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Inexcusable Lies: Why are France’s Cave Paintings, 10k Years Before Fake Adam and Eve, Ignored?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

10,000 years before Adam and Eve, an advanced civilization in Western Europe left behind cave paintings.  Records of these and thousands of other sites along with the sciences of geology, paleontology and physics are banned, censored and illegal in many American states and on “Christian” campuses at over 400 fake universities.

This is the Europedia map of the world when Adam was placed on Earth by g-d

You won’t find any of this at a evangelical college or see this in Israel, not hardly even though someone penned in “semitic tribes” 1500 miles north of where they are now believed to have existed.

Many members of Trump’s inner circle come from such academic heights.  Betsy DeVos went to a college where women are not considered human.  No wonder she found it so easy to hate actual humans.

Can Christ be born if Genesis and Exodus were, as we all know, fake?  You may not know, you suspect but chances are censorship kept this from you, there were no Jews in ancient Egypt.

For any historian or archaeologist, your first duty is to conform to fake history, fake bible timelines or popular myths.  Failing to do so will result in being accused of anti-semitism.

Further, if you are Israeli, you are subjected to continual attacks on Christianity, defiling Christ as a fake, displaying his alleged skeleton, which is claimed to have been found under a basement in occupied al Quds, on TV and worse.

Israelis claim Jesus was fake, never rose from the dead, never ascended to heaven but that his corpse rotted here…


News reports from Jerusalem are just breaking about an astounding discovery outside the city. In an ancient tomb an ossuary has been uncovered with the inscription “Rabbi Jeshua Nazarene”. The bones seem to indicate marks of a crucifixion–with the skull having holes caused by the crown of thorns.

French Archeologist Dr Avril Primera said, “We cannot be certain, but it would seem that these may really be the bones of Jesus of Nazareth.” The ossuary dates from the early second century and the bones were wrapped carefully in purple rayon to indicate special–perhaps royal status.”

There is also no proof there was an ancient Israel.  The Wailing Wall is Greek and Roman, and extremely similar to the identical structures in Lebanon (which VT toured in 2015) at Baalbek.

The area around Baalbek is controlled by Hezbollah, meaning it is totally safe to visit, crime free, clean and everything is priced affordably.  The site itself is free.

YouTube banned the VT videos but others exist:

Donald Trump, whose only potential religion alignment is more likely satanic than anything else, laughs at us all within his limited capability of humor and extremely limited intellect.

What is tyranny?  Is it that we, collectively mankind, are to submit to force and intimidation and deny our history, our science, to submit to conspiracy theories and fables?

To be properly Jewish or Christian, you have to believe that all science is made up.  There were no dinosaurs or fossils, no hydrocarbon fuels exist, no coal or oil, the oceans are imaginary, the Grand Canyon was eaten away in a day, in fact, all fact is not fact at all.

What can we prove?  We can prove religions are all interpretations of something else and their their fables are just that, as made up as a Trump rampaged riven by an Adderall binge

We begin today with Rick Steves’ tour of the Dordogne and the Lascaux Cave Paintings.

Under pressure, attempts are being made to bully the French government into falsifying the carbon dating, 20,000 years or more.

The Jewish and Christian Evangelical world believes that g-d made the earth in 3761 BCE making us 5780, loosely based on the day, hour and minute that Adam (with Eve, though she isn’t allowed to be mentioned as she is not entirely human) left the Garden of Eden, now thought to be somewhere in Yemen, very close to the probable location of biblical Israel.  There is no record of an ancient Israel anywhere near Palestine.

The temple below, in Turkey, existed 10,000 years before the creation of earth as well.  At least it gave Adam and Eve people to play with and assured Cain would carry the seed of “mankind” forward for those who fail to see the humor in the Scopes monkey trial.

Speaking of trials, as Johnny Cochrane once told us, “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”

What does this mean to us?  Since Adam and Eve were made up, then the entire line of imaginary offspring, Noah, Moses, all of them, David too, have to be tossed on the scrap heap?  What kind of person would make all that up?  I ‘m not touching that one with a ten foot pole.

For the past two centuries, archaeologists have been bullied into using the Torah as a basis for everything.  Sites off Ireland, such as the “Iron age” stone fortress on the Aran Islands, which I have visited, along with most of the others.  The video below is typical as anyone who strays too far from popular fiction is burned by the lobby.

What are the real dates?  First of all, everything used to describe this site is made up.

20,000 years ago?  Is it really “iron age?”  Where is the evidence?

Let’s talk about the bible and the battle of Jericho?  When was Jericho founded, certainly after 2000 BCE or was it?

Tell es-Sultan (Arabicتل السلطان‎, lit. – Sultan‘s Hill) also known as Tel Jericho (Hebrewתל יריחו‎) or Ancient Jericho, is the site of ancient and biblical Jericho and today a UNESCO-nominated archaeological site in the West Bank,[2] located two kilometres north of the centre of Jericho. The tell was inhabited from the 10th millennium BCE, and has been called “the oldest town in the world”, with many significant archaeological finds; the site is also notable for its role in the history of Levantine archaeology.

So, what does “10th Mellenneum BCE” mean?  This means 12,000 years go, over 6000 years before Adam and Eve.  The site was listed as a “proto-city” over 10,000 years ago, long before Earth was fabricated, long before the sun was placed in the sky.

In fact, non censored science lists the time of Adam and Eve as “mid bronze age,” a time when cities flourished across the planet.

Cities have been excavated in Ukraine dating further back, the Sumerian civilization was reaching its heights, spreading from Syria and Turkey to Iran.







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  1. Quite a coincide that the discoverer of Jesus’ bones is given here as Dr Avril Primera, which is April first (Fool’s Day) in French. And the graphic is of the Talpiot tomb where an ossuary of “Yeshua son of Joseph” was found along with those of the Jesus family members named in the Gospels – and his wife and son. The bones in them were turned over to Israeli religious authorities who quickly `reburied them in an unmarked mass grave, as they treat all recovered ancient human remains.

  2. There you lads go off again – on a wild-goose chase… when I’ve given you a slam-bang, check-mate, QED (and something else I can’t remember) proof via a link of, not just theism, but belief in a personal God, effectively, proof of Christianity and the vast multiplicity of the truths appertaining thereto !

    However, my patience is as legendary as is The Donald’s modesty, so here it is again. The video-clip on the Shroud of Turin, which I also append (You know, the medieval fraud painted as a kind of photographic negative centuries before Photography was invented… ) is impressive enough. Nevertheless, it has proved controversial to some.

    However, with the image of the Virgin Mary on the Mexican ’tilma’, the multiple miraculous features reflected in the eyes of Mary, including, incidentally, a perfect image of the network of capillaries in her eyes, as identified by eminent opthalmologists, under such professional, scientific analyses absolutely defy explanation. And they are so numerous, it is breath-taking.



    Enjoy ! tee hee I can hear you now.. Bah ! Humbug !

  3. how to suck peoples money if none feels any kind of guilt and give them nothing but a letter of indulgence for it ? so no real delivering goods for their money ? it is just another business modell w/o ressources needed.

  4. Because it would chellenge the story of the NT and OT and in this way the power of Israhell, Vatican and Rome ?

  5. Why should we confine humanoid creation to a single event in time? With the plethora of planets and civilizations in the universe is it not conceivable that several ‘creative’ periods could be at play on playground ‘earth’ that include the Adam & Eve narrative as told by very primitive scribes who could not formulate terms used by modern genetic engineers?

    • isn´t the Menora a picture of the Plejades w the seven main stars ? Maybe it origins from Plejades that judaism ?

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