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[ Editor’s Note: We were expecting new confusion being published on 9-11 this year, and were not disappointed; but this piece on fire not being the cause of Building 7 coming down was stand up comedy, like everybody already knew that.

That said, any pressure to reopen 9-11 has to continue, so the fear of exposure of the real perpetrators never goes away.

And we are not holding our breath for any of the myriad of presidential candidates making it a key campaign plank, although it would be good to back them all into making a public refusal so we have the growing admission on the “I don’t care” list.

The first dead give-away photo, no plane wreckage on the Pentagon lawn, when it should have been strewn with endless luggage, seat cushions, and tail section, etc.

Every year we collect more and more confirmation of our nuclear 9-11 that VT owns lock, stock and barrel, although we are still waiting for any major media organization to interview us or one of the well-funded stink tanks to want to debate it with the cameras recording.

The new German material this year was a pleasure to have, solid independent work that we did not know of until it was completed. But the old 9-11 has a lot of competition.

By that I mean the competition of the “mini-911s” going on, compliments of the great unipolar power, plus Israel, and many of the NATO countries, which have adopted proxy terrorism as a foreign policy tool.

The UN has somehow escaped all responsibility for its ignoring this going on. It has had a front row seat, while collecting paychecks with top benefits, including pensions that are to die for. They don’t want to rock their own boat.

Has the UN in New York ever been picketed for its refusal to reform itself? Where are all the groups that used to protest there about all kinds of issues, as it was easy to get media coverage for their issue that way? If the UN will not reform, then we at least need a new “Multipolar UN” to compete with and eventually replace the originalJim W. Dean ]

– First published … September 10, 2019

A comprehensive study conducted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) in association with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth found that fire was not the cause of the collapse of the Building 7 of the World Trade Center (WTC).

The official theory established that the 47-story colossus collapsed on its base after the tragic attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, at 5:20 p.m., when it was affected by the fire coming from the Twin Towers—Buildings 1 and 2 of the World Trade Center. The building was completely destroyed in just seven seconds.

However, after investing four years in computer simulations, the FAU scientists published a draft report that concludes that the collapse of the third WTC skyscraper on Sept.11, 2001 was not due to any fire, but “the almost simultaneous failure of every column in the building.”

“Despite calls for the evidence to be preserved, New York City officials had the building’s debris removed and destroyed in the ensuing weeks and months, preventing a proper forensic investigation from ever taking place,” Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth explained on its website.

“Seven years later, federal investigators concluded that WTC 7 was the first steel-framed high-rise ever to have collapsed solely as a result of normal office fires,” the specialists emphasized, noting that new evidence invalidates that hypothesis.

Request to reopen the investigation

Some time ago, more than 3,000 active and retired architects and engineers called on the US Congress to conduct a new investigation into the three WTC skyscrapers that were destroyed on Sept. 11.

Under the name ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,’ they said there was “sufficient doubt about the official story to justify reopening the 9/11 investigation.”

“The new investigation must include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives that might have been the actual cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7,” they said.

‘Possible use of explosives’

In 2009, independent research conducted by a team of international scientists discovered, after analyzing some dust samples from the debris in the area where the skyscrapers collapsed, that they all contained a red layer of active thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology.

The study conducted by Niels H. Harrit, a chemist at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, determined that it was a high energetic explosive material that would explain the remains of molten metal, and why the fires lasted under the rubble for months.

Professor David Ray Griffin, author of a reference work in which he details up to 115 omissions and distortions in his work, “The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions,” which aims to dismantle the official version of the attacks on the World Trade Center, as well as the Pentagon and the White House, which occurred on the same fateful day, collaborated in the investigation.

