Myths are quite mechanical; they surround almost everything that exists. Automatic cars are not an exemption from the reach of these commonly held misconceptions.  These misconceptions continue to pervade the air because of course, they probably have been held for a long time, also haven’t been opposing automobiles-savvy voices coming out against these misconceptions and misinformation. Driving lessons will expose you to the intricacies behind driving and owning any car transmission whether automatic or manual.

This article will rid you of these misconceptions and set your thoughts about automobiles on the appropriate track. In every present argument that which is better, automatic or manual cars. Some of the arguments raised against automatic cars are just mere myths. We will examine these beliefs, to see whether they are indeed true or not. It’s high time these flying falsehood got hunt down.

Automatic Cars Waste Fuel

As almost every first invention or development, the automatic transmission has had their share of irregularities at first. That was, however, in the 1940s. Automatic cars had extra weights which consequently resulted in more fuel burnt. The evolution of the automatic cars, however, has catered sufficiently to this downside with additional gears. Chevrolet Cruz Eco, you could get a cutback of $100 annually on the money you spend on fuel. The “myth” of more fuel consumed in automatic cars might be actually, partially true in some instances.

Automatic cars have more weight which logically means more work for the engine. The friction in automatic transmission also might be a factor leading to more fuel burnt. Manual clutches are dry and don’t require continuous fluid to keep them running. The automatic clutches need lubrication with oil to run which consequently means more fuel consumption.

Automatic Cars Are Not Suitable For Poor Driving Conditions

It is often commonly held that manual cars are more rugged cars, observing the anatomy of automatic cars would render this a myth. This was once true of automatic cars. Nowadays that the automobile world and the niche of automatic cars have witnessed several technological advancements. It has become more comfortable to use automatics these days. For inexperienced drivers, especially, it is easier to use the automatic transmission vehicle in navigating through sloppy areas, steeps, and hilly terrains. Automatic driving lessons Dublin has to offer best, will help you learn how to maximize the potentials of your automatic cars, should you be wondering how to develop dexterity with your different automatic cars.

Your car’s performance will still be at optimum with an automatic transmission no matter how high the hill or slope might be. Also, when in heavy traffic, it is easier to use the automatic. It can be quite frustrating to accelerate, decelerate, and stop at short intervals. The automatic transmission allows for the smooth movement of the car without necessarily doing more than stepping on the pedal.

Automatic Cars Are Always More Expensive

This might have been undebatable fact years and years back. The realities of the automobile world have changed. Manuals do not always cost lesser than automatic cars. Some GM models and BMW models are on the same price level as manual cars these days.

It would also seem to be true that the maintenance of automatic cars is way more than that of manual transmissions. This is true, but when you evaluate the longevity and utility of automatic cars, it would be apparent that the maintenance cost is worth it, even compared to its manual counterpart.

Automatic cars seem to receive more update in terms of technological sophistication and they last longer than manual cars. This depends however on the use pattern and maintenance ethics of the car owner. When all these factors are weighed, automatic cars seem to provide utility and durability in exchange for the amount spent.

The automatic doesn’t give many issues with the clutch. The manual clutch can easily malfunction. It’s evident that the automatic car’s cost of maintenance matches its utility.

An Automatic Car Should Be In Neutral When Not In Motion

This is another commonly held wrong notion. It is believed that your automatic car should always be on neutral when the car is stopping. This is wrong, maybe even out rightly. People usually think this because it is a common occurrence that when they lift their foot off the brake, the car motions itself. This has made a lot of automatic car drivers believe that the automatic car is still engaged when not moving.

The automatic car doesn’t necessarily spot and respond to traffic lights. It only recognizes the fact that you are pressing a break. For a fact, there is the tendency of damaging the gear responsible for changing to neutral by continually moving. This probability is, in fact higher than the possibility of any harm when on neutral at a halt.

Automatic Cars Are Not Suitable For Bad Weather

Automatic cars have evolved and evolved. You can now select which setting in the car best suits your peculiar weather condition on your location. You have alternatives like

  • Sport
  • Normal
  • Smooth

This has enabled automatic cars more suitable for adverse weather conditions, for example, icy conditions.

You can also call the shot these days with automatic vehicles. The option appears to match or even surpass those available with manual cars. You can with a stroke of finger change gears and prevent auto gear changes on your behalf. Such is the unusual choices you have with the modern automatic car. The belief that it is not suitable for bad weather is similar to the commonly painted picture of an automatic car as a luxury car, far from rugged and not durable. These are all myths in a modern sense and should be done away with.

Automatic Cars Are Less Interesting To Drive

The question of which transmission is more fun to drive is highly subjective and should be based on individual opinion. Some folks cannot imagine cruising in the manual version of cars. While some still prefer the vibes they get from dominantly operating their manual cars. A proper driving lesson Dublin has to offer, presents you the options to learn any of driving cars of the two types or both of them.

These dissected myths should give you a critical and analytic view into some of these beliefs widely held. Anything that exists is ultimately subject to individual opinion, and in the case of automobiles, personal preferences and peculiar needs matters. Based on the facts and logic presented, this article should have adequately done justice to some myths surrounding automatic cars.


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