By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This is going to be a story.  It will be written with care or it may well be my last.  It isn’t just censorship that VT fights, its something far more sinister.  The conventional narratives, left and right, nationalism, race and religion are artifice.  They simply don’t exist but for one purpose, to disguise mankind’s real purpose here.  Yes, Alex Jones was right, this is a prison planet.

Breaking in slowly, be patient.  I was watching the new Dick Wolf produced TV series, “The FBI” last week.  His work is generally distracting, pedantic, derivative and crap, meaning “quality television.”

Last week he outdid himself.  On one of his better shows, its first season, he began with an attack on Syria and Russia, attempting to deflect the Saudi murder of Khashoggi as a secret Syrian/Russian plot tied to the upcoming American/Israeli gas attack on Aleppo which I believe the producers knew of.

We see this continually, TV shows burned with crap propaganda, rants about Assad or Iran.  Only Madam Secretary and Newsroom have any guts.

Behind that, reality is bled to the American people as science fiction, as in X Files.  We are going to go there a bit, but only a bit.

A hierarchy has been created for us, a planet we believe we rule, “human beings” who are 95% chimpanzee according to what we are allowed to know of our own DNA.  You see, much of our DNA is “junk.”  Oh, it isn’t junk, its just that we aren’t what we think at all and we certainly aren’t all human, not by a long shot, but that’s another story as well.

Consider earth somewhere between a galactic prison and a massive fishbowl.  You will be getting close.

Look at our own species, or what we mistakenly call a species based on our ability to count arms and legs and make pseudo-biological determinations.  No, it isn’t about race, its something far less visible, even spiritual if you will.

Let’s take a second with religion.  For the most part, those who will read this think in accordance with the “religions of the book,” Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

It is no secret that Judaism is a fabricated religion based on petty thievery from earlier civilizations, so much has been written of this.  Monotheism was Egyptian, the flood is Mesopotamian or even earlier and Atlantis may well have existed.

Much may well have existed well before “civilization.”

We do have commonalities in a collective mythology, morphing mostly Middle Eastern religions into “modern beliefs” that meld well with thought suppression, human slavery and bestial human behavior.

There were gods, no question, off planet beings responsible for creation, as religions tell us, beings who warred among each other and yet took considerable interest in human behavior, in guiding and controlling mankind, and in suppressing access to forms of enlightenment that might well have allowed humans to evolve rather than devolve, as is now irrefutable.

These early beliefs, corrupted on a daily basis through conclaves and schisms, described superbeings capable of time travel and powerless flight, capable of acts of unlimited power and yet, at heart, immature, hateful, paranoid and largely without merit.

Lord Rothschild’s Carriage

Exceptions?  Jesus?  Buddha?  Krishna?  Mohamed?

What is obvious is that anything or “anyone” capable of superhuman acts is of another species with an understanding or perhaps a technology that allows the use of physical laws that have been censored from human knowledge.

VT has spent much time and effort in presenting articles on the suppression of unified field theory, flaws in basic accepted theories of atomic structure and physical dynamics.  Our VT Science series, for the few who bothered to read and the fewer who could understand have handed it out without cost.

What did we really do?  We debunked religion, debunked modern science, proved cheap censorship allowed two sets of technologies to coexist, a planet where power comes from coal and oil while the planets atmosphere boils away and yet electrical power exists everywhere, gravity is reversible with even primitive technology Egyptians may have used, or not, and time and space are no more real than imagination.

It is all in the math and physics, not just provable on a chalkboard but buildable in any lab or workshop.

So, if gods were aliens who bred us for some reason, bred with us as it seems and remain among us as “us” or formless, and this is very much the case, all we learn, all we know, all we believe is false.

All we do is foolishness and empty.

We are a failed experiment.  We live among animals who are clearly our betters, not just the dolphin with its potential for superior intellect but more.

Our cultures, such as they are, universally address the “spiritual,” as a way of explaining a level of consciousness with universal knowledge, free of time and space.  Many of us experience these realms, ESP, ghosts, remote viewing, visions, prophesy, prayer, lost time, visions, as my language abilities wear thin,

We explain it all through “debunking.”  This is where watchfulness is needed and why we were given the gift of anger and diabolical brutality, but we forgot.

