by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

“We revolutionary queens know that the child is not so much the Oedipus, or the future Oedipus, but the potentially free human being. We, yes, we can love children. We can desire them erotically by responding to their desire for Eros, we can grasp the intoxicating sensuality that they give to our faces and open arms, we can make love with them”.

To write it was Mario “Maria” Mieli, a homosexual icon of the ’70s who not only elaborated the theories of claiming sexual freedom but was among the first Italian supporters of the transgender culture and, as can be seen from this sentence taken from the book “critical elements” homosexual (published in 1977 and then reprinted by Feltrinelli), the defense of pedophilia.

The film by the director Adriano Adriatico tells his controversial human story ended with suicide and his thoughts as a gay and no-gender activist: among the writers of the plot he is already known for the documentary “Torri, checche e tortellini”, presented at the Turin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. A film production promoted, unfortunately, also by Rai Cinema with the Other Cinemare, in collaboration with Pavarotti International 23 srl, with the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities (General Direction Cinema) and the contribution of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission and Apulia Film Commission.

If in Italy an apologist of sex with children finds someone who dedicates a film with a lot of public contributions that have already aroused strong polemics among politicians, in the world the denunciations of violence of Woody Allen’s adopted daughter left behind by the ‘ex-wife Mia Farrow for her relationship with the other Korean adopted daughter whom he later married; in Holland the association of a pedophile who ended up in handcuffs was for a time authorized by the judges to propagate the culture of sexuality with minors, in Germany a university hosts a conference explaining the reasons to change the judgment towards pedophilia; in Finland the story of a young man who owns a 10-year-old girl is scandalized and is sentenced to light punishment because the child would not have expressed his denial.

In Arab and Asian countries the phenomenon of child brides is decreasing, but still records 12 million cases a year. While in Europe alone, sexual violence is carried out on 18 million children every year. To reveal this last datum is don Fortunato Noto, priest at the head of the organization Meter who for decades has been collaborating with the police in the fight against this shameless crime, through a letter heartfelt to Pope Francis: «Pedophilia, abuses, the relentless and widespread child pornography is the real scourge in and of the world. Not just in the Church. It is the inhuman humanity that must change, where the perversion on the little ones has taken the upper hand under everyone’s eyes – writes the religious – We don’t understand why we don’t want to talk about it.

Impressive this conniving silence, from the media, and beyond, but also by the authorities in charge of supervising and protecting the too many and many minor victims of sexual abuse. A real tragedy before our eyes, just think of the removal of material carried out by a web giant, making data available to police forces, to identify the perpetrators of the abuse on hundreds of newborns. Abused newborns, here we have arrived at this horror in horror ».

While all point the finger at the cases occurred in the church few tear their clothes for child brides or for the birth of the Map, Minor Attracted Persons, or a school of thought that bans the term pedophile to replace it with the blander and politically correct “people attracted to minors”. An international phantom community that has already invented even its flag …


«Let’s get ready for the new stage of the Revolution: the clearance of pedophilia. A network of ideologues, at the international level, is trying to lay the groundwork for normalizing pedophilia as a possible sexual “orientation”. The first step, obliged, is to play on language to cancel any association of ideas with the abuse of children. The new creation of the neolanguage is: “people attracted by minors” (in English minor-attracted persons, MAP – the site news Pro Vita writes, always very attentive to the phenomenon – Among the MAP pedophiles are included in the strict sense (those who are attracted from prepubertal children), the “ephebophils”, who are attracted to children who are about to enter adolescence, and the “nefili”, that is, those who are attracted to newborns. Among the “MAP” the NOMAP and SOMAP categories stand out: NO stands for “Non-Offending”, they specify that they do not have sexual relations with children; SO stands for “Semi-Offending”, they specify that they have sex only with consenting children “.

On the same news site, reference is also made to an article by Jack Minor, in the Northern Colorado Gazette, entitled “Pedophiles want the same rights as homosexuals” in which it is claimed that attraction for children is a sexual orientation like many , is another of the “genders” in vogue, which already sees psychiatrists at work to decay pedophilia from mental illnesses, as was done for homosexuality in the 1970s, paving the way for subsequent legitimations of the World Health Organization.

A battle for rights that has not happened for decades in same North America that saw “Pope of Freemasonry” a satanist convinced as Albert Pike also known for his predilections of orgiastic rituals (see link at the bottom of the page) and in fact the law that in the USA it prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation “does not specify what it means and what are the” sexual orientations “.

