Why British Students Decline To Study Chemistry


 As a student, choosing what subjects to study is a vital decision. The topics you study will determine your experience as a student and could pave your whole academic career. Most students have a rough idea of what they want to study by the time they reach high school, but when it comes to choosing the subjects, they can change their minds. This is exactly what’s happening in the UK.

The number of students in the UK that are choosing to study chemistry is declining. Due to this, the UK chemical industry is taking a big hit, and chemistry in Britain is declining in popularity. If that wasn’t enough, chem world jobs are struggling to get fulfilled because of a lack of supply.

Why is this happening? It may be because it’s difficult to find help if you’re struggling with a chemistry assignment, or you can’t find chemistry homework help. Perhaps you find the subject too difficult. We’ve compiled this guide to see why the number of students in the UK choosing to study chemistry is declining and to help you know the best way to study chemistry. You don’t have to shy away from the subject anymore! 

Why Are Students Declining To Study Chemistry In Britain?

Since 2015, the number of students in the UK choosing to study chemistry has declined by more than 20%. But why is this happening? 

Lack Of Promotion

Many experts say that this is a PR problem. Chemistry as a field is not marketed correctly, which leads to a lot of misconceptions about what a student’s future in the field of chemistry will be.

Students tend to have the view that by studying chemistry in Britain, they’re limited to a career as a teacher or will be stuck in a lab all day. The truth is there are dozens of specialties within this field that open you up to career options you never thought were possible.

Chemistry Is A ‘Hard’ Subject

A lot of students are steering clear of chemistry because they see it as a complicated subject that’ll be challenging to score in. The media plays a significant role in facilitating this view of chemistry, showing the subject as one that only ‘nerds’ can excel in. 

If you’re avoiding taking chemistry in Britain because you think it’ll be challenging, our advice is not to be scared. You can’t let a tough assignment deter you from a whole subject! You can easily find an assignment writing service in the UK to help you, and you can find tips on how to study chemistry online! So you have nothing to fear because you can always find a solution to any problem.

Lack of Government Support

Government support can make a substantial change when it comes to promoting a subject. When the government started funding programs for chemistry, such as ‘Chemistry: The Next Generation’ and ‘Chemistry For Our Future,’ the number of students in the UK applying for chemistry-related degrees shot up. 

With more help from the government, institutions offering chemistry degrees can give students more funding options. The best degrees in chemistry tend to be more expensive than usual because of the additional lab charges. With funding opportunities, more students can apply to study this science. 

Why Is A Decline In Students Studying Chemistry Harmful?

The UK chemical industry is very lucrative, worth at least £50 billion to the economy annually. With the number of students in the UK studying chemistry declining, it could have disastrous effects on the industry. The workforce for this industry will decrease drastically, even though it pays well.

There’s no denying the importance of chemistry and chemists in the world today. This science teaches you useful skills, such as objectivity and reasoning. It also helps us understand many current events, such as pollution and environmental changes. With climate change becoming an alarming global phenomenon, chemists are playing a more critical role in shaping public policy.

We may not realize it, but chemistry seeps into everything. We wear synthetic fibers that were made by chemists. Simple video cameras that we use in everyday life are coated with chemicals that allow for their smooth functioning. Chemistry is more than just staying in a lab all day. With students choosing not to study chemistry in Britain, many different industries can also get affected negatively due to a fall in the supply of chemical films that they rely on.


A tough assignment shouldn’t scare you from pursuing a career in an important field such as chemistry. The benefits of studying this science are vast and incomparable. Don’t let false conceptions scare you! And if you do find chemistry to be challenging, you can always find assignment help online.


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