Gilad on Rachel Riley, “Beauty and “the Beast”



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  1. I am so disappointed that the Zionists entrust such an important mission of defamation to a someone like Rachel Riley, stupid and dumb at the same time. So unfortunate when all fails with the Zionists they resort to the accusation of “anti-semitism” which is a stupid accusation an as stupid at Rachel Riley. OH… we all forgot “how Jews look like” till Ms. Riley informed us.

  2. Has anyone else noticed the similarity in speech between Rachel Riley and “Alice the Verger” (RIP Emma Chambers)?

    • I’m fairly sure Rachel Riley has been well paid to come out against ‘anti-semitism’ and attack Jeremy Corbyn. She’s far from stupid, she became famous because she was selected to replace the co-host on the popular Channel 4 quiz show Countdown, a role which requires her to perform some quite difficult mental arithmetic and be of above normal intelligence, so she was selected because of her intelligence and because she looks good in a short dress. Therefore, her stupidity over the issue of Israel and Zionism is just an act, as she does possess the mental horsepower to be able to be far better informed on these issues, she has deliberately chosen the path of stupidity, and I bet it is because she was asked to do so and paid to do so.

    • Ian G – So is stupidity more appealing to the masses these days in the UK?

      My comparison seems even more apt, since Emma Chambers certainly was not as dim as “Alice Tinker”.

    • If it has a nice set of tits on it and you can put it in a revealing set of rags then yes, stupidity is appealing, nothing new about that, sorry to sound misogynistic, but it is the truth. Marilyn Monroe was no dummy but played the dumb blonde, seems that men have always preferred the dumb to the smart in women. I used to like Rachel Riley as she’s quite a looker and seemed quite a nice girl, but now we’ve seen this other side of her, I have nothing but disdain and scorn for her.

  3. From Wikipedia (for what that is worth): “Born in Rochford, Essex, Riley was raised in the Thorpe Bay area of Southend-on-Sea and was educated at the independent Thorpe Hall School, and Southend High School for Girls, a grammar school, where she obtained four As at A-Level. She then studied mathematics at Oriel College, Oxford, gaining an upper second-class honours degree.”

    If she is as stupid as she appears in this video, she “earned” her degree on her knees and not during proper exams.

  4. A point sounds to me like sniper language, war like as majority of Jews are. My point is everything surrounding the point. Do You think Jews could possibly force the goyim to accept the loan of trillions printed from thin air with interests, unless they are horny to get it? To buy something fancy so that one wouldn’t look that much of underachiever as the neighbour? And then put all the blame on Jews. Time for reality check.

  5. Here’s a funny band, European Christian piano player, Jewish saxophonist (who also wrote the particular Song), African American bass player and a Blind drummer:

    The only thing I listen from Tel Aviv is jazz, or sometimes maybe very metal Heavy, but thin is the production line of both those. But big Holo on the other hand, different thing and different people.

  6. Of course Goliad is 100% correct in his analysis of Rachael unsupported, and undefined arguments. She does what other Jews, such as that forgettable woman Debbie Lipstadt, who somehow defined and hijacked the great British historian David Irving’s career. Rachael follows her lead by just accusing any opposition as antisemite, and then shutting up. But, the public is not as forgiving, nor are we as cowed as she believes. We see through the veil, and those of us, and we are many, who do not have careers that can be ruined by the unsupportable label, antisemite, have a mind of our own, along with an excellent memory. We will continue working to free us from the debt slavery imposed by the infamous Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the perpetual wars which feed the private gang, I mean Banksters

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