America, “on the bus to ‘Crazy-Town,’” it is always assumed that the worst, even if that “worst” is true, must be denied, rationalized away. Even in America itself, those of talent, out of a need to simply turn away from an unpleasant truth, too often look for any sign that psychopathic morons in government and the military or, worse still, controlling social media giants and tech companies, are “normal.”

This form of denial, “normalizing” the abnormal, exalting the idiot, mistaking clownishness for hidden genius, very hidden genius, is in itself a disease, a weakness, a failing and a threat to the survival of the human species.

It is no secret that the world itself and certainly the United States is ruled by economic elites whose positions are entirely inherited, elites with a stranglehold on political and economic life. Their origins, the banking families of Europe’s Middle Ages or the “Robber Barons” of the 19th century, perhaps the shipping families that carried opium and slaves, those and more, have left America with an elite ruling class that has long demonstrated moral depravity.

Through social manipulation this group, that controlled the eugenics movement during the 20s and 30s, has learned that they don’t need to use selective breeding to create slaves, but that it can be done through the education system which they control through foundations and think tanks.

To an extent, it is demonstrable that the Nazi reign of terror was financed and engineered by America’s elites, the Bush, Harriman, Rockefeller, Farish and Walker families partnered with Hitler and IG Farben. Auschwitz was one of their efforts and what began as eugenics became mass murder under Hitler only to reappear as “Google” and “Facebook” decades later. In between, foundations rewrote history, recreated a “dumbed down” education system and society.

In American government, congress walled itself in with rules that stifled change and debate, gave all control of the few, committee heads from remote and backward districts who ruled America on behalf of ruling elites for generations.

Key to keeping it all working has been the reengineering of every institution to favor the “morally flexible” of limited intelligence, a nation of semi-literate legislators, doctors, judges, law enforcement officials, college professors, admirals and generals and even captains of industry.

The result has been 50 years of declining wages, lowered life expectancy despite scientific advances, a society at war with itself, radicalized, superstitious and easily controlled.

Fostering all of it is the general human weakness of denialism, the need to ignore seemingly unsurmountable challenges when simply “going along with the program” allows for survival and where “being part of the problem” can offer great rewards.

Behind it all is the fake narrative, an endless droning of jingoism and phony patriotism, of exceptionalism and behind that is always fear.

To an extent, technology itself is the enemy. A century ago, when America was a burgeoning industrial giant, teeming millions worked in factories. The hierarchy there wasn’t so much factory owners or thuggish supervisors, Ford Motor Company actually hired violent felons to oversee workers.

It took real talent, even brilliance, to design tools, create innovations, improve processes, all of which was done by real elites among the working classes. Whoever may have thought they were “in charge,” without tool and die makers nothing happened.

With all of that gone, CAD systems, robotics, a world of devices and “apps,” an America with fake universities giving out fake degrees, a military that passes out fake medals to fake heroes by the score who fight equally fake wars, whatever remained of a natural elite, an “offset” as it were, has disappeared.

By the mid-1970s, under the guise of creating opportunities for minorities, the bar was lowered, allowing the least talented to rise and the potentially threatening few of capability to be contained and stifled. This wasn’t by accident and had absolutely nothing to do with opportunity or equality.

It had everything to do with compliance and with building a society where moral questions would go unanswered, unasked and would eventually disappear.

The reality, a congress where an IQ of 70 is not unheard of, military academies where psychopathic behavior is promoted and those who exhibit the most deviant tendencies are “fast tracked” to command.

Journalism and its partner industry, “entertainment” is so much worse.

None of it was done by accident.”

Were Europe to actually function, with the Germany that General Patton described before his murder, a nation of hard working and intelligent people, like the Europe Napoleon had described as well, the US would never have been “policeman of the world” nor would there have ever been communism or the threat of “Islam.”

Europe fought many wars, one against Islam but one against Christianity as well, not a Bolshevik war, but the French Revolution and the Reformation.  Learn some friggin’ history would you?

