The Epstein Assassination

Michael Shrimpton analyzes the murder of Jeffrey Epstein and comments on the latest Brexit developments.


The assassination of German operative Jeffrey Epstein on August 10th in New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center did not come as a particular surprise. Based on what we know the suicide theory can safely be ruled out.

I don’t do conspiracy theories, only intelligence analysis. One difference between the two is that we intel analysts keep our opinions under review. As fresh evidence comes in you may have to revise your opinion.

The news that Epstein had made a new will on August 8th caused me to look at the case again. However I think the will is neutral. Its timing suggests that Epstein thought he was about to die, but not necessarily at his own hand. He had already been assaulted.

Moreover, as a Correa/COREA Group operative he must have known the extent of German penetration of the federal bureaucracy. He would have known that he wasn’t safe in a federal prison.

I first thought that the federal sex charges were designed to get him into prison, where he would be vulnerable. On mature reflection it looks as though the charges were actually bought in good faith, remarkable as that sounds for federal charges.

This posed Epstein’s controllers with a problem. Epstein’s principal intelligence tasks were twofold – to compromise Good Guys being targeted by the DVD, who are of course the Bad Guys, and to supply underage girls and boys to German political assets via his pedophile ring. His Royal Highness the Duke of York (Prince Andrew) was one of the Good Guys Epstein was told to target. Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, descended from one of the religious nutters, no offense intended, on the Mayflower, was probably another.

Despite being a Democrat, a friend of President Clinton (how nice that there’s only one, President named Clinton that is) and a former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Governor Richardson is basically one of the Good Guys. I say basically because it would seem that his methods of campaign fund-raising are not entirely orthodox, if I may put it that way. He also holds some strange beliefs – he’s opposed to the death penalty for murder, for example. However these beliefs seem to be held honestly, if not always rationally.

Jeffrey Epstein knew where a lot of skeletons were buried. There were so many it was more a case of skeletons in the warehouse rather than the closet. He was in a position to cut a deal with ambitious federal prosecutors looking to nail some high profile names.

The DVD and its Correa/COREA Group sub-agency had ample motive to whack Epstein. Eliminating their own people is standard German Intelligence practice. In World War II a Jerry U-Boat commander was even ordered to provide the agents he was landing off Scotland with a German sausage, thereby just about guaranteeing their swift arrest. (The Abwehr had a strategy of giving low-level agents basic training and surrendering them to MI5, to keep MI5’s attention off the Whitehall, Cambridge and Oxford Spy Rings.)

Getting a German death squad (obviously composed of US citizens – they wouldn’t have been speaking German, or wearing coal-scuttle helmets) into and out of the Metropolitan Correctional Center, with the help of the prison bureaucracy, would have been child’s play. Very few federal facilities would hesitate to lay out the welcome mat for a German death squad.

The killing field

All the evidence points towards the creation of a killing field. On the morning of the assassination Epstein’s cell-mate was moved out. Later in the day his 30 minute suicide watch was withdrawn, clearing the way for the death squad. At night of course it’s pretty easy to move around a prison unobserved. The death squad members were probably given prison officers’ uniforms anyway.

The hyoid fractures

These are troubling. Multiple hyoid fractures in a healthy adult with no calcium or Vitamin D deficiency (and I’m sure Jeffrey took his vitamins) are strongly suggestive of homicide, not suicide. It is not impossible for the hyoid bone to be fractured in a hanging, but it’s unusual.

As many readers will know the hyoid sits just below the mandible. It’s quite a strong bone and doesn’t fracture easily, even if the jaw bone is broken. I doubt that many readers will have gone to A & E with a fractured hyoid bone.

It was probably the hyoid fractures which inclined the Medical Examiner to think homicide, but she bottled it, no offense intended. New York is probably a bit too much for her, no offense intended. Schenectady would be about her level – fewer German death squads.

Alternatives to the Jerries

Not many sensible people are buying suicide. Two alternatives to the Jerries have been suggested – Russia and Israel. Neither makes any sense at all, frankly. Mossad are good but they don’t even control the distribution of bagels in New York, let alone the federal prisons. The same goes for the Russians.

It is impossible to imagine the SVR or the Mossad getting a team into the MCC to whack Jeffrey Epstein, and out again. How would they shut down the CCTV cameras, and if they did, why wouldn’t that have been picked up by now? Clearly the hit required the cooperation of the prison authorities.

