1969 Moon Landing: Of Course We Were There!


Health Editor’s Note: Of course we landed on the moon and as a nation should be nothing but extremely proud of this fact. Why deny a great accomplishment and negate all the work and courage that went into standing and walking on the moon?……Carol  

Yes, the United States Certainly DID Land Humans on the Moon

By Roger D. Launius Smithsonian.com

My grandfather, Jeffrey Hilliard Launius, was a 75-year-old farmer from southern Illinois at the time of the first moon landing in 1969. He didn’t believe that Americans had landed on the moon. In his estimation such a technological feat was simply not possible. Caught up in the excitement of Apollo 11 that summer, I could not understand my grandfather’s denial. In his insular world, change came grudgingly, however, and a moon landing was certainly a major change. At the time of his death, in 1984, Jeff Launius remained unconvinced.

President Bill Clinton recalled in his 2004 autobiography a similar story of a carpenter he worked with in August 1969, not long after the Apollo 11 landing: “The old carpenter asked me if I really believed it happened. I said sure, I saw it on television. He disagreed; he said that he didn’t believe it for a minute, that “them television fellers” could make things look real that weren’t.”

New York Times science reporter John Noble Wilford remarked in December 1969 that “a few stool-warmers in Chicago bars are on record as suggesting that the Apollo 11 moon walk last July was actually staged by Hollywood on a Nevada desert.”

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  1. ….I neglected to say where one could find La Hassalblad pictures….Google images!!!! Please enjoy…….gh

  2. ……everyone should check out the Hasselblad pictures released by NASA in 2014 after hiding them for 50 years AFTER the Chinese and the Russians outed NASA in an open letter to the press….stating that the Chinese ChangE2 lunar orbiter mission they flew in 2009 couldn’t find one single item that NASA sent to the moon, not the six landers, not the five surveyors, or anything else. Take a gander at the Apollo 11, 15, and 16 landers, which by the way, are all the same movie prop made from art board, duct tape, plastic, broom handers, and related junk. Also, check out the Apollo 15 ascent stage on it’s way back to the command module. It seems our astroNOTS could live without a pressurized ascent stage……but then all the astroNOTS, even today, are all Illuminati Satanists (to ensure their silence), who have testicles made of plutonium, lungs made from steel, and shit for brains!!!!!! Gary Hinchman

    • The most obvious flaw in the Apollo story for anyone who has actually seen one of the landers (I have, in a museum) is the size of the door. My dad was stood next to me and we both realised the same thing at the same time – that poky little door is far, far too small to allow an astronaut in a suit to pass through it. Thinking about it further, the inside of the lander isn’t big enough to allow someone to manoeuvre themselves into and out of an EV suit. As for the photos and film footage, they are all fake, all of them, the motion picture footage is shot with the astronauts on wires and then the film speed altered to make it look strange. The Scotchlite projection screen used is clearly visible in the background if you turn up the gamma of the images. Hoagland claims the lines of the Scotchlite are actually crystal towers, but he’s a shill for the CIA. If the Yanks went to the moon and landed on it, they most certainly have never shown us any of the actual footage or data and it is highly unlikely they did it using Saturn V and Apollo, rather, something rather more advanced using an exotic and as yet unknown to the public, propulsion system. Sadly, most Americans are too full of patriotic BS to accept the obvious holes in the official story and the obvious frauds of the Apollo program.

  3. I believe the Americans landed on the moon. If you want proof , then repeat the Big Bang experiment from Series 3 , fire a laser at the reflector Apollo 11 left on the moon, if the photons come back, proof , however if you enter “did apollo 11 leave reflector on moon” into DuckDuckgo you will get your answers.
    The Americans went get over it.

  4. Once again here we go. Although I cannot 100% certain of the actual landing, I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that the spacecraft did go to the moon, and was in orbit around it. Same as Apollo 8. How? Back in those days there was no digital comm systems, and no TDRS relay satellites. Everything was analog. Ham radio operators would fashion their own parabolic dish antennas and listen in on the comms from the spacecraft. Ever tried to point a Direct TV dish antenna? Just a little bit off and you lose the satellite. Point the dish away and you lose the signal. In this case Apollo 11. Now the lunar lander (LM) signal was too weak to pick up with anything but the biggest dishes in the world. These were Goldstone for the northern hemisphere and Parks in Australia for the southern hemisphere. You could fake the landing by injecting a signal into the downstream feed from either of these two dishes, but not in the dozens of ham radios listeners still listening in on Michael Collins in orbit about the moon.

    • Sounds convincing (HAM radio argument). But what if the signal source they picked up direction Moon was itself a relay satellite? just, asking. As I said, I think your argument carries weight.
      But I do not doubt that many of the photos are studio photos, though that does not prove hey weren’t there.

  5. What is the evidence? Mostly lots of photograhies.
    I read that Lunar day temperatures lie around a hundred degrees centigrade, and night temperatures around mines hundred degrees centigrade. Of course the air temperature would be undefined, since there is no air there. But rocks would be hot enough to boil an egg. Did the capsule have an air conditioner then? Maybe. Otherwise the inside capsule would soon be as hot as a sauna. Well, people do survive inside saunas. So these arguments do not prove that the Moon missions were imposible. But we lack details of what it felt like, heatwise, up there. Why are there no astronut accounts of such interesting details?
    For those who like to apply logical reasoning to unanswered questions, Gerhard Wisnewski’s book is “gefundenes Fressen”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm3JyXbwgLE
    Personally, I would not be able to answer the question with a clear yes or no. Even if photos supposedly do show the walks the astronauts made, the final answer has to come from future visitors and the photos they will make.

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