The Awful Truth About Alex Jones


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I have always admired Jones.  He works like a dog.  I also admire Watson.  Holmes had a Watson, so does Jones.  Many think that Paul Josef Watson is useless dog shit.  I don’t, not entirely, OK, mostly, but not totally.

Jones is by his own account a hired actor thrown onto a stage he is self-trained for.  His general positions, favoring wealth and power over humanity, thinly disguised as conspiracy theory and redneck ignorance generally reeks of the smell of Zionist propaganda.

Jones isn’t always wrong.  You can easily see where he kicks his mind in gear, where the Israel or Neocon agenda InfoWars is controlled by falls to the wayside.  Sandy Hook is one of these.

We watched Jones being questioned about the arrests of “SWAT dressed” suspects at the outset of the Sandy Hook debacle.  What did Jones really see.

OK, here is my estimation:

Note that the media cleansed reports by Dan Rather and CNN of dozens of heavily armed Israelis on 9/11 and their escape under the thin cover story of being the “bin laden family.”

Jones isn’t to be blamed for not being superhuman.

As I remember it, the initial report was CNN, describing the arrest of two suspects “running through the woods, away from the school.”  Camera’s were not trained on the suspects when they were brought in but there was, and I am straining my own memory on this, some video of the woods where images were not clear.

The narrative was descriptive, arrests, handcuffs.  No mention of SWAT gear, I think that might have come from embellishment, but I am not sure.  I don’t think CNN said that but I wouldn’t bet on it either.

Thus, by our standards, Jones wasn’t making it up.

I keep returning to the school social worker, one day describing seeing the shooter, looking into his eyes as he walked past her office carrying a weapon, describing him as the son of a “kindergarten teacher any loving parent would want to teach their child.”

Then a day later, the same social worker said she hid under her desk, saw only “shoes” walk by and never heard of the shooters mother as a teacher at the school.

This is one of dozens of “red herrings.”  No questions about this one, no videos to censor or erase, no CNN reports to sanitize.

But why take down Jones?  He continually fabricates useless crap defending Trump, big pharma, polluters, wars of every kind, fosters hate…

What could make people happier?  From the NY Times:

Alex Jones Under Oath Is an Antidote to a ‘Post-Truth’ Age

“Five days after Attorney General William Barr released his expectation-deflating summary of the investigation into the Trump campaign’s suspected Russia connections, a pair of videos appeared on YouTube, labeled “Alex Jones / Sandy Hook Video Deposition.”

The hundreds of thousands of views those videos have accumulated attest to their appeal as a #Resistance consolation prize: Maybe it’s not a habitually lying president, but at least someone is getting called to account, under oath, for his role in the post-truthification of American public life.

Some ambivalence is probably in order about the practice of publicly posting deposition videos. But in the particular case of Alex Jones — who swam happily in YouTube’s abyssal depths before being mostly banned for hate-speech-policy violations last August — you have to at least appreciate the karmic elegance of it. The deposition is the sort of thing you could imagine him experiencing in a particularly unpleasant dream.

In the video, he sits at a table, much as he sits behind the desk on his flagship “The Alex Jones Show,” but he is not in charge of the production. Instead, he is compelled to answer the questions of a young attorney named Mark Bankston (offscreen and unseen), who over the course of more than three hours meticulously deconstructs the world that Jones has conjured for his audience.”


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  1. …..Jones was always a big mouth pontificator and obviously a shill for the CIA/Mossad/globalists and part of the controlled opposition. Interestingly, DC Clothesline ran a story today pointing there are four death certificates for Veronique Posner, obviously all four fraudulent attempts at covering up the false flag at Sandyhook. Sandyhook was a water shed event for me in that I learned of it’s December 14th date of infamy from a low ranking NSA agent about 8 weeks before it happened and started my trip down the rabbit hole shortly after the event. This is when I discovered the Social Security Death Index and it’s wonderful demographic search features which the Feds have disabled since 2014. One can still use it indirectly by using or any of the other three obituary internet sites available which all use the Social Security Index. The Newtown false flag, for example, created only six obituaries for the 20 children listed as “victims”, most of which we can see singing at the 2013 Superbowl half-time show. After researching some 1500 names of the 7000 victims of mass shootings, starting with Columbine, I discovered that over 99% of the names are fictitious, with no fatalities. Occasionally, like with Newtown, the Feds will conduct staged funerals and such, as with six of the children listed as victims at Newtown. But only with a few false flags!!!! Newtown was in the planning stages for 3 years, and the CIA took 20 children born around 2000, used their 5 year old pictures for the 20 “victims”, and used their 12 year old pictures as the identical twin sibling survivors, creating 40 children, to confuse the sheeple. It took Jim Fetzer years to finally identify all 20 children’s names and to whom they belonged. Robert David Steele, a former CIA operative who conducted false flags, points out the DOJ issues National Security Warrants for all the players, the agents, the corrupt cops, and crisis actors involved in these staged events which indemnifies them from liability and which can be used against them if they speak out about the true nature of the false flag, in that they will be declared national security threats and imprisoned without due process or recourse for life if they say anything contrary to the Federal narrative. Of course, SERCO creates the narrative for the Western media and ENTRUST recruits and hires the crisis actors. Gary Hinchman

  2. Jones had a job…to take down the “conspiracy theory” crowd….mainly 9.11. How people can see that two planes hit two towers and THREE fall symmetrically to the ground and NOT think there are co-conspirators doing demolitions….fools….so many. Never trusted Jones…he always seemed to have a hidden agenda.

  3. Gordon’s memory of the 2 men arrested while trying to escape theough the woods is correct. There was news ‘copter footage of the chase, the take down, and of 1 suspect in the rear seat of a police car. The original excuse (never to be broadcast again) given by authorities was something about a daughter … . The 2 spooks in the woods disappeared faster than the ‘dancing Israelis.
    The Sandy Hook civil case to watch is the one , but he is an ex Florida.Highway patrolman, and school security expert Wolfgang Halbig. Lenny Pozner sued him in Fl. Civil court for the similar reason Jones was sued, but the case died when Pozner failed to show up for depositions or court. I believe somehow the case is continueing in another venue. Halbig is not selling out, or folding ala Jones.

  4. I shook his hand at the Bilderburg meeting in Chantilly Va. Well at least he was there. Truthfully, after discovering VT, I’ve ignored Infowars and moved on.

  5. The deposition format is something I warn fellow workers about: “How is your joke going to sound as the court reporter reads it back slowly to you?”
    “Live your life like you could see it on the Silver Screen”

    • The worst part is the court reporter will faithfully transcribe every “um” and “uh” that you utter.

  6. When shall we see Sean Hannity of Fox under oath telling his tale?

    Don’t count on that!

    Fox and the current GOP are the rot in America worse than jones if possible…


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