More to the point, what motive would either the Russians or the Israelis have to whack Epstein? Granted he was a German operative, but he posed no particular threat to either Moscow or Jerusalem. MI6 would have more motive than either, given that HRH the Duke of York had been assigned to Epstein as a target, but the idea of MI6 acting to protect the Royal Family only has to be stated for its absurdity to be apparent.

Even if Six had wanted to take Epstein out, and even if they had cleared the hit with Langley, the boys are so heavily penetrated by GO2, the DVD’s London operation, that the DVD would have been able to block it. No, this was a German hit.

Murdering a US Citizen on US soil is an Act of War, so it’s probably just as well for the sausage-eating fraternity across the water that President Trump hasn’t been briefed in on the DVD and still thinks that Admiral Canaris died in 1945. By the way, for anyone who still thinks he did here’s a post-war photograph of him, probably taken in 1958 or 1959:

The one human organ that keeps growing is the ears. (If you’re a young man dissatisfied with the length of your willy, I’m afraid you’ll probably find that it’s stopped growing!). The above photo appeared in an authorised biography of Herr Admiral, written in 1973 by one of his officers, Charles Whiting. Facial mapping has confirmed that this is not only an authentic photo of Admiral Canaris but was taken some years after published wartime photos.

The rescue/kidnap theory

Well aware that suicide wouldn’t fly, the CIA have been assiduously pushing the rescue/kidnap theory since news of the assassination broke. The boys are saying that the body taken to hospital wasn’t Epstein’s. I’m not entirely clear whether they are suggesting that there was no autopsy at all, or that the New York City Medical Examiner was fooled into accepting another body as Epstein’s.

Granted that Medical Examiners are easy to fool, no offense intended, it is seriously difficult to imagine the DVD coming up with a body looking like Epstein’s in the right time frame. Even in New York spare dead bodies are not all that easy to come by. They’re not that easy to come by in London, if it comes to that, or in Nottingham on a Saturday night.

When was the last time you had step over a dead body on a New York street? Remember the body has to look like Epstein. There’s no point trying to sneak an African-American body, or a woman’s body, past the Medical Examiner. Pathologists are trained to look for little details like that.

If they’re presented with a body, told it’s that of a man and there’s no willy, even the average pathologist (and the New York Medical Examiner is very average, no offense intended) is going to ask ‘what’s happened to his willy?’ Similarly they are likely to notice if the body is the wrong color.

More to the point Epstein’s DNA will be on file, along with his mug shot. Facial mapping software and DNA fingerprinting would permit a solid identification of the body. There’s no way another body was handed over to the Medical Examiner’s office. You wouldn’t have to be Quincy ME to make sure you had the right body.

There was definitely an autopsy. Dr Michael Baden, a distinguished forensic pathologist, himself a former New City Medical Examiner (it turned out that he was over-qualified for the post), was present. He was senior pathologist on the House Committee on Assassinations, about the only serious Congressional committee that there’s ever been.


I conclude that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered by strangulation on August 10th between the hours of 2400 and 0600 by a Correa/COREA Group termination squad smuggled into and out of the Metropolitan Correctional Center with the assistance of federal prison officials. I expressed the same conclusion last week in an interview with that nice lady Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot : As usual Kerry did well to draw me out into expressing a view.

Lord Justice Hickinbottom

Brexit developments

There have been two recent developments of note. Lord Justice Hickinbottom, a Remainer (no offense intended) refused a renewed application by the English Democrats for judicial review of the unlawful decision of Theresa May’s government to extend the Article 50 notice period without Parliamentary sanction.

The judge’s reasoning (His Lordship, being a former solicitor, is not a learned judge, of course), if reasoning is not too strong a word with respect, is that Parliament enacted the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019 on the basis that the government retained a Prerogative power to extend the period. Putting Parliament’s basic error aside, this rather dodgy act was passed after the illegal exercise of the Prerogative by Theresa May. Given that it’s not retrospective, how is it relevant?

Hickinbottom LJ denied the English Democrats the right to an oral hearing through the device, with respect, of marking their application as ‘Totally Without Merit’. In so doing, again with respect, he has further undermined confidence in the senior judiciary. From the notorious Factortame decision onwards the senior judges have increasingly shown themselves to be Remainers, willing to take decisions for political rather than legal reasons.

It is now increasingly clear that secret undertakings were given to Brussels in 1972 that our common law legal system would be dismantled. I should explain that the EU behave a little but like the Borg in Star Trek – they don’t just want to take over other countries, they want to assimilate them.

