Robert Steele & Bill Binney at Disclosure Event — What Should We Disclose?


BIll Binney, my NSA counterpart (I am to CIA as he is to NSA) and I have agreed to speak to the Dimensions of Disclosure event in Ventura, CA 23-25 August 2019. While most of the speakers focus on extra-terrestial and spiritual disclosure, Bill and I and Sacha Stone are there to bring them all down to Earth by discussing what’s truly going on behind  the scenes of the Deep State and the Shadow Government.

Below are our tentative speaking topics, and a starter list on what needs to be disclosed.

Topic 1: The Ultimate Hack: Re-Inventing Intelligence to Re-Engineer Earth
Topic 2: I am Not Q — But If Was, This Is What I Am Predicting….

Topic 1:  Deep Dive Into Secret Intelligence Corruption — My Personal Story
Topic 2: Thin Thread — A Tool for Eradicating Treason & White Collar Crime


SPY IMPROV: Ask Us Anything

Disclosure Priorities List to Be Woven In (Now in Alpha Order):*

Crowd-sourced additions in italics.

  • $21-43 trillion dollar theft by Deep State from US Treasury/US economy
  • Apophis will strike Earth 4.13.29 or 4.13.36, Pi  value wrong, 3.144605511
  • Alternative everything especially health — holistic health, self, all, Earth
  • Amendment to the Constitution Violations – 1st, 2nd, 4th
  • Arrests based on sealed indictments — no re-election without arrests
  • Attorney General William Barr — is he controlled opposition? Bushie?
  • Background checks for all politicians, no exceptions
  • Budget Lies – Standard 56 Ends Public Access to Reliable Data
  • Catastrophic Infrastructure Failures (Dams, Electrical, Nuclear)
  • Censorship Against Alternative Open Source Everything
  • Cheating Culture — Lies as a Standard (History, Politics, Science)
  • CIA illegal penetration of all local, state, and national agencies
  • Climate hoaxes — cooling, warming, denial of Sun’s importance
  • Decision-Support Corruption — separate analysis from collection?
  • Deep State Defined – Deep State Methods of Control
  • Democracy Lost — How States & Public Were Gutted
  • DHS/FEMA/TSA – the New Gestapo Ready to Kill Patriots?
  • Directed Energy — Is Judy Wood on Target?
  • Drone Assassination — Because We Can…
  • Election Manipulation: 2 Countries, 12 Methods
  • Electromagnetic / 5G Ecocide & Genocide
  • Extra-sensory perception/Deep State efforts to dumb down
  • Extra-Terrestial & Secret Patent Technology (Free Energy)
  • False Flag Operations — How, Why, Who Benefits?
  • False, Reductionist Medicine & Science — Institutionalized Lies
  • Fox News — Are they controlled opposition?
  • Genetically Modified Organisms Killing Humanity
  • Geo-Engineering (ChemTrails, Morgellons, Artificial Moon, Saturn )
  • Glyphosate — true cost, hold everyone accountable
  • Immigration Contrived & Enabled as a Threat
  • Intelligence without Integrity — 4% Useful, 96% Criminal
  • Military Bases as Lily Pads for Smuggling Everything, Children
  • Mind-Control/TI Including Voice of God, Media, Psycho-Police
  • Moral Decline — Liberalism “Anything Goes” As a Threat
  • National Rifle Association (NRA) – Are they controlled opposition?
  • Pedophilia & Empire, Pedophilia Overview, Pedophilia Entrapment
  • Propaganda Operations Legalized by Smith-Mundt Revision
  • Religions as Forms of Control, Abuse, & Mis-Direction
  • Rendition & Torture Operations
  • RICO investigation & indictments against social media violators
  • Satanists & Satanic Ritual Abuse, Torture & Adrenochrome
  • Traitors Among Us – Use DNA Tests to Verify Claimed Origins?
  • True Cost Economics & Western Predatory Capitalism
  • United STATES of America — terminate “the corporation”
  • Unreasonable Search & Seizure from NSA to TSA
  • USA in State of Emergency legalizing domestic war crimes?
  • Vaccine Hazards
  • Waste — 50% of the Western Economy – Venn Diagram
  • Water as the New Gold, Already Stolen
  • Weapons of Mass Instruction — Why Schools Are Killing Humanity
  • Zionism versus Judaism — Zionist Strikes, Peace in the Middle East?

* This list will be deconflicted with the event organizer,, as other speakers will cover some topics in depth, for example, Sacha Stone on 5G, Laura Eisenhower on Satanic Ritual Abuse.

I am interested in your opinion as to what should be added to this list, and what the priority should be in terms of demanding Presidential attention — for example, our President has promised to disclose the who, how, what, and why of 9/11 and has failed to do so. Our President is not being properly supported by the US intelligence community and needs to reduce what we have by up to 70%, consolidate it all in a revitalized CIA, and create the Open Source Agency that will be the ultimate disclosure engine (telling the truth about everything).

I will end on a positive note — We the People are winning, praise be to our President who is a change agent, as well as the 2012 shift and other forces now in alignment against the Deep State and the Satanists ruling the Deep State.

I can be reached at One email per person, please, I am flooded, but in this instance, this is such a great opportunity to do some good with a speech and an article, that I seek professional help: the kind of collective intelligence only you can provide.

Check the event out.  Click on the graphic to visit their website.


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