Test your internet IQ: Did Kavanagh REALLY Convert to Judaism?


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

I recently heard that someone fact-checked my article Kavanagh converts to Judaism to save Supreme Court nomination: Circumcision ceremony scheduled for noon tomorrow at National Cathedral. My friend D got an email from his Christian Zionist friend T as follows:


I’ve done a fact check on the claim that Kavanagh is to convert to Judaism and I could find no credible evidence to support it – all I find were vague and obscure web sites about all manner of wacky unsubstantiated theories based on innuendo, speculation and assumptions that lead to erroneous conclusions, mainly to do with Left wing conspiracies that suit your false narrative about Israel and the USA.

Sorry – no truth there!


So….what’s YOUR internet IQ? Take the simple reading comprehension test below and find out!


Read Kavanagh converts to Judaism to save Supreme Court nomination: Circumcision ceremony scheduled for noon tomorrow at National Cathedral.

Then answer the following questions. Pick the BEST answer based on the material in the article. Do not cheat by looking elsewhere. After you have finished the test, scroll down to the answer key.

  1. Kavanagh converts to Judaism to save Supreme Court nomination: Circumcision ceremony scheduled for noon tomorrow at National Cathedral is:  (a) true news  (b) fake news (c) satire

  2. The article’s author (a) favors Kavanagh’s confirmation (b) opposes Kavanagh’s confirmation (c) doesn’t care one way or the other (d) there isn’t enough information for the reader to judge

  3. The author (a) favors circumcision  (b) opposes circumcision (c) milks circumcision for humor and shock value

  4. The author (a) loves Catholics (b) is anti-Catholic (c) there isn’t enough information for the reader to judge

  5. The author (a) loves Jews (b) is anti-Semitic (c) there isn’t enough information for the reader to judge

  6. The author probably thinks that (a) Catholics are overrepresented in American institutions of power, (b) Jews are overrepresented in American institutions of power (c) both a and b  (d) neither a nor b

  7. The author’s probable attitude towards feminism could be best characterized as (a) enthusiastic (b) chauvinistic (c) irreverent (d) transphobic

  8. The author probably thinks American political culture is (a) democratic (b) decadent (c) socialist (d) libertarian

  9. If Publishers Weekly compared the author to a famous writer it would probably be (a) Rabelais (b) Shakespeare (c) Mencken (d) both a and c’

  10. The type of humor in the article could best be described as (a) edgy (b) saccharine (c) slapstick (d) humor? what humor? I thought it was serious!

OK, that’s it!

Now lets scroll down for the answers.

1 – c

2 – d

3 – c

4 – c

5 – c

6 – b

7 – c

8 – b

9 – d

10 – a


If you scored 9 or 10, you are a sophisticated and discerning consumer of internet info.

If you score 7 or 8, you get an internet driver’s license but are advised to use it carefully.

If you score 5 or 6, you should take remedial internet reading comprehension lessons.

If you score 4 or below, you are a Christian Zionist who will be raptured up when Jesus comes back and nukes everybody, so you will have the last laugh.


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  1. This must be the maddest period in human history. After fifty years of being reasonably awake to the shadow gov., I still make my share of mistakes. We are not supposed to “get it”, that’s the whole idea. As for the diplomatic genius of Putin and Trump (the main forces for change), I see Trump as being where Putin was some twenty years ago.

    Many said of Putin that he was in too deep with the Rothschild Oligarchs. As it played out, Putin and Yeltsin set them up for a final defeat. Now it is a done deal, but in the confusion there are still those who doubt Putin’s loyalty to the Russian people.

    How can we judge Trump at this stage of US corruption, and against what standard? Looking back to Putin’s strategy to free Russia, it was a very personal battle that depended on him alone for the outcome. It was not a process that allowed the public to monitor and keep score. If his intentions had been known, it would have meant certain failure.

    Presently in the US, Trump is committed at a personal level comparable to that of Putin in Russia. Keeping Hillary out of office was his first act to save America, and every EO claws back more of Obama’s Globalist legislation. Some of us criticize Trump for this and that, forgetting that there is nobody else who can carry this out. Denying Trump his critical role is simply to fail.

  2. The inability to see and hear satire when you trip over it. This does not look good for a lot of VT readers. The same reaction I observed when “Blazing Saddles” first came out and so blacks went nutso insulted, not realizing it was the white guys being insulted. They were completely unable to recognize satire, and the others were just using the noise to score political points.

  3. Satire is useless to the linear mind, and necessarily amusing to observers. It is bad manners to withhold fun from hard workers. They call it “party pooping”, “turd in the punch bowl”, and many other things with reference to excrement. Try “Debbie Downer” on youtube.

  4. I go by Mark Twain’s old statement: if you don’t read the papers your uniformed, if you do read the papers your misinformed.

    Nothing changes under the sun, the same Zionist filth that controlled the media a hundred years ago does so with an even greater grip today. This is all Zionist theater meant to distract and divide. I don’t care about who is on the supreme court, they will do the bidding of our Zionist masters regardless.

  5. I think the more pertinent question is, “Did Trump convert to Judaism or was he born into it in the first place?” After all isn’t his home New York nearly 100%. So how could he become so rich and successful there unless he joined them? Isn’t his behavior today totally consistent with this assumption? Look at the picture of him with that cap on touching the wall over there. Look at how he favors them even over the U.S. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck isn’t it a duck or a Jew? Isn’t Israel lover liar con artist Trump a defacto Jew if not a real one? Hasn’t he sold out to them just like the whores in Congress? Who was his teacher? Lying Lawyer Roy.

    • The Sea of Humanity is my favorite place that I would not want to live. The only draw back is I’m a country mouse. But if anyone ever gets an invitation to visit by someone who lives there, it would be a mistake not to take it. I call it, ‘getting invited to the party’. My wife recently had such a visit and the experience is priceless.
      The diversity and humanity of it all, is overwhelmingly eclectic and resembles a real life Star Wars bar.
      The garment district is underrated, subway to Central Park on clear summer day is a must for any human, and Harlem and China town are unforgettable,. NYC is the nucleus of the human family in the Western Hemisphere.
      There is no one anything, because there is many all of it everything everywhere. Swim in it if you can.

    • Look for his ancestors in germany. As far as I have found out he was born in judaism and his uncle was an engineer w Tesla

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