The English Democrats’ challenge was by way of judicial review. Before we entered the EEC such an application could have been begun by writ, guaranteeing them an oral hearing. In 1977 the ancient Prerogative Writs were swept away in a ‘reform’, which made them easier to subvert. Just two years later, in a case called O’Reilly v. Mackman, the Law Lords, let by the Europhile Lord Diplock, who assisted in the deception of Parliament over what became the Factortame doctrine, invented the unconstitutional doctrine of procedural exclusivity. This mimicked the Administrative Court in France and removed, or sought to remove, public law decisions from the ordinary courts.

Then the Administrative Court was created. In practice all public law cases are channeled into it. No Eurosceptic legal challenge has ever succeeded in the Administrative Court – it’s a Brexit graveyard. Around the same time our successful and long-standing Rules of Court were swept away and replaced by the European-style Civil Procedure Rules. It was these rules which were used against the English Democrats.

Our judges even look like European judges these days. Their time-honored wigs and gowns have been replaced by cheap and nasty European-style robes, which very frankly would not have looked out of place in the Third Reich.

The English Democrats were right, with respect. When the Supreme Court (our supremes, not yours), ludicrously, with respect, ruled that the government couldn’t denounce the Treaty on European Union using the Royal Prerogative, Parliament passed an act authorizing denunciation. That act made no mention at all of extending the notice period.

Since Parliament had intervened the Prerogative was suspended as regards Article 50. That was because of the long-established rule in Attorney-General v. De Keyser’s Royal Hotel, where the House of Lords decided that once Parliament has intervened the Prerogative goes into abeyance. The case concerned a new headquarters building for the Royal Flying Corps in World War 1. The RFC, as all y’all may know, were a splendid bunch of chaps, who did good work shooting down our community partner the Hun. Under the Prerogative the hotel could simply be seized. Under statute it could only be seized with a right of compensation. The hotel owners, or rather their administrators, were entitled to compensation, and rightly so.

Sir Gary Hickinbottom’s future as a judge is uncertain, with respect. He is now vulnerable to a motion for dismissal, or at any rate will be after the general election which everybody thinks will happen in the autumn. Perhaps he could return to being a Parking Adjudicator, with respect, which some in the legal world thought was about his level.

Brexit is a process. It will not stop after we leave the EU on October 31st. We need to reclaim our legal system. The post of Lord Chancellor should be restored to its former glory. The Judicial Appointments Commission, a with respect useless quango, which reports to the Cabinet Office and has a history of making political appointments, should be abolished.

The Civil Procedure Rules should also be abolished and the old Supreme Court Rules and County Court Rules brought back. In future senior judges should be properly dressed in court.

The other Brexit development has been The Queen’s perfectly sensible decision with respect to prorogue Parliament, acting upon the Prime Minister’s perfectly proper advice. This should prevent Remainer MPs anxious to keep Britain trapped inside the Evil Empire from frustrating the popular will. They’ve been running around like headless, chlorinated chickens since yesterday. Writing in the Guardian this morning, Polly Toynbee, grand-daughter of the notorious German agent Arnold J. Toynbee, talked about the electorate not having voted for no deal in 2016. Really? What did she think we were voting for? It was a binary choice and we chose to leave. Period, as you guys say.

Shooting follow-up

As I feared the victims in Texas and Ohio died in vain. Nobody is doing anything. The FBI are still in charge of the ‘investigation’, which makes about as much sense as putting dear old Betty Ford in charge of the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee would have done.

The NRA are being left in ignorance of the DVD and its tactic of organizing mass shootings. Local law enforcement are also paralyzed by ignorance. They’re good people, but they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

There’s no reason why the DVD will stop organizing these massacres, no reason at all. America is powerless to stop them, because those who have it within their power to help America won’t. Hundreds more will die, sadly, before the first serious investigation begins.

The Headingley Test Match

No good cause is ever lost, however, as the England team proved at Headingley last week. England’s position on Friday night appeared to be truly hopeless. We had been bowled out for 67 in our first innings. No team had ever batted so badly in its first innings and gone on to win since the 1880s, and those were the days of uncovered pitches.

Along came Ben Stokes, in whose case I intervened in 2017. (As all ya’ll will recall I spotted that he had been set up by GO2.) Ben bowled an heroic spell, 15 or so overs straight, on Friday night, which limited Australia’s lead. Then he played one of the greatest innings in Ashes history, scoring 135 not out to level the series at one all, smashing eight sixes (cricket’s equivalent of a home run) in the process. England were saved and the crowd went wild.

