One of Many? ICE Agent Arrested as Serial Killer


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

With 12,000 kids in Trump detention centers run by unvetted human trash, finding one of many Border Patrol and ICE “problem personnel,” this one a serial killer, certainly not the only one, hit the news today.

This time it was Laredo, but the power mad, ICE, Border Patrol, and in particular, DHS (that’s “Homeland Security,” a Nazi sounding name for a reason, have long flocked to the “authority job” banner.

The name is Juan David Ortiz, always 3 names for some reason, ten years on the job and only his last two weeks have come into focus.  4 killings.

Ten years, how many weeks, 500?  A thousand dead?  Were the last 4 weeks slow for Ortiz or above average?  Did he do this alone?  How many of him are out there?

How many?  We are told 80 so far have been busted for working for the cartels, running drugs or as enforcers.  Trump’s order to hire another 5500 “Border Protection Agents” has brought about an utter erasure of standards.  From The Atlantic:

“There’s nothing that can help this person if it’s a real body,” Hannan said in disbelief to the 911 dispatcher. “It’s floating just like it would a body, but there’s no head.”

“That grisly find would lead investigators first to an assassin from the powerful Gulf Cartel, and then to a U.S. Border Patrol agent who helped the killer move drugs and guns across the border.

Joel Luna is one of more than 140 Customs and Border Protection agents arrested or convicted on corruption charges in the past dozen years, according to an analysis by the Center for Investigative Reporting and The Texas Tribune. “Mr. Luna is not one bad apple,” said James Tomsheck, a former senior official at CBP. “He is part of a rate of corruption that exceeded that of any other U.S. federal law-enforcement agency.”

Though the number of corrupt agents represents less than 1 percent of CBP’s 44,000 sworn officers—the largest police force in the U.S.—“any amount is bad, and one person alone can do a lot of damage,” John Roth, the inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security, told The New York Times. “It doesn’t have to be widespread.”

Our issue is broader, with the police state itself and an Israeli trained Border Patrol that thinks everyone is a Palestinian to be gunned down, raped or murdered.

It’s what our Israeli allies do.  Then we have this one, also this week but in Oregon, From KOBI TV, NBC affiliate:

MEDFORD, Ore.– On September 13, 2018, Oregon State Police Detectives arrested Blake V. Northway, age 55 of Medford, on multiple counts of Sodomy.

Northway is a Deportation Officer with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) assigned to the Medford office.

The arrest is a result of a joint investigation between the Oregon State Police and ICE – Office of Professional Responsibility.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold its officers to the highest standards of professional conduct and does not tolerate those who violate the law,” said ICE Public Affairs Officer Tanya Roman.  “ICE will continue to cooperate until this case has been resolved.”

Northway has been relieved of all authority and will be placed on leave pending the results of the criminal investigation.

Northway was lodged in the Jackson County Jail. On the jail’s page, Northway is shown to have 10 counts of sodomy in the first degree and one count of incest. These charges are not related to Northway’s position with ICE.”

If you simply live in or near Detroit or dozens of other American cities, it is people like this, in their white Ford Explorers, and you see dozens of them in a day, nowhere near the border, roaming the streets with guns, hunting for victims, with federal badges in their pockets.

“Mr Trump, tear down this mob!”


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  1. “It doesn’t have to be wide spread”. WTF does that mean? To me it sounds like an admission that the problem is wide spread.
    I have been unlucky enough to have had short conversations with a few of these agents, both on the street, and in the airports, and I always look a person in the eye, and I noticed their eyes don’t reflect light, there’s a certain dullness there, my senses told me the smart thing was not engage, but get far away from him. They’re not just dumb, they’re empty vessels shy the necessary intelligence, or psyche to hold such a position, let alone a fire arm. Their appearance in dress was totally lacking, like those who don’t iron their clothes, or change them often, and their under garments less so. A scruffy lot for sure. Bottom of the barrel comes to mind.

  2. Very good point Khalid, and you are absolutely correct.
    But how do we circumvent this corruption?
    The idea I submitted was to have the personnel on the border be under the UCMJ, Uniform Code of Military Justice, to be under a strict chain of command, thereby preventing the victimization of the vulnerable.
    Women should not be raped and their children sold into slavery simply because they sought a better life in America.

  3. With one hand he calls for ethics, and with the other the eviction of orphans from the wealthiest country in the history of the earth. Our neighbors.

  4. This wave of hires, can be compared to the oil workers that are shipped in by the hundreds and immediately attract drugs, prostitution, and violence against women. The requirements of silent obedience, aggression, emotional detachment, and a healthy superiority complex, are all attractive traits to the hiring.
    They are aggressive males, who wish to have police powers and military powers without the oversight.
    Power hungry bots, with desire for control, physical domination, and freedom to execute without repercussions. These traits are obviously top down also.

  5. ” (that’s “Homeland Security,” a Nazi sounding name for a reason)”
    When the Patriotic Act came out and I started to here the word “homeland” I had no doubt that some sick f%&EN minds were at work. Notice also the VERY dark uniforms they wear harking back to the days of the SS (Security Service not).

  6. This is real disgusting but thank you Gunnery Sergeant for bringing it to US Veterans attention. I think these “agents” are like country deputy sheriffs, bullies really without proper supervisor. I propose all border patrol should be carried out by
    US National Guard.They would be under the UCMJ and have a firm chain of command with a SFC, a Top and a stern CO for supervision.
    I would appreciate comments on this idea.

    • So, under Johnny’s logic, if a person is starving or injured or being chased by thugs, we should not help them because we simply can’t see a benefit for ourselves. That is what Christianity actually teaches. The proof is in the product. Latin America has been under siege by Christianity for 500 years. Domination and elimination of the indigenous population is the continued intention. To erase history, just like Palestine.
      The US military has the primary mission of protecting our borders from hostile invasion. Refugees , people seeking asylum and orphans do not constitute a threat. If you look at who is crossing, and consider them a hostile threat, then you may have an aggression problem, which has been displayed numerous times. If you wish to have the world all to your selfish self, then buy an island, nobody is preventing that.

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