by Jonas E. Alexis

A writer for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz seemed to have been surprised by the fact that a number of black Americans largely from Florida went to Israel in order to protest the Israeli occupation. And what were those people singing?

“Ferguson to Palestine, end the occupation! Ferguson to Palestine, we fight to free our nation!”[1] Those people are part of a group called Dream Defenders, which was founded in 212 by the son of a Palestinian American by the name of Ahmad Abuznaid. Abuznaid told an interviewer that his aspiration is to connect

“this current generation of black liberation movement to the black radical tradition of being internationalist and pro-Palestinian. Making that connection has been super-important for the conversations that we are seeing happen right now – whether it’s the dialogues you see happening at the grassroots level in progressive circles across the United States, or in the debates inside the Democratic Party.”[2]

Ferguson, as you recall, is where violent reactions and chaos got ignited again and again.[3] According to the Daily Mail itself, the man who bankrolled “Ferguson demonstrators to create ‘echo chamber’ and drive national protests” was none other than George Soros. It was estimated that he gave at least $33 million to protesters and subversive groups and pushed a local issue to become a national outburst.[4]

We all know by now that Ferguson was a national disaster. But it seems that Hegel’s cunning of reason has become a reality again because the ideological movement which got started in Ferguson is now targeting the Israeli regime.

CNN fired Marc Lamont Hill for his November 28 speech at the United Nations in which he explicitly declared that Palestine must be “from the river to the sea.” In their defense, CNN declared that Hill was pronouncing hatred and inciting violence against Israelis. Nothing could be further from the truth. As Cornell West has rightly put it, Hill was basically saying that “a Palestinian baby has exactly the same value as a Jewish baby. A Jewish baby has the same value as a Palestinian baby.”

The interesting thing is that Hill has been with CNN for years. In the past, whenever a black person was killed by a “vicious” and “racist” cop, CNN usually summoned Hill to give his perspective.

The interesting thing is that Hill is smart enough to see a parallel between the tension that he sees in America and the real racism and ethnic hatred that are prevalent in Israel. Hill was in fact in Israel with the group Dream Defenders. He said then: “We come here and we learn laws that have been co-signed in ink but written in the blood of the innocent. And we stand next to people who continue to courageously struggle and resist the occupation.”

Whether you disagree with Hill on America or not, he is right by saying that Israel has essentially been written in the blood of the innocent. This is not a conspiracy theory; this is not an opinion which espouses hatred. This is what Israeli historians themselves have written in scholarly books. Perhaps it is pertinent to summon again Israeli and Zionist historian Benny Morris, who unequivocally declared:

“A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on.”[5]

Hill got fired for saying the same thing that Israeli historians are saying in scholarly studies! Morris in particular has written a very technical study which was publish by Cambridge University Press which historically argued that rape was a central component when the Zionists were uprooting the Palestinians from their homes.[6] Hill has said elsewhere:

As we speak, the conditions on the ground for Palestinian people are worsening. In recent decades, the Israeli government has moved further and further to the right, normalizing settler colonialism and its accompanying logics of denial, destruction, displacement, and death. Despite international condemnation, settlement expansion has continued.”

No serious person with an ounce of common since and a casual reading of history will deny this.[7] Former Secretary of State John Kerry gave an entire speech on this issue during this last days. Ze’ev Maoz of the University of California, formerly of Tel-Aviv University, notes in his Defending the Holy Land:

“Israel has violated the spirit and text of the Oslo Accords by fundamentally changing the status quo through a widespread settlement policy… in 1993 there were about 110,000 settlers in the occupied territories. In 2001 there were 195,000 (Note that the number of settlers increased by 18 percent during the Al Aqsa Intifada). This was an increase of 73 percent under the guise of an agreement wherein Israel committed itself not to change the territorial status quo.”[8]

According to Maoz, the settlements were a stumbling block to peace in the Middle East. In fact, “the settlement policy was self-defeating…By building new settlements and authorizing new construction in the existing ones, the Israeli government effectively engaged in a self-defeating process that would tie their hands in the final status agreements.”[9]

So CNN fired Hill for telling the truth about Israel’s brutal history. Once again, Hill was doing well whenever there was racial tension in America, and the network was more than happy to kill two birds with one stone by putting fire on a tension that was already dangerous in the first place.

What we are seeing here again and again is that the network was using Hill for a revolutionary or subversive purpose. They wanted him to create tension in America when people could have solved their own problem. But whenever Hill wanted to talk about real racism in Israel, the network sent him to political Siberia. The network, in a nutshell, was essentially following the subversive ideology of the Black/Jewish alliance. We have discussed this at length elsewhere.

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  1. Do also consider Soros’ support of BDS, which in the next phase will consider all of Palestine beyond the the 1948 borders as occupied (rightly so). Given Israeli rabid hostility towards Soros, it’s only fitting that “the ideological movement which got started in Ferguson is now targeting the Israeli regime.”

    • I agree whole heartedly with Mr. Greenhalgh in his statements above as Mr. Duff has repeatedly documented the Soros foundation is and are enemies of Zionism and his statement about how religion and politics should be separate.

      Jonas is an excellent writer I just disagreed with the video that he posted at the end of the article.


  2. Jonas,

    That video you posted above was psychotic with all of the Bible end times quotes and such.

    People such as Dankof and his ilk can not be allowed to run American policy.

    I will personally come out of retirement to run one of the re-education centers.

    Religion is one thing but religion fueling policy is another thing and is a national security threat in my opinion.

    It will not be allowed!


    • I agree, religion needs to be kept as far away from politics as possible. In fact, I’d go so far as to exclude anyone who holds such irrational delusional beliefs from any and all involvement in politics, just as people with other forms of mental illness are excluded.

    • Ian, You must be talking about Holocaustianity. Talk the talk and walk the walk is different. It’s irrational delusion that You could kick out all of the US Congress Holocaustians, or even say they are experiencing mental illness. But that’s what has to be done and I think Jonas is working on it.

    • No, I was talking about Christians, they need to be kept as far away from politics as possible, same goes for all other religions as they are fundamentally incompatible with the rationality and objectivity required.

  3. It’s a lonely struggle if you’re on the side of truth. When the entire media, the conglomerates read from the same script, there’s no room for a non Jew to speak honestly, and that is apparent not only in the firing of Mr. Hill, but also in education where many professors, tenured or not, have been dis-employed if they dare speak truths, in negatives about Israel, Zionism, or jews in general. The anti-Semite hammer will only be stilled when the system of fractional reserve banking is altered, and control of banking is removed from the hands of the Jew. As it stands, and like Mayer Rothschild so proudly proclaimed; “I care not who makes a nation’s laws, as long as I print the money”. I doubt I can be convinced that the Federal Reserve does not have a back door through which unaccounted for moneys are handed out to certain Zionist concerns. It’s a tribal thing. And these unaccounted for dollars are used to finance the purchase key businesses in key areas, and of course to fund the purchase of politicians, can I say world wide.

  4. Thank You Mr. Alexis, a great article and well documented.
    Eldridge Cleaver tried to warn America in the 60’s but he was labeled an anti-Semite, as so many Americans have been labeled when they try to call out Jew Corruption.

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