Back to Libya, a CIA experiment from the first, Gladio which imploded on Europe, never a bulwark against communism but a war by the US on Europe itself, just like ISIS was built by the US to fight potential democracy springing up in the Middle East.

Note that in 2003, it was Libya, aided by Israel, Germany and South Africa, that had the WMD programs, workable nukes, an Israeli bio-weapon program beyond any, that made the BZ/VX/Sarin and had huge stockpiles.

It was Libya and Gaddafi that ran the Bush/CIA prisons and rendition program, he was Cheney’s boy and when he was hit under Obama, he turned to the UK and Israel for help and to Bechtel Corporation.  They all met in Cairo when planeloads of Israeli weapons and merc’s were flowing in to save the last neocon stronghold, Libya, in reality “little Israel.”

Gaddafi never did anything for anyone, not until he began buying fake press.  Lots of internet frauds made tons of cash lying for Gaddafi.  One guy, a human trafficker and “author,” got enough to buy a home and orchard in Oregon to retire on.

Several internet supposed “Palestinian lovers” got up to $100k from Gaddafi while others were being paid by the word, while Gaddafi was working for Israel and the Neocons all along.  This is why he was removed.

As for the resulting chaos, this was caused by the resurgence of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE moving in.  They tried to get me to come in and run their game only a few years ago.  They were hiring every burned out spook they could find.

The other deal, of course, is the fakes and the crazies.  Note the phony war on Alex Jones, trying to make him into a new fake Julian Assange.  An overweight but talented voice actor with no background, no beliefs, no personal moral center, a serial fabricationist now gets more news column spaces than most world leaders.

This is faker at its best.

The idea, of course, is to overwhelm real people with fake ideas from crazies, trying to normalize insanity so that nut cases like Trump and congress and the Pentagon can also normalize nuclear war.

War itself is now the norm.  We used to fight against war.  This is the very nature of VT. Now internet fat asses are like the Pentagon, fake heroes of trolldom with keyboards and delusions of grandeur.

And so it goes



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  1. Note that the US Democratic Party is generally to the right of the right-wing European parties – but most people in the US refuse to believe that they are getting screwed over by the system.

  2. Gadaffi wasn’t funding anything, it was all CIA money. Gadaffi was placed in power and run by the CIA so that they could use Libya as the base of operations for Operation Gladio; a safe haven just off the southern coast of Europe where they could stockpile and warehouse supplies for the various terrorist groups they had established across Europe; where they could train and brief those terrorists and plan and control Gladio terror operations.

  3. Please pay attention as I can hardly see how Mr. Duff can put up with some of you.

    Its like this as they killed the unions which fed the democratic party with money to help the working classes as can you see this?

    God help us as I shall have to shoot you with one of Mr. Duff’s Guns….

    The unions united the working classes against their oppressors as we can do again using the internet and then we can back candidates from either party who take no corporate money.

    Right now that would be the dems….

    Wake up.

    I had this discussion with one of my pals who would never ever support a Democratic candidate for any thing as I said that alt-right got ya! Just what they want…

    As I see how well someones psyopps is working as I view Mr. Duffs message boards as how does he continue with this nonsense?

    Some of you are so dense I would not even get out of bed to shoot you with one of Mr. Duff’s fine guns…

    I just shake my head…


    • I was talking about European worker unions, that are in relative sense much stronger than their American counterparts. Especially those of Austria, Germany and whole Scandinavia. Right wing commies insist, that worker unions weaken competitiveness. Fact is, that those countries where unions are strong, have all quite high GDP per capita. No reason to say, that they all were somehow lucky, Germanys industry was in stoneage at the year 1945, but is that no longer.

      When the new President of the US is introduced to the political machinery, they’ll give him/her an offer, that cannot be refused. Like, do as we told You, or we will JFK You. And the new President will be same as all the Presidents.

      General strike will halt the whole country. And it can also be arranged so, that those who got the most and least respect of ordinarys hard work are the first to choke on their own shit. That is power of the people, not its centralization to the corrupted Capitol.

  4. Current republican equals domestic enemy.

    Your best work yet Mr. Duff as I would not wast a bullet from one of your fine guns on any of your “troll” idiot critics!

