Noam Chomsky on “Judeo-Nazi tendencies” in Israel

It is high time that people of reason from all over the world rise up and challenge the diabolical regime in Israel. It is high time that people stand up and say, “No, we ain’t gonna take it anymore.”


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Noam Chomsky has recently dropped an atomic bomb in the Zionist camp. Citing the late Yeshayahu Leibowitz approvingly, Chomsky declared that if the Israeli occupation must stop, otherwise “Israeli Jews are going to turn into…Judeo-Nazis.”[1]

Leibowitz was a Jewish scientist who witnessed how the Israelis were mercilessly treating the Palestinians. We read:

“Outraged by Israel’s killing of 60 villagers of Qibya in 1953, most of whom were women and children by the notorious Israeli commando Unit 101, known for its brutality and retribution campaigns, Leibowitz has been quoted as saying: ‘We have to ask ourselves where this youth of ours emerged from; young people who had no mental inhibitions about committing this atrocity? What inner motivation for such acts could have been at work here? This youth is not a mob but the product of Zionist, humanist social education.’”[2]

Agreeing again with Leibowitz, Chomsky argued that the Israelis always tried to find a way to justify the ways in which they slaughter the Palestinians. “If you have your jackboot on somebody’s neck, you have to find a way to justify it.”[3] Chomsky nailed it when he said:

“Take Gaza. If you are going to place two million people in a concentration camp, which is in effect what it is, and put them under a vicious siege, you have to ask yourself; am I justified in doing this? People who try to oppose it are traitors, Arab lovers and so on. You have seen this phenomenon in European history, I don’t have to give you examples.”[4]

Chomsky is not the only person to call Gaza a concentration camp. Israeli historians such as Ilan Pappe have said similar things. Israel, argued Pappe, has created “the biggest prison on earth,” commonly known as the “occupied territories.”[5] As Cornel West rightly puts it, “We can never fully respect the Palestinians unless we can name what they are up against: The boot on their necks.” Well, the boot has been crushing the Palestinians for decades, and if you doubt this, then you will have to quarrel with noted Israeli historian and Zionist Benny Morris, who unapologetically declared:

“A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on.”[6]

It is high time that people of reason from all over the world rise up and challenge the diabolical regime in Israel. It is high time that people stand up and say, “No, we ain’t gonna take it anymore.”

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  1. The Israeli problem is not unique to Judaism: it illustrates the deadly symptoms of the virus called religion. There’s no difference between the Zionists and the Islamic and Christian fundamentalists. All are the historic, mortal enemies of freedom and civilization.

    The inescapable flaw in religious faith is its theory there are unseen powers in the world that are responsible for what occurs within it. This hypothesis introduces the presupposition that there are exceptions to materialistic or physical causality. In seeking to explain natural phenomena whose causal mechanisms were not apparent, ancient peoples attributed them to such entities.

    The theist’s dilemma today is that centuries of scientific investigation have not verified the existence of these entities. In the process, science has instead discovered the actual, physical explanations for the formerly inexplicable things that so baffled our ancestors. Science has not “proven” religion false, but science has convincingly demonstrated that the core suppositions underpinning religious faith are misunderstandings of the natural world and of the human place in it.

    The tragedy is witnessing humanity rushing toward its extinction blinded by the delusions of its intellectual childhood.

  2. rachel corrie did not stand idly by. may the holy trinity — israel/ u.s./ britain — pay 1M fold for that atrocity committed against her.

  3. I read this somewhere a while back too, can’t remember where, but i wrote it in my notebook, and share it because i think it makes a good statement
    Don’t let the system fornicate with your heart and mind,whisper silently, “We have come to crush you, embrace Love or perish”

  4. I read an article a while back and it certainly made a good point in understanding these atrocities against human beings. The article was along the lines of about half the world is human and the other half isn’t.
    And to me being a human means having a heart and soul and conscience. Doing unto others and spreading love and kindness where we can. And that is certainly not what is happening when those things go around in people’s countries murdering innocent men, women & children. We certainly know it’s not love and kindness those demons are perpetrating. This world is after all a stage where good and evil abides together, and it has never been any different. It’s the same old story from one era to another throughout history. This world/planet really is a sick and dark place.

  5. The real obscenity is not only that the Israelis are committing these atrocities to their fellow man, but the rest of the world is standing idly by and looking the other way especially the whores in the U.S. Congress who are also dual citizens, and therefore, are partly responsible for these crimes against humanity. Imagine every dual citizen whore in Congress being arrested and jailed for aiding and abetting these crimes by Israel against the Palestinians! Wouldn’t that be a comforting sight to see?

    • Isn’t Israel Lover Trump also looking the other way too? What if these were his children or his relatives? He likely wouldn’t know would he? Ignorance is bliss. Trump looks the other way too yes.
      Notice how silent Israel Lover Trump was during the campaign about him being an Israel Lover.

    • Chomsky works for the Zionists therefore anything he has to say about Israel is, at best, highly suspect; at worst, outright lies. In fact, same goes for everything Chomsky says, he has had a long and successful career as a paid liar.

    • I Agree !00% with Ian Greenhalgh …… AND Personally I Distrust All Zews be it this chosen mouthpiece or another because All these ” Zew Critics will always Fail in some Human concept it’s always a Limited Hangout and in One place or Another these Fail to State and Understand the Actual Facts …..

    • I’m sorry, but what you just wrote shows a complete lack of understanding of what Chomsky is and who’s agenda he serves.

  6. Having lived two times in Palestine, it is all true and makes one want to cry with despair,
    The same feelings I got when living in S Africa during apartheid. There seems to be a subtle difference. In S Africa, the authorities, soldiers, just did not care when they shot black Africans. Israelis appear to get a “high” when watching Palestinians getting slaughtered; sadistic pleasure with verbal abuse.

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