OPEN BORDERS: Are we ready for full Globalization?

When will humanity resolve the challenge of scarcity and connect every human being to opportunity and resources?


by Johnny Punish

OPEN BORDERS? Hum? No! The world is NOT ready for such an evolved existence. But it’s coming! Don’t worry wall supporters, you and I will be gone when it arrives. So chill!

Open borders across globe is where humanity will be in 100 to 300 years. 500 years of Nationalism has been much better than the narrow minded yet necessary city states. But it never beat scarcity.

Fully realized globalism will deal with scarcity. It will be even better than nationalism and serve all people not just a few.

Once full globalization takes over from 500 years of nationalism and our technology is so evolved that it makes it possible, people will flow freely to where opportunity and resources are and once equilibrium is reached, the flow will stabilize.

Scarcity?  Can humanity resolve this challenge for our future generations?

Assuming we manage our resources properly and I believe we will, poverty across the globe will be minimized and all human beings will have access to clean water, energy, and opportunity.

But getting there will be a rough ride. Why?

The human created artificial nationalist/borders thinking that has existed for 500 years will take generations to evolve out of the gene pool.

Right now, not only in USA but around the world, humans are NOT ready for this highly evolved coming future. So many are still too busy fighting over land and killing each other over resources.

This is the fear that Trump supporters have…. loss of culture, less access to needed resources. It is about scarcity.

The reaction is to border up, wall up, and protect. That’s what we all do when scared. And I get that but that’s short term thinking at best and lacks vision. It has no future because evolution will happen anyway.

The best Trump and his ideology can do is slow it down over time.

And there is a point to slowing it down too! Humans cannot handle shocks to system. Mission creep is much better and far more effective. This is why I give it 100-300 years before full globalization takes hold.

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In short, all of the current humans on planet need to be replaced by the future generations that don’t have nationalism as the overweight antiquated baggage that slows them down from evolution.

So yeah, rock on with the nationalism Trump supporters. Go for Fortress America! You have a point. But really, it’s just a band-aid that will NOT last the test of time or evolution. It will be looked at very poorly through the eyes of our future generations.

Here is what JACQUE FRESCO said about our future in 1974.  He was and remains a visionary.  See what’s coming!

Check it out!

Now watch the full movie here

Check out my song about Globalization called CONTRADICTIONS.  It highlights how backward we still are….we can and will do better!


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  1. The overall trend is to expose the world for all to see. So, we have underwater footage of aquatic species and cameras in the nests of falcons. We have the microscope in all of our orifices and you could be a white christian male living in America lying on a colonoscopy table being attended to by a doctor from India and a nurse from china. Globalism is already here. Every nook and cranny and opinion and smell and taste and wine from every country and every bug and bird completely dissected and on display. The proper thing to do is immediately move your clothesline (before dryers we used to dry clothes outside) to the front of your house and hang your underwear on it. Everybody wants to meet everybody and it is going to happen even more than it does now.
    There is no nationalist prick that is going to stop anything. They are clinging to the bank of the river of time. Fruitless.

  2. I am not persuaded by the author’s argument for Globalism. Why would I consent to rule by a handful of billionaires, who likely don’t even speak my language or share my nation’s values or live within our borders. I will remain a nationalist and fight to preserve our nation’s sovereignty and independence. If you are for Globalism and open borders, count me as your enemy.

  3. JohnZ, not sure how subject of Communism came up? Jacque Fresco’s proposal for RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY has NOTHING to do with Communism. In fact, he argues communism/capitalism are all corrupt systems because they are based on money. He argues we organize society based on use of technology to distribute resources where they are actually needed. Watch the videos above.

  4. Johnny America, National identity? USA did NOT even exist in 1718. 2318 will also be very different than 2018. I believe it’s cinch domino that national and ethnic identities will be erased. Evolution will NOT consult our 2018 fears!

  5. 300 years ago, people could NOT envision airplanes, cars, spaceships, smart phones etc… European Union and USA did NOT even exist! In 1718, the world was a very different place. 300 years from now, who knows what technologies will bring and what systems will change. How will humanity manage resources? And population control?

    What we can say is it will be a very different world. People won’t have a connection to 2018. Trump will be a long lost name to history. My best educated guess is USA/Mexico/Canada will merge into a Union as part of a global a technology sparked connected global order. I believe humanity will ultimately meet the population and resource challenges. I wish I could come back in the year 2318 and report back what actually happened but…. it’s not likely.

  6. Kalergi plan in hype. And when hasn’t this marriage of humans and technology not been dreamed by many before . The metropolis black and white movie that showed us how a bleak life ruled by Uber elites wasn’t fab. Bladerunner etc etc its all the same . Cant pretend .NEOM the high tech gulag for elites the world fawns over to join the Saudi dream. Even Jacques vision was co opted by fairly open globalist technocrats before he even died. (Please donate for a better safer future now…lol)
    Ya sell that form idiocracy because that will be the real future living a Logans run movie.
    Brought to you in a glossy add by the people that peddle the idea God chose them to charge interest

  7. We are talking 100-300 years from now. So technologies and systems will be completely different. If we evolve into a resource based economy, the very idea of money will go away. In such a new paradigm, corporations will NOT make “profits”. So your assertion is mute.

    But let’s say we are still on the capitalist monetary based system. How will world govern? Well, I can envision states within the greater global order. Each state has it’s local laws to govern but connected to the global connected rule; probably one global language too. No need for passports. Just respect the local laws. With advanced unknown to us technologies, we ought to be able to manage resources 100000 times better than we do today.

    As for freedoms, I honestly don’t know! I mean, in China today how much freedom does a person have now? In USA? One can argue freedom is on the decline already. So I honestly don’t know how that will evolve over time. Hum?

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