Italy Celebrates Black Cat Day

Photo by Carol Duff

Health Editor’s Note: We have 8 of these fine fellows and girls around here.  Did you know that in the U.S. black cats are generally not available for adoption around Halloween time due to the fact that humans will use them in deplorable ways, since they want to believe that black cats signify evil?. Superstition is an evil unto itself. Believing in what you cannot experience is pure insanity…Carol

Italians Protect Black Cats

by Irina Shlionskaya/

November 17, Italy celebrates Black Cat Day. This holiday was established by the Italian Association for the Protection of the Environment and Animals (AIDAA) several years ago. The fact is that every year about 60 thousand black cats disappear in the country. They die at the hands of superstitious people, and also become victims of magical and satanic rituals.

From time immemorial, black cats have been credited with a devilish essence. In the Middle Ages, the Inquisition destroyed them, since it believed that demons were in the form of black cats. In addition, medieval Europeans were convinced that witches could turn into cats. It was said that seven years after birth, a black cat becomes a witch, and a black cat becomes a devil.

Many believed that black cats serve dark forces. Therefore, unfortunate animals were publicly burned at the stake. Once in France, along with a “witch”, 14 black cats were burned by the inquisitors. Pope Innocent VIII declared: “Cats are pagan animals conspiring with the devil.”

But at the same time, it was believed that the black cat had useful properties: its tail seemed to serve as a sure remedy for eye diseases, and the bone of a black cat was worn around the neck like an amulet from misfortunes. Which, of course, also did not contribute to its prosperous existence.

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  1. Had one named Midnight; a very clever kitty. Perfect hunter, deadly, only weighed 8# and scared my Vet from Texas A and M who specialized in cats. She used to sharped her claws on Cedar trees and kept them like razors. I could pick her up but if she wanted down, you let her down unless you wanted stitches. Ate like a pig and never got fat. Killed a full grown Copperhead and dragged it into the kitchen. Legend.

  2. I’m going to celebrate that day too, rats away so to say. Some several month ago a wild black cat moved into my place. At first I thought it was crowes that messed with the carbage bag, but then I realized that it was the cat I’ve seen prior. I’ve been giving it somewhat more food and it has stayed in here. But no matter how much food I have given to it, it keeps patrolling the area for rats and mices.

    • If a cat has 3 colors on fur, it is a she-cat. The best rats catchers! He-cats are mostly lazy 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip Andy. I’m afraid that this cat is a she cat. Ultimately black, although somewhat below chin somewhat white. Also tail somewhat red Brown. I better give her some contraceptive pills next spring.

    • JL, Get her spayed now. She will not get pregnant in just the spring. She can get pregnant at any time. As for the two colors of black and orange. The cats who have these two colors are generally female since both colors are carried on the X chromosome which the female of course has two as opposed to the male with only one X. Sometimes there can be males with both black and orange colors, but very rare.

  3. In Russia, there are also prejudices: if a black cat crossed the road in front of you, then it is better to turn on a different path, otherwise misfortune will happen.
    But in fact, this has nothing to do with supernatural physics. Black cats are as cute creatures as everyone else. I like British Shorthair and sphinxes 🙂
    We in Russia really love cats since ancient times and this is the most common beast in Russian homes 🙂

    • Black cats crossing one’s path is bad luck if you are walking around the house in the dark. None of the three here have any sense about this, while the tuxedo is smart enough to stay out of the way and not get her paws accidentally stepped on.

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