An amendment that wanted to specify that pedophilia could not be considered as such was rejected by the Democrats “always highlights the drafting of Pro Vita which then, for the pen of Francesca Romana Poleggi, adds:” The LGTB lobby enters schools to teach “gender” to our children. Planned Parenthood – where it can – teaches early sexualization to children themselves. Tomorrow someone will teach him that it may be pleasant to satisfy some old pig sexually … And those who dare to shout at the scandal will be accused of intolerance, discrimination against minorities, incitement to hatred, and perhaps fascism ».

It’s what Nathan Larson is fighting for, challenged by the media because he is a misogynist (to the point of raping his wife repeatedly until he is suicidal), racist and above all right-wing (many affinities with the aforementioned Pike) but not publicly denigrated for having several times declared to be a pedophile and proud to be so much so that he would not have done “a mystery of wanting to abuse his three-year-old daughter, of which, fortunately, he no longer has parental authority” adds Pro Vita. there are those who do not want to mix their rainbow of rights, which brings together LGBT and the latest Queer arrivals (free of any sexual inspiration such as sadomasochism and sex with animals), and the pastel-hued one of pedophiles:but few know that in reality these two international communities were once in common.

The self-proclaimed American congressional pedophile Nathan Larson

“In the 1960s and 1970s, groups such as the NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love Association) were an integral part of ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association), the largest Homosexual coalition on the international level. The deep roots of the gay movement were openly antifamilial, and practically reduced all human beings to nothing more than sexual objects – still emphasizes Pro Vita – The “gay liberation” has always struggled for the sexual liberation of everyone, regardless of age. The NAMBLA was a member of ILGA for at least a decade, and the union broke up only when, in 1994, the ILGA saw itself suspended the consultative status obtained at the UN, for having attracted on itself allegations of affiliation with groups pedophiles. It was then that,



Woody Allen and his adopted daughter who denounced him Dylan Farrow

As part of the investigations into pedophilia, the case of director Woody Allen, who has become topical again in recent months with the MeToo scandal for investigations on sexual harassment, to the actresses of former film producer Harwey Weinstein who led his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow to break the silence in which she was entrenched after the accusations of rape of her stepfather and his acquittal. This happened in a particularly anomalous family context when Allen began his relationship with Hollywood star Mia Farrow who already had natural and adoptive children from previous marriages, among them the Korean Soon-Yi Previn, of indefinite age having grown up in an orphanage before adoption by the actress and composer Andrè Previn from which she took the surname.

“I hated him because if he was with my mother, a bad person, he had to be bad too,” the Korean woman said today, 47-year-old in defense of Allen, stating that she immediately proved to be a kind person: “no one had ever been with me” . What these kind attentions consisted of is not known … The fact remains that in 1992, Farrow found some pornographic photos taken by Allen at the then 19-year-old adopted daughter on the mantel, and asked for the separation with the custody of the other children: “He threw me out of the house and cut my funds for college,” recalls Previn that 5 years later, in Venice, he would marry his stepfather causing a sensation in the film world to the point that the civil ceremony was done in secret with only four guests.

Director Woody Allen with his wife Soon Yi Previn

And it was precisely this marriage that laid a tombstone on the mysteries of that affectionate relationship that from fatherhood then became manly in the long 12 years that Allen attended Farrow even though he lived in separate houses: since 1980, when the Korean girl was only 7 years old. The age at which the actual attraction and sexual relationship began then remains buried among the secrets of the couple. The age in which the other adopted daughter of Farrow, Dylan, adopted when the relationship with the director was already in progress was not an unusual one, was the object of particular attention.

Here is the story of the same alleged victim, written in a letter in 2014: “What is your favorite Woody Allen movie? Before answering you should know that when I was seven, Woody Allen took my hand and took me to a small attic on the first floor of our house, told me to lie down and play with my brother’s train. Then he sexually abused me, and he talked to me while he was doing it, whispering to me that I was a good girl, that this would be our secret, and he promised me that we would go together to Paris and I would be a great actress in his films. ”

In September 1993 the prosecutor Frank Maco publicly stated that, in agreement with Mia Farrow and despite having “evidence of guilt”, he would not prosecute Allen for allegations of sexual harassment to spare his adopted daughter, considered too fragile, the trauma of such a process. Meanwhile the juvenile judge had already entrusted all the adopted children to the actress with the exception of the twenty-year-old Soon-Yi, now become the director’s companion.



