Runners and Riders in the Tory Leadership Contest

Michael Shrimpton reviews the candidates.


The list of runners and riders for the Tory leadership contest is almost as long as in the 2.30 at Royal Ascot tomorrow. Happily it’s easier to predict the winner – Boris Johnson (in the Tory leadership contest that is, he’s not running in the 2.30).

Of course my prediction could be wrong, as it was for the Peterborough by-election, although in fairness Labour’s win seems to have been obtained corruptly via dodgy postal votes. I greatly underestimated the turn-out amongst postal voters, which was nearly 50% greater than amongst real voters. I also had not appreciated that Labour had brought in a convicted postal vote fraud specialist, that is to say a specialist in corrupt electoral practices, to assist with their campaign.

Even the police, who are anti-Brexit, are investigating, which says something. They won’t prosecute, of course. Our police report to the Cabinet Office, sadly, as does the Electoral Commission. Since the Cabinet Office were backing Labour they will order the police and Electoral Commission to back off, indeed Labour’s strategy of corruptly gathering in postal votes was probably agreed in advance with the Cabinet Office. At least two rather shifty Labour MPs are known to be close to the Cabinet Office, Sir Keir ‘von’ Starmer, and Bilderberger Yvette ‘von’ Cooper.

One idiot has been boasting on social media that he burnt 1,000 Brexit Party votes. If he did the police probably provided the petrol! Elections in Britain haven’t been this corrupt since the 18th century.

Boris Johnson

Boris polled exceptionally well in the first round, garnering over 100 votes, boosted yesterday to 126 votes in the second round. He only needs to be in second place in the final ballot of Tory MPs in order to win, as he has a commanding lead amongst Tory Party members, the ultimate electorate.

The left are moaning of course, saying that the Tory Party shouldn’t be choosing its own Leader. Who else, may one ask, should be choosing the Leader of the Tory Party? Greens? Labour Party members? Inhabitants of insane asylums, to the extent that they do not fall within the preceding two categories?

I am aware, for the avoidance of doubt, that we have closed nearly all our asylums, and let lunatics, sorry, persons with mental health issues, loose in the community. You only have to look at the House of Commons to realise that not all our lunatics, sorry, persons with mental health issues, are locked up. (Theresa May might not be happy with my language – understandably for a Remainer, with respect, she is concerned about the mentally ill.)

Boris is a nice chap (we’ve met), with sound views on Europe and sensible views about Muslims. He is not a details man, but unlike Theresa May is sufficiently confident in his own intellectual abilities to be able to surround himself with smart advisers, rather like President Trump, with whom he evidently gets on well.

Critically he’s committed to getting us out of the Evil Empire come what may on 31st October. This will allow us to combine the Halloween celebrations with Leave parties. Boris has enough flair to recommend a formal Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral, led by HM the Queen, to the Palace. Theresa May, whose heart was not in leaving (with respect she doesn’t have a brain), hadn’t even organised a special stamp. A Review of the Fleet at Spithead would also be nice, along with a dramatic fireworks display at 11pm on the 31st.
I think that Boris is also astute enough to realise that the country’s problems can’t be solved without an intelligence literate member of the Cabinet. There’s no law requiring members of the Cabinet to be ill-informed, it’s just the practice. They haven’t even realised that there was an ISIS bomb-making cell in Grenfell Tower.

Jeremy Hunt

The ‘Tim Nice but Dim’ Foreign Secretary came second in both rounds, with 43 and 46 votes respectively. He’s likely to be the other name on the ballot paper. Unlike Boris, with respect, he doesn’t actually want to govern the country. He has no plans to replace Ritter Mark ‘von’ Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, and thinks that the Cabinet Office should be left to carry on running the country into the ground. His view is that the Cabinet are there to preside over the country’s slow decline and explain to the public why nothing can be done about it.

He’s so wet he’s not even willing to do anything about the Iranian Revolutionary Guards trying to blow up those two oil tankers. He thinks that negotiations with Teheran will succeed, although he doesn’t explain how he would actually get to talk with the IRG. He’s called for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to be released, which was nice of him, but he’s not willing to do anything about getting her home.

He’s the hand-wringers and Foreign Office’s first choice. He’s still trying to flog Theresa May’s deal. Like May he probably wants to track the EU with a view to re-applying for membership in the future, sacrificing sterling in the process, since new members have to sign up to the failing euro.

Hunt would split the conservative vote and let in Jeremy Corbyn. In fact he would be so useless at running a campaign that Labour wouldn’t even need to cheat. In a sense useless idiots like Jeremy, no offense intended, are right. With people like them in charge the country will continue to decline. There’s no doubt that Jeremy Hunt would be the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ choice.

Michael Gove

Michael’s the junkie, no offense intended, although he would prefer to say that he only snorted a small amount of cocaine and managed not to get hooked. So treacherous that he’s supported by Sir Oliver ‘von’ Letwin, no offense to either intended, Michael (we once met, at a Tory Party conference in Bournemouth he was covering, a long time ago) is probably the Cabinet Secretary’s preferred choice. This virtually disqualifies him.

