Slingo Bingo: the innovative game attracting plenty of attention


Slingo Bingo combines two of our favorite games – slots and bingo – into one fun-filled adventure. Following a successful period as a play for free game, users can now play for real money and big prizes. But before you get involved, you need to know how it works and what makes it one of the most engaging games we’ve played in years.

A little bit of history

If you’ve played online casino games before, you’re probably well-aware of how slot games and bingo work. If not, it doesn’t take long to learn. To summarize very quickly, bingo is believed to have originated to have originated in ancient Italy and was taken to America in the 1920s, when it was initially referred to as ‘Beano’.

Players have a card, on which are written a series of random numbers. In the bingo halls that predated the internet, a caller would literally call drawn numbers and the object for players is to match the numbers on their own cards in a faster time than any of their opponents. The first player to complete their card calls ‘House’ and a prize is won.

In the digital age, the caller is redundant. A random number generator is used in their place while in many games, the matching numbers are crossed off automatically.

Slots, on the other hand, works differently – but it’s just as simple. In slots, the main object is to match symbols across a set of reels to win a cash prize. There are lots of variants for both games but those are the mechanics in a very small nutshell. The beauty of Slingo lies in the way that it combines both games in such an enjoyable way.

For many, Slingo is a new phenomenon, but it’s been around for longer than you might think. The game was originally devised in 1994 and was the brainchild of Sal Falciglia. An American property developer Falciglia fused the two elements, but the game of Slingo achieved wider notoriety when the rights were purchased by the RealNetworks organisation in 2013. From there, many operators then provided it as a real money playing option to casino and bingo customers.

So that’s the history lesson over – now let’s look at how Slingo works.

Best of both worlds: how Slingo fuses bingo with slot games

At the start of the game, all players are issued with a standard bingo card which features a 5×5 grid. This game differs, in the first instance, from bingo because it does away with voice software to imitate the original bingo callers and the random number generator.

The numbers are determined by a spin of the reels, and this is where the slots element steps in. There are five reels involved with one number visible on each reel at any one time. In theory, the game could be complete after just five spins. While Slingo games are usually much longer, they are faster than traditional bingo – but that’s just one factor that boosts their popularity.

The reels have certain features that make the game more exciting, and among these is the devil symbol. The appearance of Beelzebub himself is never likely to result in anything positive and that’s certainly the case with Slingo. Whenever the devil appears on the reel, your score can be cut in half – so this is definitely a symbol to be avoided.

On the up side, there are multipliers along with features known as ‘power ups’. All of these can boost your score and should be welcomed by any player. Check out these other Slingo tips and tricks if you need more guidance on how to win big.

If you’ve seen Slingo before, the additional features have evolved with better graphics than before – and this adds to the excitement and intrigue even further.

What type of gamers is Slingo made for?

Of course, anyone who’s old enough can log on to the net and start playing Slingo within minutes but it would be true to say that the game would appeal to certain demographics more than others. While Slingo might not appeal to fans of, let’s say, shoot em ups – it’s certainly worth a punt if you like having the odd flutter at an online casino.

While it’s a fusion of bingo and slot games, bingo is probably the bigger of the two influences – making it a great option for fans of the game.

As mentioned, there are those extra elements such as the devil symbol, but in the main, Slingo is a simple game that relies mainly on luck rather than the skill levels and strategic approach that some slot games demand.

This is perfect for many players because it means that the game is far more relaxing than one that requires taxing levels of concentration. After a busy day at the office or an exhausting gym session, not everyone wants to put their brain through another rigorous test – even whether that’s via a crossword puzzle or a slot game that requires sharpness of mind.

And that’s where Slingo shines as a game that’s entertaining, engaging and – ultimately – rewarding.

Where can I play Slingo Bingo?

You can play Slingo Bingo on any PC, laptop or mobile device. There’s still a free version out there, which provides a useful platform for you to get a feel for the game. From there, it is possible to play on the real money games where – for an entry fee – you can buy a ticket to land some top prizes.

Slingo has been around for over 20 years in various forms, but suddenly it’s a big mover among the online casinos. And it’s easy to see why. As a perfect fusion of the best of bingo and slots, it has a growing band of followers and this is a great time for anyone to get involved.


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