VT is on the scene in Paris.  Many of us from VT has lived in Paris.  I used to visit every day for a “recharge” of great architecture and to count the rats that overrun the area at night.

There are larger cathedrals, certainly those more beautiful but none that mean as much to Americans.  Paris has always been the “second city” for American vets who can travel to Europe.

Donald Trump is on his way, to personally supervise as he and Judy Guiliani did at the WTC on 9/11.

Home of the Templars, just north of Notre Dame…long gone and forgotten

However, hot air won’t put a fire out.

France believes this is an act of terrorism.  The HQ of national police is 1 minute away and this is the best-supervised building in the world.  Macron has asked for an official investigation but, based on where this might lead, it will likely be a circus.

I simply can’t imagine how this could happen, I have been photographing here for decades, film and prints, filling shoe boxes, and half a hard drive with digital.

Any building but this one…


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  1. That darn deformed runt Quasimodo is still making trouble. Who would have thought that he was a white nationalist.

  2. According to the newspaper “Le Monde”, very little is currently known about the cause of the fire. It will also be difficult to find out what set the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris on Monday 15 April 2019 on fire. “After several hours of hesitation, the Paris prosecution opened an investigation on Monday evening into ‘involuntary destruction by fire’, ruling out any criminal motive from the outset.

    Access to the source of the fire proved to be extremely difficult, as it was surrounded by scaffolding at the centre of the extensive renovation project. At that time there were no more workers on the site.

    “The 13th century building structure was immediately lit. The fire spread simply too quickly.

  3. Great sorrow about catholic symbol, the tragedy and architecture state of arts loss. We in Russia bring condolences to France. The fire terminates everything and it is merciless. I don’t think about the reasons – if it was Macron’s way to redirect people’s attention from the protests, or it was terrible act of hooligans, or it was an excident. The world’s historical and spiritual inheritage was destroyed.

  4. 2. Update:

    The current fire began on Monday evening in the guard room in front of the al-Marwani prayer room, according to a statement by the Islamic Waqf department of the mosque.

    The Waqf department praised the reaction of the firemen, who quickly extinguished the fire.

    According to The New Arab, a guard reported a brief gap in the changing of the guard between 19:15 and 19:30 local time, during which time the fire broke out.

    Interesting, because the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral also started at 19:30 local time.

  5. Update April 16:

    A fire also broke out on Monday in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third sanctuary of Islam. The flames did not cause much damage, but they did endanger part of the building, which is more than 1,200 years old.

  6. There are some more historical facts:

    In 1813 Napoleon transformed the MAINZER DOM into a pigsty installation, burning the wooden interior for heating, and in 1942 the enemy set the building on fire again. The imperial graves in the SPEYERER DOM were desecrated in 1689 by the murderous burners of Louis XIV and destroyed again in 1794 by the revolutionary hordes!

  7. Notre Dame Cathedral and the Knights Templar

    The last Grand Master Jacques de Molay died executed by slow burning at the stake, in front of Notre Dame cathedral on March 18, 1314, one eyewitness says the Templar Grand Master asked God to take revenge on the people who had tormented him; and the curse worked indeed to perfection, killing all the interested parties, starting with King Philip IV of France known as Philip the Fair; who died on November 29th, 1314 at the age of 46. De Molay was indeed furious in the last moments of his life and used his magical powers, having been forced to make a confession against his will, and despite retracting this confession after, he was charged with heresy and burned at the stake like a vulgar criminal. A sad episode for the Church, and something modern Neo-Templar Organizations commemorated with great solemnity and the celebration of a mass on the 18th of March 2018, in Notre Dame cathedral, in Paris, during the 900 year anniversary of the foundation of the Order.

  8. Note the relative lack of concern (by the public, not G.D.) when the culture monuments of of “darker skinned” persons are destroyed.

  9. What a tremendous loss. Right there with the hammer blows to the Pieta. Hopefully there will be repair. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is considered the most beautiful in Western culture. Loved by all.

    • The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Beauvais is considered the most beautiful by many – it pushed Gothic architecture to the limits of the materials available at the times (plural intended) it was built.

  10. Did France forget to move an embassy to Jerusalem? Kosher lightning? April 15 has seen some Jewish historical events in the past which were a bit Anti-Chosenite, one included a law that a Jew could not remain in Paris overnight without special approval. Wasn’t Notre-Dame a gathering point during the bloody French revolution?

    BDS 2019!

  11. Who profits? Macron taking the heat off meeting the yellow vests requirements? France taking the heat off Saudi Arabia weapons sales? Caffeteria Catholics sharing french flags via instagram? Some other fake terrorism targeting like recent boiling in Libya? Architects looking for jobs like in Ken Follett scripts?

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