We haven’t scored a win like this, against the odds, since the Battle of Britain, although Headingley 1981 came close. The entire country has been lifted, except for the Remainers of course, who were no doubt desperately hoping England would be bowled out.

My reading this week

This has included Clive Cussler’s Sea of Greed (2018), co-written by Graham Brown. (I expect Graham did most of the hard work!). I’ve been reading Clive Cussler’s books since the mid-70s.

Sea of Greed is a cracking novel, as one would expect from this master storyteller. I won’t spoil the plot, but it’s a good read.

Cussler has always been well-informed. I have no doubt that he has bumped into the Virginia Farm Boys from time to time. What’s really interesting about Sea of Greed is that it features a sabotaged oil rig with the name Alpha in it. The coincidence with the sabotaged Piper Alpha rig in the North Sea is too great to be a coincidence. That was the Occidental rig the Jerries blew up in 1988 as part of their campaign against the UK’s energy supplies. Piper Alpha is unfinished business.

English actor Jeremy Kemp posed as ‘Squadron-Leader Jack Cooper’ on the set of the television drama series ‘Wednesday Play – Campaign For One’ in 1965. (Photo by Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Peter Fonda (1940 – 2019) and Jeremy Kemp (1935 – 2019)

Two sad losses to the movie world since my last column: Peter Fonda (August 16th) and Jeremy Kemp (July 19th).

Whilst nowhere near the actor his great father Henry was, Peter Fonda was nonetheless a fine talent, who will always be remembered for Easy Rider, the 1969 counter-culture movie. As a conservative I’m not supposed to approve of Easy Rider, but I do, partly because I’m a social liberal. The movie’s emphasis on freedom should have an appeal to all conservatives, as we believe in freedom and democracy, if not narcotics.

Peter Fonda had a distinguished career apart from Easy Rider, but that was his masterpiece. Creating one masterpiece in a lifetime is enough for most of us. The Fonda name lives on through his talented daughter Bridget.

Jeremy Kemp will be best known to American viewers for playing Captain Picard’s brother Robert in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was a fine character actor, who had parts in movies as famous as Operation Crossbow (1965), A Bridge Too Far (1977), The Prisoner of Zenda (1979) and Four Weddings And A Funeral (1994). He was neither a star nor a big name, but he had a distinguished acting career and deserves to be remembered.

Next Column

This is a mid-week column (sort of!). My next column, on the dodgy Mueller Report, should be out on Sunday week, always assuming that the Jerries don’t shoot up another American town or blow up another oil rig in the meantime. If the DVD could space the massacres out a bit that I would treat that as a professional courtesy.


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  1. Michael, You should know that already PM Ariel Sharon said, that we, the Jewish people control American bakel business, and Americans know it. And I’m afraid that they are taking over Little Italy too, so there goes pizza biz as well.

    What You are insisting, is that the pizza Epstein was forced to eat, was baked by famous German Dr. Oetker. Those German pizza recipes goes all the way back to concentration camps, where a political prisoner was forced to eat a pizza and unless telling the truth and everything he knew, he was made to eat another one. Torture is not a murder, which latter was possibly the case with Epstein. You are barking the wrong tree.

  2. I can’t Believe it but here There are Some Comments So I sadly Learnt that some of My Friends are Stupid Enough to Listen to Shrimpton , him being What He is and Which is Officiating the Newer ” Jewish ” propaganda but same as usual as Always Blaming EveryThing Forever on His hated Germans Who Simply Refused to Be good little nice Slaves ……. so Every German is an Evil accused by any jew of the Worst Possible Crimes Which that Victim has never Ever Even dreamed of ……. BUT Yes IF Any German Indicates Any doubts about The Holy Jews then he’s going Straight to Jail in Hated Germany ……..

  3. Germany?! Are you kidding me? Ctrl-F Israel, 2 mentions. +1 for the minor Russian (non-ZJK) mention as well.
    This Ring require Money and Assets, neither of which Germany has chit of. This was purely a IzRealUSK syndicate man. And he had to be retired.

    And remeber, there has only been one photo of the body. Which was detected as a bad body double with one look at the ears, within hours of it’s posting ‘online’, it was gone from all media by the next day. The body has been taken (or cremated) by an ‘unknown’ person. The body they bagged and the report on ‘its’ death are worthless.

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