Darwin’s Evidence For Evolution

Charles Darwin

Theory of Evolution

By Heather Scoville/Thought.Co

Imagine being the first person to discover and put together the pieces of an idea so big that it would change the entire spectrum of science forever. In this day and age with all of the technology available and all kinds of information right at our fingertips, this may not seem to be such a daunting task. What would it have been like back in a time where this previous knowledge that we take for granted had not yet been discovered and the equipment that is now commonplace in labs had not yet been invented? Even if you are able to discover something new, how do you publish this new and “outlandish” idea and then get scientists all over the world to buy into the hypothesis and help strengthen it?

This is the world that Charles Darwin had to work in as he pieced together his Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection. There are many ideas that now seem like common sense to scientists and students that were unknown during his time. Yet, he still managed to use what was available to him to come up with such a profound and fundamental concept. So what exactly did Darwin know when he was coming up with the Theory of Evolution?


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  1. I agree with most of what Darwin has published in particular the one with the biggest club wins. Evolving from the ape or chimp appears a bit construed. This was the period an alien landed on earth and impregnated the monkey but not just one, many varieties.

  2. Mutations are like a bull in a china shop, always destructive. Built-in complementary sets of genes do well for adaptation in a specie but the DNA limits are final. While parental genes get reshuffled in the offspring no new ones magically appear. Accidental mutation is not the equal of a supreme intelligence to write an exact code for a more useful gene. Current genetic knowledge has forever freed our minds from miasma implied in the theory of evolution.

    • Very true, and those todays Darwinists are the first to commit man made mutations, GM food for example. Funny, they say that 10 000 years of agriculture will provide the best wheat seeds there can be, but they are the first to genetically manipulate those. Which I think they have changed themselves from gods chosen to god itself.

    • Sound Logic, Mutations are not always destructive. I mentioned how the giraffe developed the long neck..other positive mutations would be when someone is immune to malaria and HIV. Also somewhere along the human development line the human body made the leap to tolerating milk other than human milk…although there are still those people who remain lactose intolerant. Bacteria have mutated in a positive fashion (to themselves) by becoming resistant to certain antibiotics. That is a positive result for the bacteria not so helpful for those who take antibiotics.

  3. Darwin and Marx, two sides of the same coin. Both worked to deny our divine nature, so that we could be legitimately enslaved (you can’t enslave a divine being legitimately). Both worked for same ends – and they were friends.

  4. Darwin’s Theory Sanctions Savagery

    Darwin’s theory has evolved to nothing bar a greater degree of human savagery by those exhorting his ‘chosen’ views. There are those too who can blame Christianity, as Thomas Hardy did in this ‘sour little epigram’ (Tim Kendall).

    Christmas: 1924

    ‘Peace upon earth!’ was said. We sing it,
    And pay a million priests to bring it.
    After two thousand years of mass
    We’ve got as far as poison-gas.

    Of course Hardy failed to lay the blame where it really belonged – in the counting houses of the international bankers playing off both sides against each other, and being paid by both to keep their world turning and – ‘…adding the halfpence to the pence, and prayer to shivering prayer until they have dried the marrow from the bone.” (Yeats – ‘September 1913’)

    Ninety-nine percent outnumbers 1%, yet the latter – having evolved to rule the masses, now wish us all dead. I consider that “sick in the extreme” yet the Darwin clique not only consider it normal but their hereditary due. Oh for another Pre-Cambrian explosion! After 5G were surely going to need it. And Darwin, long since turned to ashes.

    “All this of Pot and Potter! Tell me, then,
    Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?”
    – Omar Khayyam

    • Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection ended up being a joint venture with Alfred Wallace who had made the same observations in Indonesia. Two sets of data are better than one to form a working hypothesis. Any mind that is based in science will see the obvious truths to natural selection. Mutations happen all the time, some for the good and some for the bad (cancer.) The giraffe that had the longest neck to reach the food that others could not, was a well-fed giraffe (when food on the lower branches was gone or stopped growing) and would survive and procreate and through genes, produce progeny with longer necks, who would also be able to reach all the food sources, etc. (Giraffes are not being considered for the endangered species list, thanks to humans.) Darwin was able to gather specimens which backed up his observations. He new nothing about genes but he did pick up on the fact that an offspring would be a combination of both parents. His theory makes perfect scientific sense and what is also ultimately important is that there is “in your face” proof to the Theory of Evolution through natural selection.

  5. Darwin had evidence for nothing, just his religious views of gods chosens and African primitives. Somehow I like better black music like Louis Farrakhan. That’s what You need to build a equal society, which Jews are not from inside, which radiates also to outside.

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