The Caterpillar and Butterfly of Enlightenment


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Life constantly presents us with a wide variety of opportunities to spiritually awaken and integrate into our individual and collective life purpose, that of Being fully loving and enlightened.  Discover how.

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Such opportunities, within the context of people, situations, and circumstances, often present themselves as metaphysical mirrors that reflect a wide spectrum of perceptions and reactions that can range from the beauty of love, peace, and joy to the more challenging spectrums of unevolved perceptions and emotions of fear, depression, and even hatred.

The simple metaphysics of our life journey consists of constantly being awake to recognizing that if you see something that is lovingly amazing in another person and/or circumstance then this reality is reflected within you.  Contrarily and similarly, if you witness something that reflects a negative feeling and/or reaction in regards to another person or circumstance then this reality is reflected within you also.

Our ever-evolving consciousness tends to, at the onset of awakening, gravitate towards the inner praise of recognizing that which is good and loving within ourselves or in another or situation.  Similarly, in the early stages of awakening, we see negative people and circumstances through the eyes of a victim who is somehow, at the moment, able to distance themselves from such a dark perception and own as little a part of this mirroring truth as possible.  The metaphysical joke of such perceptions boils down to this… any time you point your finger at another in either praise or disgust …at that moment, and as best you can, notice that you now have three fingers pointing back at you.

Our lives and evolutionary process always point us to opportunities to become more awakened.   As such, our ultimate self-realized and enlightened state can be seen through the metaphor of how the caterpillar transforms itself into the beautiful butterfly.

Like the caterpillar, we crawl on the earth and have a linear perception of placing one foot in front of the other in order to get from one point to another.  This context creates a constant grounding for the self through a literal connection and nourishment from mother earth.  At this stage of perception, one has little or no understanding of flight nor the perspective that this soul soaring can gift in vision.

Eventually, this earthbound awareness yearns to advance and so the self then readies itself for this process.   Instinctively,  we secure ourselves to safety to protect this next step in our soul’s new journey.   To endure this more awakened shift we prepare a sacred cocoon of transformation.  This we know will serve us in the birthing of our higher-self, the butterfly.

Within our time traveler capsule, our consciousness can dream of new possibilities and of greater freedoms than we’ve had ever known before.  As we awaken from this sleeping state and the desire for freedom grows ever more profoundly.  And with this, the birthing chamber of our cocoon now begins to imprison our newly awakened form.  The wings that now adorn our new light body seem to fight for freedom in a constant struggle to rid ourselves of a past incarnation that no longer serves our greater growth.

To our higher-self, our God-Self, our wings which fight to free us also serve to break the shell of our past delusions and mirror our resolve towards being our most liberated and enlightened self.  In this state, our soul can authentically live and be free to soar to our highest and most exalted glory of the Divine.

You see, each of our struggles serves to awaken and strengthen our inner resolve to BE and do our best.  With each push against the imprisoning wall of illusion, our wings eventually lift our awareness to behold the metamorphosis of our new and ascending form.  Intuitively this new state of freedom and our outstretched wings know how to fly.  Instinctively, we soar to touch the skies and fill our world with the beauty, love, and grace of a butterfly.

The metaphor of the caterpillar and butterfly serves as a constant reminder to know that life continually offers us opportunities to evolve, transform and dance on the heavenly winds of enlightenment so that we are truly free to BE and express our most beautiful self.

May your soul find wings and ever grace the stars and heavens with loving grace.  Amen.

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