Missile Attack on Islam’s Holiest, Cooked up by Trump and MBS


Intelligence intercepts have discovered a plan hatched to create Trump’s fake emergency requiring $8.1 billion in American arms.  The US will launch and air to ground missile into Al Kaa’bah, followed by a strike against Fujariah, the UAE’s port in the Gulf of Oman.

Bolton’s plan is a holy war where Israel can sit back and watch Muslims destroy each other.

The following video will be found blasphemous and objectionable but represents Trump’s real feelings about Islam and why he wants the Kaaba destroyed:





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  1. I don’t understand why you didn’t get Arnold from Green Acres, or Lassies to host that visit ..

  2. I’m not sure if you’re seeing what I’m seeing Gordon, but this video seems like a military psy op to me. I think this guy is green-screened and superimposed over some footage inside the Kaaba. Maybe. The bottom line seems to be to manipulate the public with true enough sentiments from the Koran but with an intention to stir them up into justifying an attack on this building. All part of the fog of war.

  3. Great peace of video showing how some christians see the muslim people. We can guess the vice versa.
    Majority of his criticisms are taken from hadis books that are generated over 200yrs from mohamad and that are complete lies… He believes in Jesus as god, who is a human just like himself. He doesn’t believe in one but only one god therefore he is following polytheism similar to old greek myth that were also condemned by Kuran.
    Interestingly majority of the muslims are more or less the same.
    They pretty much deifying profit Mohammed as a wholy man under god, unlike he is exactly a man, but no god…

    • Hadith books are not lies , they are exactly the teaching of the prophet Muhammad which describes what is allowed and not according to the islam

  4. “The US will launch and air to ground missile into Al Kaa’bah…” – GD

    Who would this be blamed on? Seems a poor choice to incite a war between Muslims, but might be used to trigger a strike on Israel and/or US bases that could be “responded to” with tactical nuclear weapons.

  5. Probably some civilian planes will have Israeli fighter jets on its tail (possibly over Shia majority lands) as Israel firefox strategy has created favorable foreign policy results for them. There is no desire with Muslims to endanger the holliest of their places, no matter the branch.

  6. “The following video will be found blasphemous and objectionable…” – GD

    While I am sure VT has people much better equipped to evaluate such things, to me it appears an alleged pilgrim sneaked in a hidden low resolution camera (isn’t that a beheading worthy offense?), and the narrator of the video is actually in front of a chroma key “blue screen” with a still from the video superimposed.

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