That Frickin’ Russian Media: Wassup?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

What the hell is the Russian press thinking?  The photos below are links from Russia Today and Sputnik News stories, not just “bottom of the page” crap, but these are their lead headlines on a day the world, as is so often the case, sits on the brink of war.

Past that, of course, is the newfound ass kissing of the extremist right, white supremacists and big corporations that this portion of the Russian media has fallen in love with.  With “RussiaGate,” came the need to defend Trump no matter what an ass he made of himself.

They had to know it made him look guilty.  They do the same with Israel as well, continually, and Saudi Arabia as well, as long as cash goes out for Russian weapons.

Here is our problem, with the Western press 100% censored, all we have is RT and Sputnik.

There isn’t anything else.  Press TV in Iran has a very small budget and no access to Europe and North America.  The Israeli media is OK, the American and British, horrific.

Then there’s VT along with about 50 fake versions of VT, every one of them paid by a think tank working for the Kosher Nostra.  If only I were kidding.  Enjoy the sleeze:


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  1. So I did take a look at the sleeze. Somehow my perception of what the site had to offer ( Netanyahu, Saudis, Pompeo, Trump, a glimpse of Putin, Facebook’s independent s. court… ) is quite different from the learned Senior Editor’s. I did find some concerning the neverending procession of Ronaldo’s girlfriends and a few irrelevant ( to me, that is ) pieces. Maybe I wasn’t looking for the proverbial tree, or somehow I still cannot comply with the MSM hype about everything and everyone emanating from Russia. In addendum, judging by the comments, Israel and Russia are the new Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania. Or just one of them, depending on the current state of affairs.

  2. In fact, Russian media differ from the American ones in that censorship is limited to central channels and sites. A huge mass of other channels and sites on the network is replete with all kinds of news. Personally, I read news and analytical articles from just 2-3 sites. I do not watch central channels on TV. Just fed up. On the Internet there are a lot of “yellow” news and outright nonsense. As almost everywhere. People are fed with various kinds of stupid news so that they could be distracted from life’s realities. So .. I read VT and There is an English language mode, but, unfortunately, not for all articles.

  3. Sputnik is often full of I read just to see what (if believable) is going on you may not see in the MSM. They are also pushing, occasional article, the greatest scientific scam of the century , (fake) climate change. I know VT talks to Joe Olsen, he is very good on this. Believe him.
    You can get some other opinion/info from China daily or Global Times (not always). At least they arent owned by the Khazarian mafia. I watch CCTV, it is never anti Iran they do show whats going on, esp the thousands anti protest protesters demonstrating (ordinary HK citizens pro govt) in HK.
    The world is mad.

  4. Gordon, some of your thinking lately is mystifying me. Why do you assume the Russian press isn’t even more controlled than ours is? Russia’s an autocratic state fully integrated with the Khazarian Mafia. Both Israel and Russia targeted us in 2016 and neither are finished.

    Somewhere along the line we got roped into the idea that it’s a choice between the Russia narrative or the hidden hand of Israel. Either/or. But the truth is they’re both America’s enemies. Trump is the Russians’ agent of chaos (he doesn’t even need to be a puppet) while he’s Israel’s King Cyrus fantasy.

    The only other people who want to keep this jerk in office are delusional “patriots” like your friend Robert Steele who somehow fall for (or are a part of) this Q-Anon op with nameless and faceless Deep State “heroes” fighting the “real” enemies like Andrew McCabe who are persecuting our Dear Leader. Can it get any more absurd?

    I don’t agree with you that our press is 100% censored. They are still trying to expose this fraudster for who he is. Like it or not, or choice now is reduced down to returning back to our “normal” situation of a hypocritical and underhanded Establishment presiding over a very truncated form of democracy, or a world run by mafia cults of one form or another. It’s that bad.

    I just wrote an article about what I learned this summer about Russia. Here’s a link for what it’s worth.

    • Yes, for sure Stalin was right, only the one who counts the votes, counts. But Rothschild was more right when he said, give me a money printer and I don’t care who rules the country. And continued, this our monetary system is somewhat difficult, most of the people don’t understand it, and those who do, can’t resist the easy money opportunities it provides and they will protect it until the last man standing.

      It may well be, that Soviet Union created Israel, but it was the US Federal Reserve that created Soviet Union and while doing so, killed tens of millions of people. Why don’t You mention about those shiploads of American Jews, who were sent to Russia in 1917 as leaders and butchers. WW2 was clearly an American war. On the other side Hitler, sponsored by industrial tychoons like Henry Ford, and the other side Britain sponsored by Fed Bankers. Stalin being the wild card ceased to take any more orders from Bankers. I think it’s useless to go after some mob thugs, who decides nothing.

  5. In english it is frustrating. There is hardly anything serious I can read in english past VT, RT, Press TV or some NEO bloggers. Sana Syria are allright, even Haaretz, who are Israeli. Pravdareport, Hurriyet daily are hillarious to me. Western media don’t even need to be mentioned, they are hellbent, and hardly media at all. There are other sites, not in english, they are not as thorough as VT, but they tend to put spotlight on real culprits of international politics. Occhi della guerra, Logicno etc. But it is what Frantz Klintsevich said: “we still reach only millions in matter of hours, while western media reach billions in matter of hours..”.
    Sometimes sports pages are the only true news of the day you can find on a media.
    We should not race and rush into quicksand together with screaming western media, let them drown themselves.

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