We are being pushed to destroy ourselves simply because we are no longer considered worthwhile.  If you haven’t noted from time to time that the animals you call “pets” or eat as food are better than you are, you aren’t paying attention.  Humans are far closer in our behavior, our intellect, our judgment to snakes and spiders than to cats and dogs, mice or pigs.

Don’t think that isn’t noticed and don’t think that our gods, our jailers and overlords, don’t bask in that knowledge while they watch us grind one another into the dirt out of collective insanity.

Look to science fiction.  I have talked, from time to time, to those who would represent themselves as  agents of our creators.

The message is always the same, there are too many of us, we are, every day, more chimpanzee than human, more violent, less insightful, less spiritual, less capable of taking that “next step.”

Ah, the “next step.”  That world some are told about, fewer people, a higher stage of consciousness, one in eight humans found worthy.  To the dim witted, they see this as apocalypse and resurrection.  To others, a culling and humanity raised to its heights, the ability to live beyond the physical.

All the while we, all of us, age and die.  The time never comes.  Do we survive death, are our souls locked away for that magical day when we can join a universal consciousness?

Many of us, I don’t know how many, from time to time are given a rare look beyond the veil.

We then ask, why are we here now?  What is our job?  What are we to do?  If all is chaos and insanity, what then?  Is what seems evil really evil?  Is there value to goodness?  Can we inherently know what is right?

Are we here to shepherd and care for this planet, for each other, for what grows here?  Is imagining this arrogance and delusion?

Who do we ask?

Why are we so weak?


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  1. Love this Duff stuff… If we are perceiving consciousness at first breath…? Thusly, our foyer into of the causal frequency of self-awareness… All experience from that point on is fractional psyche and observance via conditioning on the causal plane of materials and ideas we deem real. The mind, a spiritual computer, able to conceive…create…visualize as vision, the complexities of the material sciences, assuming they are material at all. The mind being a small universe within a universe and it’s multi universal cousins created by a force unseen…although the illusion looks real, in the sense we can perceive it with the universe between our skull and ears… And Death? what is it, other than the subtotal of object perceptions hidden in all that is frequency and light energy… Maybe, our collective consciousnesses is the subtotal of the Creators experience (plural), and death, a melding into the latter, and ego is no longer the essence of self-awareness, melded and absorbed by the whole of dark matter and dark energy. There is no soul but the spiritual energy via the illusion of separated self…aka… giving eternal life to the eternal spirit of life and universal semi-galactic artifice… Somewhere it is said, if we are the creators experience and it is out of love, we experience the latter, then we ultimately can add nothing to that experience. We belong to the latter essence of that energy. We will be within the quantum of universal self…

  2. Just when you think Gordon has written the ultimate post about truth you are jolted by a bolt from afar and what lands on VT pages shocks, pleases, and inspires like nothing before. Thank you, Gordon for posting this provocative outline of our predicament. It is very courageous of you to reveal thoughts about the nature of reality(s) that command our attention whether we realize it on a conscious plane or not. This post amplifies your street cred as a solider, journalist, investigator, analyst and deep thinker. Attributes of the philosopher king we need to steer us ahead. Three streams have found their way to our philosophical landscape: religion, science; and spiritualism – all different but the same. Gordon is right about the so-called revealed religions being repackaged over time and hints at mystery schools as unified force but leaves us short how that knowledge inspires its initiates today – for good and for evil. Science has abused humanity by rejecting ethical laws in just about every domain. Biological research is out of control viz gene editing, vaccine damage, and germ warfare, etc. Chemistry and physics are abused viz. medicinal tinkering in neuroscience, acoustics, microwave manipulation and weather/energy weaponry etc. Or its positive applications are tempered for business or security concerns viz. energy, transportation, medicine, etc. .

