Israel, Jared Kushner, Jamal Khashoggi

Both Trump and Kushner have shown no sign of moral responsibility in the Middle East since the beginning of the Trump administration. Terrorism is terrorism if and only if Kushner, Trump, Israel, and the Saudis approve.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

VT has reported that there is an incestuous relationship between Trump, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, and the theory turns out to be right. In fact, even the Jewish Daily Forward has recently declared that “Trump and Kushner’s willingness to allow the Saudis to investigate their own suspected torture, slaughter and dismemberment of a Washington Post columnist is in keeping with the morality-free government the two have brought to the White House.”[1]

The New York Times quoted Kushner earlier saying that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi “will pass, just as it did after other Saudi errors like the kidnapping of the prime minister of Lebanon and the killing of a busload of children in Yemen.” The Times later retracted the statement, but it seems pretty clear again that the Trump administration is an accomplice in the death of the journalist. The Jewish Daily Forward moved on to say:

“Kushner showed the same grim, obtuse nihilism in his treatment of the Palestinians. In defunding the Palestinians’ only safety net, UNRWA, Kushner callously argued that “sometimes you have to strategically risk breaking things,” and directed “an honest and sincere effort to disrupt UNRWA.”[2]

Kushner and Trump’s duplicitous operation with the Saudis and Israel inexorably put them in a position where the moral and political law is no longer valid. In fact, both Trump and Kushner have shown no sign of moral responsibility in the Middle East since the beginning of the Trump administration. Terrorism is terrorism if and only if Kushner, Trump, Israel, and the Saudis approve. In Fact, EJ Kimball, an Israel advocate at the Middle East Forum, has even implied that Kshashoggi had to die.

The journalist’s ‘ties to al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood’ raise ‘a whole lot of other issues’ about the Saudi tradition of exporting terror, Kimball said. The much bigger picture, he said, is the new Saudi Arabia taking on Iran. Josh Block of the Israel Project made a similar allegation about Khashoggi two nights back.

“Pro-Al-Qaeda media are pushing the Khashoggi story, Block said, ‘because Khashoggi was a radical Islamist terrorist ally who was close to Osama Bin Ladin, ISIS, Hamas & wanted to overthrow the Saudi ruling royals, who oppose both the Sunni terrorists, sponsored by Turkey & Qatar, as well as Irans’s Shia terrorist armies & allies.’

Meanwhile, Israeli leaders have been staying quiet about the Khashoggi murder, as “James North has repeatedly pointed out on our site. That’s because Israel and Saudi Arabia are now allied against Iran, evidently seeking an American-led war against the country, and all the attention to the rubout of a journalist is throwing a wrench in the works.”

  • There you have it. The man who lied about draining the swamp is now perpetuating terrorism in the Middle East.
  • [1] Peter Feld, “Shrugged Off Khashoggi’s Murder. It Shouldn’t Surprise You,” Forward, October 19, 2018.
  • [2] Ibid.

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  1. Trump is a well-document liar; he has reversed himself on various issues numerous times. His son-in-law and daughter belong to a cult whose motto is: “Let’s make it [i.e., the apocalypse] happen.” Trump himself is an extreme Zionist. These people are not guided by accepted principles of right and wrong; they are guided by the Talmud, which is an anti-biblical religion of racism, self-worship, superstition and deceit. They cannot be judged by criteria or standards of morality because they have no morality; they are unmoral. We are being ruled by absolute demonic scum.

    • No, the Trumps just care about money and power, leave the demonic crap for the conspiracy nutjobs.

  2. “Foreign Capital was always steering the land of Capitalism”
    Yes Johnny, most American can not even imagine that something like this could be the reality. It truly is a hopeless case to engage an American in a discussion where this is suggested, “What ? We have our own banks.”

  3. America must reinstate the draft and get some of those favored elitists Zionist’s kids from Harvard, Yale, and the rest of the Ivy League, and even U.C., on the front battle lines and killed by Iranian Soldiers as well as in other wars in Afghanistan in the world. Let these selfish cowards see what a real battle is and what it is to be exposed to all sorts of chemicals and even nukes for a change. Isn’t this plan the former General Patton would recommend if he had not been murdered by General Donovan of the former OSS, who paid a professional military hit man $10,000 to plan and murder Patton in 1945 with even Ike in on the plot? I think Patton would recommend draft dodger Israel lover Trump also go to the front battle lines and see what a real battle is. Israel did 9/11/01 but sought to blame it on Muslims:

    • With the aid of Russia, Iran might even bring this battle to mainland USA. The time is long overdue for the comfortable lives of selfish Americans to be rudely interrupted by a nuclear war isn’t it? How do we know the U.S. isn’t a bloated paper tiger? Let’s see if the corrupt lying four star generals can defend New York or LA or SF or Miami from some nukes delivered by Russia and Iran for a change. Have any Americans built any fall out shelters yet like the politicians and elitists in Israel and DC for them? How did these corrupt generals do defending the U.S. on 9/11/01? They dismally failed but got rewarded by lavish pensions. What a disgrace this country has become.

    • All Iran and Russia must do to bring this corrupt country to its knees is disable the electric power grid. Think of waking up one day with all electric power OFF! All gas and diesel pumps are OFF. All cars and trucks run only to empty their own gas tanks. All deliveries of food and other necessities stop. All air conditioning off with resulting destruction of foods in stores. What will be the result in society? Anarchy with roving gangs everywhere. You had better have plenty of guns and dry ammo. This is the kind of lesson America needs to stop this foolish war talk by big mouths like Israel Lover Trump.

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