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Here in this article, we are going to cover basic rules to play poker games. Poker QQ games are very much popular these days. Basically this is a game of cards.

If you want to learn the rules of poker you should get an idea about a pack of cards like how many cards are there in one pack, their values, etc. First, have some ideas about cards so in pack of cards there are 52 cards in 13 different categories. Each category has an arrangement in a high to low Order starting from “Ace to 2”. The arrangement is in 4 suits which are club, diamond, heart & spades. However, all suits have equal in value means jack of heart has the same value as a jack of spades.

To win this game you have to make hands (pairs or sets) following the hand ranking rules. This rule determines which hand having greater value to the other ones. It helps to find the winner at the end of the game. The person who is having greater value of hands with him will be the winner.

Now understand how to make hands of greater value so that you can win the game. Here we are mentioning hand rankings from high to low one by one to understand the basics of the game.

Hand ranking in poker online game-

Royal Flush: If you are having Royal Flush hand ranking that means you have hands of highest value.

I.e. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10.

It means you need to have hand of these cards of the same suit.

Straight Flush: you need to have any five cards of the same suit

Like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 all are of heart suite.

Four of a kind: in this type of hand ranking one should have four cards of the same rank and the rest can be of any type.

Like Q, Q, Q, Q, 5 four are of the same rank that is queen.

Full house: in this type of ranking three of them should be of the same rank and the other two cards of another rank.

Like J, J, J, 6,6.

Flush: for this type of ranking one needs to make the hand of five cards of the same suit.

Like A, J, 8, 6, 3 of the same suite spade or any other same suit(heart, club or diamond).

Straight: you need to make hand of five cards in numerical order having different suit.

Like 10, 9, 8, 7, 6. Let 10 is of diamond, 9 is of spade, 8 is of club, 7 is of heart, 6 is of club.

Three of kind: for this ranking you needs to have three cards of the same value and the other can be different to each other.

Like A, A, A, 7, 3.

Two pairs: here you need to have two different sets of cards and the other one is different to them.

Like J, J, 5, 5, 2.

Pair: for this you have to make one pair of two cards of the same rank and the rest are unrelated.

Like K, K, 8, 5, 2.

High card: set of cards which don’t have connection, different suit not making any pair.

Like K, J, 9, 6,3.

In this case if more than one person has this hand then the person who has the best possibility of hand wins.

Rounds in poker games

There are various rounds in poker online game. Read the next section to know about those rounds.

  • Preflop: after cards distribution to the players, betting round starts from the player who is sitting left to the big blind means under the gun. He takes his turn by making moves that is raise the bet on the cards which he is having. Then the person who is left to him makes his turn. The round continues it will end when all of them put equal chips in pot or folds. However, in this round only the person with the big blind position can check.
  • Flop: at the completion of preflop round players deal with three community cards face up and betting starts for this round.
  • Turn: in this round two or more cards are dealt and betting for this round starts.
  • River: deal with final community card and betting for this round starts.

If anyone wants to fold his cards in between the game, he is out from the game & others still play the game.  Players show their cards at the showdown, the person who has five cards with the best combination wins the pot.

Reasons to do betting by the players:

  • To prevent the other players to realize the poker equity of their hand to try
  • When you form flush or straight hand and trying to increase the amount of pot so you have more money when you show down
  • Confuse other players so that he folds and you win
  • When you don’t have strong cards and not able to make hands that time others should not able to realize. So, when they fold a better hand and you win

This game includes tournaments and cash games. There is a difference between both the approaches.  Following are the approaches that a player opt-

  • In cash games blind do the betting where as in tournaments he will raise according to blind structure of that tournament.
  • We play for money in cash games which are in pot where as in tournament you need to pay first. In cash games as we are playing for real money we deal with real chips. In tournament we already pay something which gives us tournament chips.
  • Back out any time but in tournament game continues until not having the winner.

Poker online types

Here we are discussing about different types of poker online means what the possible ways to play the game are.

  • Texas Hold’em Poker: it is a popular one among all of the types. In this game by the help of two hole cards with you & five common cards on the table you have to make the best five card combination.
  • Pot Limit Omaha: To win this game you need to make five cards combination by the help of 2 hole cards which are in your hand and the other three community cards dealt on the table. In this variant amount of betting has a limit to money which is already in the pot.
  • Omaha Hi Low: In this variant we have two winners’ means two players get the money. It is split game. The person who has the best hand of higher combination wins half of the money in the pot along with him the person who has the best combination of low hand wins half.
  • Crazy pineapple: person dealt three hole cards in this variant. He has to give one card once the flop round completes and has to play with another two cards. He needs to make a choice between the cards that he wants to have. However, the rule is he cannot see the board. This is the twist in this variant whereas others rules are same as Texas Hold’em.
  • Hold’em: Slowly it is becoming more popular in India day by day. It has the same rules of betting as Texas Hold’em. Similarly player has to make five card combinations by following the hand ranking rules which we already understood. The only difference is visible in this variant the player gets 2 cards each at the fourth and fifth street.

Here are some common tips which we are sharing to win the poker online game

If you want to win the game, just keep on betting. This is the main tip to win this game. The correct moves of player with focus mind decide the winner of this game. Sometimes players have to check when they need to bet and call when they must raise. Just like if you are having hand of big cards A, K or Q you must bet. Force the players to be in game in case you want to win poker.

Hardly bet or raise means you are thinking that you are with strong players. You are the only weak and you will play with less confidence. On the other hand, when you bet others have an idea that you must have high hands of cards so they fold. Fortunately, you win the game when they do this.

Moreover, you need to have patience, Bet doesn’t mean raise when you don’t have good hand of cards. That time fold and sit quiet and see patiently what is going on. Note that observing other players behavior will help you to read the minds of them. In this situation you are able to identify the moves of other players so you can decide your moves.

This is all about Poker online game its rules, winning tips, variants etc. Keep all the rules and tips in mind to win this game. However, you will be able to make more money once you know the best strategies.


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