The following is a summary of some of the most important points that Griffin mentions in his book alleging a possible complicity of some elements of the government in the attack:

  • The omission of evidence that at least six of the alleged hijackers—including Waleed al-Shehri, said by the Commission probably to have stabbed a flight attendant on Flight 11 before it crashed into the North Tower of the WTC—are still alive (pages 19-20).
  • The omission of the fact that President Bush’s brother Marvin and his cousin Wirt Walker III were both principals in the company in charge of security for the WTC (pages 31-32).
  • The omission of the fact that The Project for the New American Century, many members of which became key figures in the Bush administration, published a document in 2000 saying that “a new Pearl Harbor” would aid its goal of obtaining funding for a rapid technological transformation of the US military (pages 117-18).
  • The omission of the report that at a meeting in July 2001, US representatives said that because the Taliban refused to agree to a US proposal that would allow the pipeline project to go forward, a war against them would begin by October (pages 125-26).
  • The failure to probe the issue of how the “war games” scheduled for that day were related to the military’s failure to intercept the hijacked airliners (pages 268-69).
  • The failure to discuss the possible relevance of Operation Northwoods to the attacks of 9/11 (pages 269-71).
  • The failure to point out that the Commission’s claimed “independence” was fatally compromised by the fact that its executive director, Philip Zelikow, was virtually a member of the Bush administration (pages 7-9, 11-12, 282-84).

In this context, former CIA analyst George Beebee recently alleged in his new work that Russian leader Vladimir Putin personally warned President George W. Bush two days in advance to prevent the 9/11 attacks. (Source: thebl.com)


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  1. A short list of many of the main perpetrators would include Bush, Cheney,
    Four Star Generals, various office secretaries, members of Congress, Judge in NY, Lucky Larry, NY Port Authority, NY Mayor, etc. Why have not all these persons been questioned in public about this event? If they refuse to answer give them immunity. If they still refuse jail them. It is obvious that criminals have taken over our so called “Justice Dept.”. The four star generals failed in their most basic duty to defend our country from attack period. Yet nothing has been done to bring any of these traitors to “Justice”. All this is apart from the role Israel played in all this scam.

    • Evidently in so called “America” today, once one has held certain high offices like President, Vice President, Four Star General, etc. when you return to society you do not return to an ordinary citizen status again, as falsely stated in lying history books, but are held up above all laws and systems of justice as if one were anointed King or Queen or some other title above all laws of society which apply to ordinary lowly citizens. This situation is more than disgraceful. How about it you lying lawyers in our Injustice Department? If not now, when, will you get up off your rear ends and begin the questioning that should have begun over 18 years ago and counting? I never thought I would observe such degeneration of this country in my short lifetime. What is not surprising is that the totally corrupt group of lying lawyers have done this to us! Shame on you expletives deleted. Your collective silence in this important matter is deafening.

  2. Hey,
    Sir Jim Dean,
    ich habe schon lange geschrieben, ich war Zeuge bei dem Einsturz von WTC 7 es kann niemals durch das Feuer geschehen sein.Das komische war als der Sender die Durchsage machte WCT bricht zusammen.
    Die zwei Ladys zoomten darauf und es stand noch, nach zirka 5-8 minuten stürzte es ein, vorher konnte man auf dem Dach etwa 7 Meter eine kleine Flamme sehen in der höhe von 10cm -bis 20 cm mit etwas Rauch.
    Die beiden Ladys waren total durch einander. Es ist ein Kriminalfall welcher in der Welt einzigartig ist.
    Grüße das Forum Werner

  3. “…that they all contained a red layer of active thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology.”

    That is hardly a better faux explanation than kerosene and office furnishings and files melting a steel building. Nanotechnology to increase explosive power and thermal energy of thermite sounds like a hypothesis developed in the final portion of a digestive tract of a bull.

    Of course kerosene will melt steel, but only in a highly oxygen enriched environment as anyone who has used a gas welding/cutting torch should know. Of course, we have the little issue of how to flood a high-rise building with both kerosene and liquid oxygen at the same time (OK, I will stop being sarcastic here).

  4. The evidence is out there for any prosecutor with balls to file for indictments. That’s the logical next step. Indictments and arrests. The 18 year lie will fold under the weight of the defendants clambering over one another, like crabs in a barrel, to tell their story for immunity. The crimes range from misdemeanors to conspiracy to defraud insurance companies, and everything in-between, up to murder and treason. The punishment for the last 2: DEATH. We should be asking for disclosure of the insurance companies investigation records. That would be fun reading.
    It really is a slam dunk for any aspiring attorney. So why isn’t it happening?
    The truthers are still arguing over airplanes and nano-thermite, which is a complete waste of time; frankly a diversion. Any defendant charged under such theories would argue: it’s impossible to bring down such structures with simple explosives. Therefore I didn’t do it.

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