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Health Editor’s Note: The Host and the Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America is a great title for this compendium of demonstrations of how Israel has become the tick on America. 

Among other subject matter this book contains explanations of U.S. presence in Vietnam and why we were really there…to protect the world against Communism, who believed that?

You will also gain an insight into the fantastical alteration of our political system, the invention of Bin Laden and the demonizing of the of the religion of Islam and the reasons for the birth of our present Islamaphobic environment, Zionization of the U.S. beginning with Ronald Reagan presidency, the 9/11 (New Pearl Harbor) fallacy, the failed proof of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) the more recent quagmires of Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. doing the bidding of Israel  no matter how unjust the outcomes.  The U.S. is committing political suicide and much, much more.

Have a read and open your eyes and minds (if they are not already open), if you still believe planes brought down the towers on 9/11 and that Israel has no designs on using America up after reading this book, well I do wonder about your sanity. 

If you have believed any of the information fed to American by the biased press and politicians, you will be very  angry as you digest information that has been hidden, glossed over. 

The experience of reading this book will produce emotions above the previous level of disappointment or disdain you felt as a child when you were told/lied to that Santa Claus and all that comes with him was a lie. Watch how the distractions have worked to keep many of you in the dark……Carol

The U.S. republic founded in 1776 bears no resemblance to the anti-democratic police state that has declared war on its citizens, and provokes needless wars in the Middle East at the behest of Israel.

At the center of it all is the parasitic control of the Israel Lobby on the U.S. government. The Host and The Parasite shows how the Lobby, evangelical Christians and neo-cons rode to power in the 1980s and proceeded to turn the United States into Israel’s willing executioner.

The Host and the Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America, Expanded Post-Obama Edition  Money Tree Publishing  Copyright 2017 by Greg Felton   Soft cover $30.00 when purchased directly from Money Tree Publishing  549 pages.

This book is $35 on Amazon, but $30 if purchased from Money Tree Publishing, which is a discount for buying directly from the author. Use the above website to purchase at the reduced price. If wish to purchase from Amazon, there is a large Amazon button below.

About the author: Greg Felton has spent decades researching and analyzing how the tiny Middle Eastern Zionist state of Israel has gained control over much of what used to be known as the United States government. In doing so, Felton gives you, the reader, the information you need to fully grasp how far the greatest nation in the world has fallen, and what we can do to get it back.



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  1. Thk you Carol, have ordered the book directly from money tree, unfortunately in my part of the world, cost me over $70., postage is a killer.
    Have been looking forward to this book ever since Keven Barrett interviewed Greg on Truth Jihad radio, but it’s now on it’s way. Happy 2019 to you.

    • Good one highball, I have been waiting for some enterprising patriot to make up a set of cards for the criminals of 911, like they did with the leadership of Iraq.
      Who will be the ace of spades? Nuttyahoo or Chaney?

  2. Enjoyed the review & astute observations. The 4th Reich was thriving sub Rosa in the US as the technology for ZBig’s technocracy model was simply advanced futher via the 5th column using Supra/Multinational corporations under the Radar. MITRE Corp/Jason Group/DARPA/SAP’s/USAP’s/NASA & the trillion$ missing. Operation Papaerclip scientist’s were paid via $ocial $ecurity checks tells any critical thinker how it was done. IsRAHELL was just another patsy scapegoat for the Jesuit/Masonic ZWO agenda. As it unravels within itself, it will become even more apparent.

  3. Thank You Carol for bringing this important book to our attention. All Veterans, whom love the United States of America, owe you an extreme amount of gratitude, Thank You.

  4. When you say “you guys have no solution” are you addressing the VT Editors? These brave Journalist are on the front lines fighting for America! What else do you expect them to do?
    WE are in a cyber war with Israel right now fight back! Take our country back!
    “Ask not what Carol Duff, Gordon Duff, Jonas Alexis, and Jim Dean can do for you, ask what you can do for them!”
    (apologies to JFK for using his quote.)

  5. Thank you Carol Duff. These con artists are even seeking to have illegal laws passed, already passed in many States, to prevent and make illegal the only non violent means to address this tyranny; namely boycott as we all just observed was used to fire a teacher in the cesspool Texas who refused to sign her name on a piece of paper. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. Yet our whorehouse called Congress has winked at secrecy from the corrupt CIA to virtual failure to obtain almost any unredacted documents using the FOIA. This has led to our so called “democratic” government being little more than any garden variety totalitarian government from the dark ages. Virtually all newspapers and media are owned by criminals in Israel. America may be past the point of no return now. Everyone should watch the video of former Marine Ken O’ Keefe at LAX in 2016 who bluntly brings all this home. What a disgrace we have degenerated to.

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