The Milanese homosexual icon Mario “Maria” Mieli

“This is why paiderastia is so severely condemned: it addresses amorous messages to the child that society instead, through the family, traumatizes, educates, denies, lowering the oedipal grid on its eroticism. The heterosexual repressive society forces the child to the latency period; but the latency period is only the lethal introduction to the life sentence of a latent “life”. Pederasty, instead, “is an arrow of lust thrown towards the fetus” (Francesco Ascoli) “. The words always come from the book Elements of homosexual criticism by Mario Mieli, one of the first Italians to undertake the battle for gay rights that began with the resounding outing done in a theme at the Liceo Parini in Milan in 1968.

It is precisely from the Milanese adolescence that the film Anni Amari by the director Adriano Adriatico begins, starting with the wild nightlife in the “Fossa dei Leoni” in Parco Sempione and in the Milanese gay clubs, when homosexuality was synonymous with mental disorder, until the trip to London and the fundamental encounter with the British activism of the Gay Liberation Front; the return to the homeland and the foundation of the “Fuori!”, the first association of the Italian homosexual liberation movement, and of the “Milanese Homosexual Collectives”. It also tells of his commitment in the struggles of the propaganda proletariat of the Marxist ideology of which he was an avid supporter.

Contributions that, in light of his openly pedophile philosophy, have aroused strong indignation and political reactions: “With so many individuals with great social and civic value, positive examples for our young people, it is never possible that the Emilia-Romagna Region should finance , with 105,374.00 euros of public contributions, a feature film, entitled ‘The bitter years’, on the story of a young suicide, an icon of the gender theory, who, in his writings, defended sexual relations with children and practiced coprophagia? – to ask the question was Massimiliano Pompignoli, regional councilor of the Lega Nord, who together with colleagues from the Carroccio Group, addressed a question to the Giunta Bonaccini where he wondered how to justify “supporting a work,

 The concern – adds the politician – is that it” seduces “other young people, leading them into a whirlwind of loneliness, pain and self-destruction. And it is not a justification for the fact that the film was also funded by another Region and by Rai. Indeed it is perhaps an aggravating circumstance. It is possible that the Giunta, when it granted the financing in November 2017, was not thoroughly familiar with the theme of the work, however even this hypothesis would not absolve it from having acted so lightly. The only way out, in our opinion, is the withdrawal of these contributions “.



If in Italy the reform of the Penal Code on the sexual sphere has led to the unfortunate homologation in the same crime of sexual violence both the violent libidinal acts and the true rape thus creating a wide discretion on the entity of the penalty, so that an adult he was able to plea bargain for 2 months and 20 days for having sodomized his neighbor’s (Vercelli) 12-year-old son, he is at least ascertained, for now, that every sexual relationship with an infra-fourteen-year-old child is configured as sexual violence, even if consenting, because he considers himself the victim without of the psychological maturity necessary to express a complete consensus.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in socially developed Finland. Thus, last May, the news that the judges of the Turku Court of Appeal imposed asylum on Juusuf Muhamed Abbudin, a 23-year-old asylum seeker, was shocked and disgusted by only three years in prison for sexual abuse against a 10-year-old girl . As happened in 2006 in an abandoned palace in Tampere, the Pirkanmaa District Court ruled that an “aggravated sexual abuse” had taken place but that it was not rape because the victim “was not forced to act” nor did he demonstrate terror or fear during the relationship preceded and followed also by telephone messages with strong sexual references. This earned the young man the mild sentence with a fine of 3 thousand euros.

A similar incident occurred in France: in November 2017 a 29-year-old man who had raped an 11-year-old girl was sentenced only for abuse, because the child had not been able to openly demonstrate her opposition and therefore had not been subject to “compulsion, threats, violence or surprise”. An incident that has caused confusion to the point of inducing the French government to add the 15-year age limit for consensus in the new law on recently approved sexual violence. In Europe the age of consent varies from country to country. In Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Portugal it is set at 14 years; in Greece, Poland and Sweden at 15 years. in Belgium, United Kingdom, Holland, Spain and Russia at 16 and in Cyprus at 17.



Beyond the laws, which obviously must then be applied in the correct interpretations and judgments of the judges, there is still a substratum of acceptance of the pedophile thought that makes it absolutely more tolerated than the fascist one, to give an example of actuality. What happened in the Netherlands is very emblematic: a man is arrested for possession of child pornography but his association is granted the right to profess the belief of pedophilia. The story dates back to 2013 but remains a fologorative example of a guarantee of what can be considered an apology for crime. “Pedophilia is an aberrant behavior” but the right to campaign to promote it cannot be denied. ”

