Connection Between Speel Deprivation and Decision Making in Politics


Have you ever wondered where is the connection between sleep habits and political decision making? It seems like two separate issues, but it is only on the surface. The recent studies linked sleep deprivation and the process of decision making in politics. They argue that politicians that do not get enough sleep regularly tend to make impulsive decisions. That is why we decided to focus on the negative effects of sleep deprivation and the reasons sleep habits are important for everyone. 

  • Exhaustion 

The obvious negative result of sleep deprivation is constant exhaustion. Our body runs millions of processes every day, and it needs to rest and restore. Sleep is the number one way of recharging your body. However, if a person does not get enough sleep, they will feel tired even after waking up. If you see this tendency in your life, buy the best extra firm mattress that will put you to sleep in a second.


  • Irritation 

Exhaustion comes hand in hand with irritation. When a person is constantly tired, they begin to lash out on others as a coping mechanism. The anger for not getting enough rest should go somewhere, and it usually results in being irritated with others. You have probably seen politicians viciously fighting with each other. Well, there is a decent chance they have sleep deprivation.

  • Inability to work in a team 

Politics is all about teamwork. Without effective communication, the decision-making process is plateaued. Studies have shown that people who do not get enough sleep are usually unable to establish an effective dialogue with others. It usually results in conflict and an inability to reach a compromise. 

  • Lack of creative thinking

Another negative consequence of sleep deprivation is the inability to think creatively and originally. Reforms and new vectors are essential parts of politics. Without it, only a plateau and economic stagnation can happen. However, it was proved that people who suffer from sleep deprivation are unable to present original solutions. Their body does not get enough rest and it is constantly in a survival mode. That is why such politicians are only capable of following a known path which is not always the best strategy. 

  • Inability to make quick decisions

As we have already established, the body of a person who does not get enough sleep is constantly looking for ways to rest. The mind will dream of a good pillow and mattress from as it means resting. That is why when a time comes that a politician with sleep deprivation needs to make a quick decision on the spot, their mind is simply cannot do that. It does not have the needed energy. 

To sum everything up, there is a clear connection between sleep deprivation and the decision-making process in politics. All the fights in the governments and senates, as well as the inability to provide meaningful reforms, make more sense from a perspective of sleep deprivation and its effects. All the negative consequences of not getting enough rest prove, that each person should monitor their sleep habits to stay healthy, energetic, and strong-minded.


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