Michael also plans to leave ‘von’ Sedwill in place as Cabinet Secretary. He has no plans to shut down GO2 or the German listening post in London, in other words he wants to see Britain continuing to be crushed under the German jackboot. He’s so slippery that even three years after the event people are still trying to work out whether he really wanted Leave to win the 2016 referendum. Our community partner Field Marshal Rommel probably looked happier after losing the Second Battle of El Alamein.

Michael Gove would be an unmitigated disaster as Prime Minister. He would be guaranteed to ramp up the Brexit Party vote and hand the keys to Number 10 to Jeremy Corbyn. Happily it looks as though he won’t make the ballot paper (Gove that is – Corbyn already leads a political party and isn’t standing). He was five votes behind Jeremy Hunt on the second ballot.

Dominic Raab

I gather that Dominic is a nice chap. He certainly has sound views on Europe and came up with the sensible idea of proroguing Parliament to stop them messing around with Brexit. Since the House of Commons is now amongst the most hated and despised institutions in Britain, sadly, the plan has proved to be quite popular.

Dominic didn’t have enough votes to make it past the second round however and was eliminated. In reality he was angling for a good Cabinet post, which he should get. His supporters are likely to switch to Boris Johnson. I hasten to add that when we refer to candidates for Tory leader being ‘eliminated’ we don’t mean that in the GOP state senator sense.

Rory Stewart

A left-wing looney, no offense intended, Rory Stewart has a record of treading on toes, not least in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s so opposed to a clean break with the Evil Empire that he’s been talking of setting up an alternative House of Commons in Methodist Central Hall should Dominic Raab’s sensible plan to prorogue Parliament come to fruition. Stewart isn’t even a Methodist, although he looks like one.

I had hoped that Stewart would be eliminated in the second ballot, but he garnered a surprising 37 votes, putting him in fourth place. The Taliban’s preferred choice, he’s backed by very few others, including the BBC. He’s that bad!

The Hood in the Thunderbirds

Sajid Javed

‘The Saj’, as he likes to be known, has a powerful ego, even by the standards of Westminster. He’s been a total failure as Home Secretary however, having done nothing to stop the spiralling murder rate. There was another murder in London last night, indeed there are now almost daily murders in the capital. Well done the President, by the way, for having a go at London’s useless Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Khan’s on TV most days condemning the latest murder on his watch. No proposed fix is too useless to get his support.

The Home Secretary

Not to be confused with the Hood (the villain in the Thunderbirds) Javed is the baldest of the contenders but sadly not the boldest. It’s unlikely that Boris will keep him on as Home Secretary and he may go the backbenches. With only 33 votes in the second round he has very little chance of making the cut.

The EU is not about peace

The idea that the EU is about peace is one of those enduring myths for which the commentariat have a fatal fascination. Even that nice man Robert Fox has been taken in. Writing in the pro-Remain Evening Standard, where he is Defence Editor, on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Robert opined that in setting up the EEC the Europeans came together for peace.

No they didn’t. As I have explained on these pages before, and in my book, the idea of the EEC was drawn up by the Reich Ministry for Economic Affairs between 1939 and 1941. The EEC was to be the means by which Germany controled Europe without having to maintain standing armies of occupation.

After Germany’s military defeat the Funk Plan was revised, but the aim was still German domination of Europe. In practice all EU Member States are German client states, hence German Intelligence’s desperate plan to assassinate Jo Cox in the 2016 referendum campaign in the hope that Leave would be blamed.

The EU is not about security

That EU membership does not enhance our security was neatly illustrated in a story which broke this week. In September 2016 West Oxford Primary School hired Spanish child-killer Iria Suarez-González as a teaching assistant. In 2000 she and a co-conspirator kidnapped and murdered teenager Clara Garica, stabbing her 32 times and cutting the poor girl’s throat.

You will not be surprised to learn that when they advertised the post West Oxford Primary School did not emphasize that experience of killing children would be an advantage. Suarez-González was released in 2006 as part of the Spanish government’s program to encourage the murder of children by having soft sentences.

The Crown Prosecution Service, aka the Crown Persecution Service (the idiots who persecuted, sorry prosecuted, me), no doubt afraid of the adverse publicity a prosecution might bring for Remain, decided not to prosecute. Seemingly unaware that Oxford is in England, not Spain, the CPS excuse was that Suarez-Gonzáles’s murder conviction was spent. So it was, in Spain. In England, if you apply for a teaching post in a primary school one of the matters you are required to disclose is how many children you have murdered.
Suarez-Gonzáles was only able to get away with this nonsense because of community law, coupled with an intense desire on the part of the Cabinet Office, which controls criminal prosecutions in this country, to avoid embarrassing Remain. Once we leave we’ll be able to control the entry of European murderers to this country. In theory we could under community law, but in practice European murderers are able to just walk in.

