Today is the December solstice (winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere).

As Deists we can take great comfort from knowing what we celebrate is based on reality, and not on myth. It is the winter solstice that Christmas is indirectly based on. This is because the ancient Romans celebrated both Saturnalia (a religious holiday) and dies natalis solis invicti (a civil holiday) on or around December 25th due to the solstice.

The first time Christmas was recorded being celebrated on December 25th was in 336 CE, during the reign of the first Roman emperor who was a Christian, Constantine. (Constantine paid Christian clergy leaders to decide which writings would be included and which would be excluded in a final Christian canon.)

The solstice is one of many examples of the reliable designs found throughout Nature and the known Universe. It is by studying and learning from these designs (which is science) that we are able to improve our lives. This is how we made, and make, very real progress in medicine, computers, travel, communication and in virtually all aspects of life. Thomas Paine did a great job of pointing this out when he wrote in The Age of Reason:

The scientific principles that man employs to obtain the foreknowledge of an eclipse, or of anything else relating to the motion of the heavenly bodies, are contained chiefly in that part of science which is called trigonometry, or the properties of a triangle, which, when applied to the study of the heavenly bodies, is called astronomy; when applied to direct the course of a ship on the ocean, it is called navigation; when applied to the construction of figures drawn by rule and compass, it is called geometry; when applied to the construction of plans or edifices, it is called architecture; when applied to the measurement of any portion of the surface of the earth, it is called land surveying. In fine, it is the soul of science; it is an eternal truth; it contains the mathematical demonstration of which man speaks, and the extent of its uses is unknown. … Man had no more to do in the formation of these properties or principles, than he had to do in making the laws by which the heavenly bodies move; and therefore the one must have the same Divine origin as the other.

Happy solstice – enjoy and learn from Nature which points us to Nature’s God/The Supreme Intelligence!

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  1. Except every single culture on the earth celebrated the solstices and equinoxes. Stones and temples across the world are aligned astronomically for a reason. That reason was intolerable for the invading black robes, who in the spirit of their brutal god, killed the elders and destroyed thousands of sites. Instead they erected unsustainable cathedrals and forced the poor to support them. Often under threat of jail or torture.
    Then they purposely offset the calendars by 20 days, and 2 months. Strictly for the purpose of domination.
    Meanwhile , the Vatican employs astrology and calendars from other cultures in their planning and ceremonies, many times the same ones they claim are ‘of satan”. This is reality. The sheer number of victims, should wake any sane person from their slumber. And it continues.

  2. If you asked most college students today whether they would rather take a course in religion or a course in physics they would likely choose religion. If you asked them whether they would rather take a course in astrology or mathematics, they would likely choose astrology. This is the sad state of affairs in our world today. Children are brainwashed with religious dogma from infancy. Imagine how much more intelligent our population would be if kids were “brainwashed” with the laws of physics and the laws of mathematics instead of unprovable religions dogma and garbage which has caused more human suffering than all the wars put together and still today is causing enormous suffering all over the planet. Ask your self this question: Would you rather all engineers, the people who design all our cars, buildings, bridges, airplanes, ships, railroads, etc. be trained in physics and mathematics or region and astrology? Would you drive a car designed by a Catholic Priest or a Lutheran Minister or a Jewish Rabbi? I want to drive a car designed by a person who is expert in the most rigorous laws of physics and mathematics because then one has the greatest chance to avoid being killed in accidents. The same for buildings, bridges and all the rest. Let’s stop brainwashing kids with phony religious garbage and enhance brain function with the laws of physics based on experimental facts and the scientific method, not religious nonsense. The world’s greatest physicist Galileo..

    • The world’s greatest physicist Galileo Galilei believed, based on observations and facts, that the Sun, not the Earth, was the center of our Solar System. The Catholic Church nearly burned him at the stake for holding these views which were correct. It took the Church nearly 350 years to admit they were wrong and he was right. Nothing in our modern society would have been possible without the Scientific Method and the laws of physics and mathematics. If religion were the answer we would be still living in the dark ages and in many ways, this seems to be where we are headed with all the religious nonsense floating around.

    • One way society could act to move in a more intelligent direction would be to stop aiding and abetting religious nonsense with tax exemptions for religious churches. The Catholic Church owns some of the most valuable property in many cities. Let’s change the laws and impose the same taxes on them that private individuals pay. And while we are at it let’s stop allowing these criminals to use money donated for church purposes to get Catholic Priests out of child molestation charges and pay their legal fees. Many of these disgusting churches should be shut down. Why not ban the Catholic Church from the whole country because it is little more than a criminal enterprise?

    • There are no courses in astrology in any college that I know of. There was one up in Washington state for awhile. If repeatable results are still the foundation of science, then astrology would be on par with medicine, as far as percentages. Higher still percentages if the studies were made public. Yale was recently busted for studying twins, after separating them at birth and adopting them to parents who allowed the study in secret,.
      Identical Strangers is the doc. One wonderful data set awaiting the colleges, is scientists who discover things, as they are 95 percent accurate to the descriptors of their time. AI will immediately find the correlations.

  3. The proper year begins March 21 or so, on the Vernal Equinox. This is the beginning of first decan Aries, Ax.
    The Summer Solstice begins June 21rst or so, and marks the beginning of the first decan of Cancer or as I call it, Homarus, and that decan is Boar. Peter pumpkin eater.
    The Fall Equinox begins September 21rst or so and marks the beginning of first decan Libra which is Scales. Law and numbers have noticeable association with Saturn, thus, Satan is the devil.
    The Winter Solstice starts with the first decan Capricorn called, Rope. 8 flying reindeer because the 8 decans are in the air quadrant, with one floater, Rudolph. 4 quadrants 36 decans. 9 apiece.
    All of the equinoxes and solstices mark the beginning of the four cardinal signs. They are strong due to the noticeable change in energies, as if something was waiting and was suddenly released.

    • The creation of the financial calendar, which starts on Jan 1, is motivated completely by finance. Over writing ancient holidays and time keeping is essential to the Catholic model, for the purpose of finance, conversion and retention. We see though, that it is impossible to erase that which is permanent and christians never gave up the bearded man flying through the air bringing gifts. The clothing is absolutely specific, and the ancient drawing from Hindu source 500 ce, for the time Dec 21 -31, is a large beast/man, with a white beard, white ball on his head, and white gloves, carrying a heavy log on his shoulders. A nose ring for a bull is in his nose attached to a chain which goes up out of the picture. Other cultures also depict the time as male, with a heavy burden.

    • So, it is known as a time of abundance (the stores for the winter) , a time to occupy children with new toys for the dark winter, lights and the allotment for the village festival. It is just at this time, they inserted Christmas, to swoop in and grab as much as they can. This way, they get theirs before the tax man comes in the spring, which is also wrongly timed. No sane society would tax their people just after a hard winter. The proper tax time is the Fall Equinox. But churches and governments do not like the Scales. The archetype of Jesus was a great orator and led movements. The archetype of Santa Claus avoids people and is a horrible speaker. They lead behind the scenes. Find a great orator or rebellious movement leader born between Dec 21 and 31. Nah.

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