    • Spiritualism on the other hand urges us on to higher consciousness by regaining natural abilities gradually bred out of mankind through epigenetic means. The esoteric path also has its charlatans working to corrupt messages, commercialize the alternative research space for profit – and to misdirect attention from legitimate inquiry and progress. Religion, well look at the state of organized religion and tell me where it is going. What can be done now to save us from destroying mankind? Keep it simple. Love yourself and others. Keep doing good work. Find and befriend animals. Don’t expect answers to come easily. Trust in yourself. Look for inspiration from others. Keep reading VT. And remember Trumpanzees are the product of our public education system

  3. I may have to stop running Gordon Duff pieces on my Patreon page. He killed it with this one, making me look bad. They like him better than me on my own page…

    • You may well be right about Lovecraft’s “fantasy” and Shaver’s “science fiction” being less than completely fictional. Unless I am the only one who has moments similar to the gods hiding Randolph Carter’s dream city, or Shaver’s remembering of events that do not exist in the (for a lack of a better term) “regular” world?

  4. A little bird hit the window. It flew a short distance off, and lay there in the grass. The cat is almost always in the yard and every creature knows it. Three or four other birds of the same species flew around it, strafing it and jostling it, urging it to wake up and flee. After a few minutes it was just 2, but they kept at it. Finally it was just one, who refused to allow the bird to give up. The blue jay suddenly sounded the alarm, the cat was coming. The lone doctor became more frantic, screaming and pecking at the bird until finally and just in time, the bird came to and was able to reach a nearby branch. The yard fell quiet. Fate had been averted, and the destiny had been altered by the actions of another. We cannot give up on ourselves, and we cannot give up on others. The yearning of the earth, for its young, all of which come from her dust, is to find, secure, and nurture , faithful loyal companions. There are no guarantees, and it is the same in both worlds.

  5. Sir, Thank you for VT. Very interesting article.
    While I do not doubt the presence of advanced ET’s, who likely had a hand in humanity’s existence, I do have to take issue with the idea that they somehow find us “unfit to live”, or whatever. Especially considering who they have allowed, and could have stopped, from taking over the planet, and destroying civilization from the inside, if they really cared about the people of Earth. The idea of advanced ET’s telling the ape-people we’re not good enough, too dangerous, too primitive, too unenlightened, not ready for the next level, etc., really shows their inadequacies, not ours.

    • People, for all our faults, have done miraculous things, and we could have done better, if a relative handful of parasites had not spent the last couple thousand years brainwashing and controlling everyone. If our “overlords”, or however they refer to themselves are so righteous, why do they not break protocol, and come forward, and end a century of coverups, lies, murders, etc.? At least come forward and give everyone the truth about something just once in their lives, give everyone the option of making an informed decision about how to proceed. But, no. The “overlords” are just another level of self-righteous control freaks. And, please spare the bit about “people can’t handle the truth”; they will never progress if the parasites running the world have their way.

    • Perhaps they see the whole thing differently. Human life might not matter that much. Wasn’t there a Star Trek film about whales?

  6. The laws of physics, mathematics, logic, etc. are morally neutral. They can be used for good or evil. Gordon is obviously a very intelligent human being with a conscience. Remember this from Shakespeare? “Conscience Doth make Cowards of us all” quoted from Hamlet. It is up to every human being to discern the difference between good and evil. Many never learn the difference. Animals seem to know the difference instinctively hence from Mark Twain, “Man Evolved DOWN from the Higher Animals.” In 1946 just before Henry Ford died, his grandson Henry II was appointed to run the company. Henry had groomed Edsel to do this massive job but tragically he died of cancer earlier. Henry II brought in the ten “Whiz Kids” from the U.S. Air Force. These were top experts in a field called operations research or statistical quality control. Their efforts basically saved this fabulous company from ruin due to lack of controls on many aspects of its operations but even this group, headed by Robert McNamara, who became president of Ford, was inadequate to do this massive job which Henry had done all by himself for so many years. Henry was a genius with a conscience but no one lives forever. McNamara changed the Thunderbird from a two seat sports car to a four seat car which was no longer a sports car. Then Kennedy appointed him Secretary of Defense. He did many good things but was not perfect either. He was a top student at UC Berkeley and Harvard. But with all his faults…

    • But with all his faults he was way above anyone in there today in my opinion. Thank you Gordon for expressing your good honest opinions based on a conscience and full knowledge of the difference between right and wrong. My late Father, a former Mechanical Engineer from the University of Minnesota and himself an expert in statistical quality control used to say, “In research one learns more and more about less and less until one finally knows everything about nothing!” I urge Gordon and all others to read, “Letters from the Earth” by Mark Twain, published in 1938 about 28 years after his death in 1910. He may have been America’s greatest writer and discussed the issues Gordon has brought up here.