CHERNOBYL, UKRAINE, USSR – MAY 1986: Chernobyl nuclear power plant a few weeks after the disaster. Chernobyl, Ukraine, USSR, May 1986. (Photo by Laski Diffusion/Getty Images)

TV Review: Chernobyl Sky Atlantic/HBO UK Airdates May/June 2019

Chernobyl is a spectacularly well-made TV mini-series. It’s also proving to be highly influential. Well-acted, it has superbly high production values and a real period feel. It’s a drama-doc, not a documentary, so some characters, for example the nice lady scientist, have been created for dramatic effect.

Some of the scenes are very powerful. The bit in the last episode where the poor dog and her puppies have to be put down is very sad. The response of the control room team to the unfolding disaster is very well done. I assume that Chernobyl is also being released, or has been released, in the States, on HBO. It’s well worth viewing.

I am not saying that it tells the whole story. How could it, without mentioning the role of the DVD’s Sabotage Section in the disaster? The meltdown is portrayed as an accident, due to design faults in the powerful Soviet RBMK reactor, a chain of events including critical postponement of a safety rest and reckless bungling in the control room.

When the Sabotage Section sets out to create a nuclear incident it starts years before the event. German influence in the Soviet bureaucracy was more than strong enough to ensure built-in flaws in the RBMK reactor. The same process was at work in Fukushima.
I am not saying that every flawed reactor type will be sabotaged. The point is that most reactor designs are, so that their vulnerabilities can be exploited if need be. The Sabotage Section is large and well-funded – just look at their success with the 737 Max. Boeing were powerless.

Chernobyl relates a series of incidents, such as the postponement of the test, and treats them as a coincidence. Intelligence analysts don’t believe in coincidence. The test was clearly postponed until a new, untrained, shift had taken over. Trained personnel might have halted the test before blowing up the reactor.

The good news is that the disaster was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. The DVD must have been very disappointed with the overall death-toll, barely 90,000. They were clearly looking to make much of the Soviet Union, over which they were losing control, uninhabitable as part of a scorched-earth strategy.

The KGB’s parallel investigation into the disaster clearly found sabotage. Unlike the FBI, with respect, the KGB were competent. They also had higher ethical standards (all y’all will understand that I am speaking comparatively – the KGB, sadly, suffered the odd ethical lapse.) The disaster played a key role in the collapse of the USSR. I daresay that Vladimir Putin knows a lot more about what happened than the program-makers!


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  1. If EU is a zio-fascist organization there is no doubt then that UK are the most prominent fascist member of that organization. EEC was basically modeled much like the US, with US-UK calling most of the shots, calling upon tradition of germanic economists and hanseatic trade unions, but this was to control Germany and not to give Germany control (or some Russians in east Germany at the time). There is no doubt that Germany and Holland are economic flagships of the EU but UK are the ones enjoying the most privileges in EU, last one in, first one out, they are the only ones who are allowed referendum on membership, and, after Brexit vote (and I believe Brexit will never happen unless there is an opportunity for angloamericans to scavenge on eastern European territories), they are still number one promotors of EU and NATO enlargenment (along with US). The only fascists in EU are colonial and neocolonial countries, that means UK, France, Spain and Portugal and to a certain extent Belgium and Holland. The other EU countries (20+!!) are not allowed to have an independent foreign policy and Germany is among them.

  2. Britain must leave the EU, a truly fascist organization. But is Boris the correct choice to lead the way forward? To my eyes he’s just another Zionist puppet, and everywhere it’s time to cut the strings of these stooges. Jeremy is the correct choice. One need not be a genius to see he’s despised by the ‘who’, and for that reason alone you Brits should get behind him. Boris will be a disaster, you can bet on it.

    • Yeah, you’re right. Boris will be a disaster because Boris is another Trump, a congenital liar and man who’s loyalty can simply be bought. If you look at Boris’s track record, there are no redeeming features, just a litany of lies, deceit, adultery, fraud, the man is utter scum with the morality of an alley cat and the character of a shithouse rat. A great many in Britain rightly loathe and despise the man, but, like Trump, he does have a base of support.

    • Yes Ian, but what’s Britain going to do after Brexit, unless becaming a US lackey. Frankly, the whole issue stinks, timing too perfect. First ruining Russian relations, then Brexit, and how much was British banking sector against that, and then tensions against Iran.

    • Obviously you haven’t read my series of articles on British politics as I explained all of that.

    • There is no even elemental logic in cheering for Britain to leave the EU while voting against Boris Johnson as he is one of the very few options who is likely to make it happen (many still falsely believe that UK’s public votes on Brexit matter), together with that harlequin Farage. If both EU and BoJo are evils and lackeys, they are unlikely to cancel each other out, one of these will undoubtedly remain.

  3. This time I must give you a thumb up about the EU, Mr. Shrimpton. You are on the spot about this monster called EU, a long dream of the Zio-Fascists even before Hitler.

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