    And as you pointed out in your work about a guy who has a fine estate and retirement “trolling” for that Lybian dictator!

    How about the rest of the net “trolling” for tRump and that current batch of evangelical nut cases how many of them will retire rich on their estates?

    Always moving the narrative to the radical right against the interests of working people as “F” you if you disagree!

    Just how it is…


    • Being a salaried (slave) person that grew up in a well below the official poverty line household, I dislike the Democrats for not doing enough for working persons, unless those workers are upper middle class lawyers and such. But there is an unfortunate knee jerk reaction that all criticism of Democrats must be from someone to their political right, and not their political left.

      I am with Ian Greenhalgh in that we should give real communism (not the fake Bolshevik kind) a try.

  5. The old saw about “you can fool some of the people all of the time” really comes to the fore when the population have been dumbed down enough so that “some of the people” becomes large enough that every one else becomes irrelevent. The “mob” that must be appeased predates the US. I have read accurate accounts of the same kind of nonsense in both houses of parliment in the 18th century, and you could probably find more back through the centuries. Stupid people have always been easy to manipulate. What do you think religion is for?

  6. Now to the more serious question about the opening photograph – how does anyone get homework done when they have a fuzzy kitten to play with?

  7. Make your case for how Obama did it. Going after Gaddafi was simply a way of going after Israel’s only vulnerable ally in the region. I considered it a good move.

    As for “how things are now?”

    How are they?

    You been there? Or, as I would guess, you know what you know because you saw it on television.

  8. Make your case for how Obama did it. Going after Gaddafi was simply a way of going after Israel’s only vulnerable ally in the region. I considered it a good move.

    As for “how things are now?”

    How are they?

    You been there?

  9. Among the many articles Gordon has posted to VT over the past few years I have been reading VT content, this piece and the previous article he inserted, is among his very best. He has a truly exceptional grasp of the American experience in the post WWII era living through the coming of age 1960’s through the highlights and lowlights leading to where we find ourselves today. His vast knowledge of American and world history informs his analysis of what really happened and why the American republic has lost its way. We should be grateful he spends the time and effort to continue reporting events that our mainstream media used to cover nut no longer notice or report falsly, providing us with analysis that resonates so clearly with many of our own experiences. Change is the only constant and those seeking to change the world need to change themselves first. Knowing how to interpret events that cross our consciousness is essential to understanding our challenges. Following Gordon Duff’s prescient writing provides indispensable fuel for measuring how far we have come to understanding what else needs to be done, and where we might as individuals focus our attention.

  10. Funny thing is that I have read pro Gaddafi essays here on VT (but admittedly none by someone with the title “Senior Editor” or “Managing Editor”).

    If Obama is so great, why has he never spilled the beans on “how the world really works”? Lack of personal safety in doing so? Is “I did the best I could under the circumstances without endangering myself” a moral stance we should glorify?

    • I would not know about Fox/CNN, etc, since I have watched them maybe a total of 10 minutes in the last decade (occasionally on in a Subway chosen as the least unhealthy alternative in a tollway “oasis”).

      When did Obama ever call out the Deep State/NWO/whatever-you-want-to-call-it as actually running things? Would be very interested in reading/watching that.

      Didn’t Bill Clinton respond with “How Dare You!” to someone who questioned the official story of 9/11/2001? When has either he or Hillary stated publicly that it was a false flag attack?

      I could go on, but the point is obvious.

      P.S. Not that it means much, but I do have a piece of paper around somewhere showing that I scored 151 Verbal/129 Performance on the WAIS test, for a voilà! IQ of 140. Still too stupid to live?

    • He did exactly what you asked, once with great candor in November 2012 but you weren’t listening.

      You never listened.

      You can’t listen when you talk. He put it out there over and over and over to anyone who cared to hear. Clinton did also.

      It’s easier to get rewashed Fox/Swampland fabrications and disinformation, forget where it came from or never check in the first place and sound “anti-government” when all you are doing is kissing the zio tush.

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