    • Quote:
      “Born on November 30, 1835, in Florida, Missouri, Samuel L. Clemens wrote under the pen name Mark Twain and went on to author several novels, including two major classics of American literature: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. He was also a riverboat pilot, journalist, lecturer, entrepreneur and inventor. Twain died on April 21, 1910, in Redding, Connecticut.”
      The “Twain Papers” have moved around different institutions over the years. For about a century UC Berkeley has had a full time professor position editing the many manuscripts which went unpublished during his lifetime. Some were too controversial to be published in those times. This Friday November 30, 2018 will mark the 183rd anniversary of the birth of this giant genius writer of America and the world. Say a prayer of thanks for Mark Twain. He was way ahead of his time.

  7. Gordon that was an amazing article! Really profound, humbling, raw and a reality check. You posed some very important questions. You described some hard truths about us. I love this kind of stuff. Thank you.

  8. My first coment on VT, english is not my mothertoungh so please have patient with my misspellings and other errors I for sure will make. First I like to thank everybody who put in such a great effort making this a superb site, I aprecciate it a lot.
    I think that we are here on earth to learn and what better way is there to learn than learning from ones mistakes? Everything is dualistic and the bad around us gives us the opurtunity to learn and watch the effects of “bad” and then choose whats “good”. I belive that whatever we put our focus on we strengthen, therefore we should choose to focus on whats good, there is still plenty of it. (I for sure dont mean we should be naive in any way, all knowledge is good knowledge.) I notice soo many people has woken up the last six years. To me it apeared like 10% of the people I communicated with understud that things aren’t what they seem to be 2012. 2018 i stoped estimate this since it apears that more than 70% of the people I comunicate with kind of “get it” more or less. Media, politicans NGO:s and so on makes a great effort to scare the shit out of people, they hope to get our atention, makes us think negative thaughts leading to negative emotions which in turn makes us emit “negative energy” creating a downwardsspiral in our behaviour. Remember that the “bad ones” need us but we dont need them. When enough people understand this and start acting acordingly, they are history.

  9. I set up a new account just to say ‘Thanks’ to you for posting this.

    In these days of ignorance and hate (now considered virtues, sadly) it takes some courage to even broach upon these subject areas, but discussing these things publically today takes bravery.

    Over the years I made the mistake of trying to explain these things to people, not just any people, but people I thought were ‘intellectuals’, or ‘philosophers’ (in the original sense of ‘lovers of wisdom’ ie phile sophia), people I thought would be receptive to at least engaging in a philosophical discussion and gentlemanly chat.

    My mistake. I have learnt the hard way (agressive condemnation, social exclusion, ridicule, threats, etc) that very few people will ever see, or indeed are even capable of seeing, much less even want to see, the deeper truths of life on this planet, life in this dimension/relam/kingdom. Most do not even want to begin to contemplate the deeper truths, or to consider that the life they lead is ‘unnatural’ / contrived / a form of slavery unfit for a Human Being, and only fit for a ‘Human Resource’.

    Our overloads must laugh at what this species has become. To call people ‘sheeple’ is an insult to sheep.

    Keep posting these messages, even if only 1 person in 100 ‘gets the message’. Thanks again.

  10. Yes, most everything I’ve been taught has turned out to be subterfuge, a lie. So, where do we go from here? Do we roll over and silently await death? Or do we fight back? Do we have it all wrong? I think so. We are all slaves to the usury, that life sucking force, extracting a daily minimum payment from our labors. Ezra Pound may have been right when he proclaimed that artists (not Hollywood), the great thinkers should run the show. A great president would revoke and deny license to those who run today’s media. He would tear up all debts public and private, and declare a “jubilee year”. He would jail the families who dominate banking, more righteously, execute their entire bloodlines. He would dissolve the House, put each member under interrogation with penalty for perjury is death. Of course there’s much more to it, but you get the picture.

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