This is the meaning of the shock sentence issued in April five years ago by the Leeuwarden Court of Appeal which stated that the texts and photos on the website of a foundation that for over thirty years promoted pedophilia did not contravene the law. It was the Assen Civil Court in 2012 that ordered the dissolution of the Sticthing Martijn group, pointing out that its proposals to legalize sexual contacts between adults and children were contrary to the norms and values ​​of Dutch society. This had happened two years after the search of the house of the president of the time, Ad van den Berg, which had led to the discovery of huge quantities of child pornography and the arrest of Van den Berg himself. The Court of Appeal, although he considered the proposals for the liberalization of pedophilia “a serious contravention of some principles of the Dutch penal system” he had ruled that Dutch society is sufficiently “resistant” to face “undesirable statements and aberrant behavior”. However, in 2014 the Supreme Court overturned the sentence and fortunately reconfirmed that of dissolution of the association against which the appeal to the European Court was also useless.

The perception of pedophilia changed on 5 May 2018, at the University of Würzburg in Germany, which hosted a Ted Talk on the topic “Future Societys”. Among the speakers present was also Mirjam Heine, a medical student who gave a controversial speech entitled “Why our perception of pedophilia must change. Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation “. “In his presentation, Heine cited some scientific research that classifies pedophilia as” an immutable sexual orientation “.

As stated in the program of the event, the student is inspired by the work of a certain Dr. Klaus Beier, director of the department of sexology of the Charite, considered one of the best university hospitals in Berlin. According to Heine, no one is responsible for his sexual orientation and feelings, “but everyone is responsible for their own actions regarding them”. In a nutshell, therefore, pedophiles should be accepted because they cannot change their desires. They, however, have the task of learning to control them »writes the column of Il Giornale.



Baby brides of Muslims

Few Westerners probably know that Mohammed, declaring himself invested with divine power, was one of the first to legitimize pedophilia. Little Arisha was chosen as a bride, who was educated to be the wife of the prophet at the age of six. To avoid having her as a child, she waited 9 years to join her. No other words are needed to comment on such infamy protected by the religious mission of the wandering Arab who, to put it as St. John Bosco (see link at the bottom of the page) founded Mohammedism, or a religion invented by betraying Judaism and Christianity in order to have some notoriety conquered by the sword and not by martyrdom like the first Christians.

Here is the result of this great Islamic social culture in the report of Sky24: «In the world there is a strong reduction in marriages involving minor girls. But, as Unicef ​​points out, child brides are still 12 million each year. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund in its latest report published Tuesday, March 6 (2018), the decline in the phenomenon at the global level – a reduction of 15%, which in ten years has brought the ratio down from 1 marries the child on 4 to 1 in 5 – it is due to the progress made in recent years in some countries, especially in southern Asia. Among these, India, where the number of marriages involving children under the age of 18 has fallen by over a third, from 47% ten years ago to the current 27%. The reasons – for UNICEF – are to be found in the increase in the level of female education, in the proactive investments for girls and in the massive awareness-raising campaign that emphasizes the illegality of marriages with children and the damage they cause – he writes always Sky 24 – Around the world, despite an overall reduction of about 25 million marriages compared to expected, it is estimated that 650 million women got married when they were girls. According to UNICEF, this kind of marriage still involves 12 million girls every year. despite an overall reduction of about 25 million marriages compared to expected, an estimated 650 million women were married when they were girls. According to UNICEF, this kind of marriage still involves 12 million girls every year. despite an overall reduction of about 25 million marriages compared to expected, an estimated 650 million women were married when they were girls. According to UNICEF, this kind of marriage still involves 12 million girls every year.

And if there is progress in Asia, in sub-Saharan Africa the phenomenon still has worrying dimensions: here there is a third of the marriage with minors celebrated worldwide (ten years ago they were 1 in 5). “When a girl is forced to marry as a child, she faces both immediate and long-term consequences – explains Anju Malhotra, the leading expert on UNICEF – her chances of finishing school decrease, while those of being abused by her increase husband and suffer complications during pregnancy ”. There is still “a long way to go” if we want to reach the goal set by the UN to eliminate the phenomenon by 2030:

At the end of this disturbing data one wonders … Was it really necessary to make a film supported by Rai Cinema, celebrating a young Italian with a transgressive life who ended his days with suicide after flaunting his convinced pedophilia apology to the four winds? Are these the cultural examples that young people need in Italy? I believe not, but for the time in which the Rai was managed by the left wing of the Democratic Party, not by the will of the Italians but as a result of the political choices of the presidents of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano and Sergio Matttarella, this happened even though they had to be “governments technicians “aimed at reducing the public debt (increased by approximately 200 billion euros) and the elaboration of a serious electoral law that has not existed.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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