It was a sweltering hot July day in 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Unions Army of the Potomac and heretofore never defeated Confederate Army of Northern Virginia had been locked for the previous two days in what is still the bloodiest battle in America’s history. On the first day, the Army of Northern Virginia had missed a golden opportunity to take the battlefield stronghold on Cemetery Ridge from the soundly beaten and demoralized Army of the Potomac when the normally aggressive General Richard Ewell inexplicably chose not to attack.

Now the Union army was firmly entrenched all along the ridgeline. General Robert E. Lee, arguably the greatest military strategist since Napoleon himself, decided the enemy position was vulnerable at a low point in the ridge. His Union opponent General George Meade had anticipated this and made it known to his subordinates in a war council the night before.

At two o’clock that afternoon, Lee gave the order to his right-hand man General James Longstreet to attack. Longstreet had been opposed to the attack from the beginning and been urging Lee to execute a flanking maneuver that would force the Army of the Potomac to withdraw from its position on the ridge in order to protect Washington DC.

With a nod, because he could not bring himself to speak the terrible command, Longstreet gave the order to General George Pickett. Twelve thousand five hundred men advanced over three-quarters of a mile on undulating open terrain in a line that began over a mile long into a hailstorm of metal.

Although the Confederates had pounded the Union position for over an hour with almost a hundred and seventy heavy cannons, their fire had been ineffective, and Longstreet knew it. The line of advancing men would shrink to a half-mile as they closed ranks around their fallen comrades. Only half the men would make it, some even taking the position, only in their weakened strength to be driven off it by a Union counterattack. Their furthest point of advance would come to be known as the High Water Mark of the Confederacy.

The Confederates would never recover. Until what has become known as Pickett’s Charge, they had been winning the Civil War handily. The Battle of Gettysburg was their coup de grace; an invasion of the North. If they had emerged from it victorious, as all logic says they should have, there was nothing to stop them from sacking Philadelphia and forcing the Union to sue for peace.

Lee, who had previously been labeled by other generals as ‘The King of Spades’ because of his penchant for digging fortified entrenchments to preserve the lives of his men, had recklessly squandered the cream of Southern manhood by launching a suicidal assault on an opponent of equal strength in a heavily fortified position. Military historians still struggle attempting to explain the great general’s violation of the first rule of tactics, which long ago had been established by Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz that such a position may only be assaulted when the attacker has at least a two to one numerical superiority.

Instead of the Union begging the Confederacy for peace President Abraham Lincoln, who had done everything he could to instigate the war short of fighting in it himself, like a vulture made a crowing political speech over the rotting corpses of the men who died there. The speech would come to be known as the Gettysburg Address. It made the war about something it never was; freeing the slaves. Almost none of the valiant men who died there even owned slaves and Ewell had been lobbying Jefferson Davis, the president of the South, to free them anyway because he needed more men to fight in the Souths badly outnumbered army.

No one with a fully functional brain who hasn’t been indoctrinated on the divisive rhetoric of their own hidden masters believes the South would not have freed their slaves within ten years. They certainly would not have promised them forty acres and a mule then reneged in order to force them into rapidly industrializing cities to work in an alien environment in the sweatshops of oligarchs for a quarter of the pay the White man would get. The Black ghettos of New York, Detroit, Philadelphia and all the rest of the Northern cities bear mute but irrefutable testimony that this is exactly what the North did with the slaves it “freed,” despite the endless prattling of useful idiot academics…

The men from the Army of Northern Virginia who perished that hot July day knowingly marching right into the maw of death were by the very definition of the word heroes. But history is written only by the victor, and in this case, the victor was an avaricious empire that had begun centuries before on the filthy streets of London. The Spanish American War, whereby the empire would absorb the Spanish Empire, World War one and two, whereby the empire would attempt to break the back of the German people and bankrupt the French would all follow in succession.

Driven mad by its own insatiable appetite for wealth and its unquenchable thirst for power, the empire would turn to the East and the Korean and Vietnam Wars would follow in succession. Aided by its partner in the Vatican, Lie upon Lie has been told in the process, about Western man, who he is, where he came from and where he is going. But the biggest lie of all has been about America’s Civil War and why it was fought.

Common Sense should tell us men do not willingly sacrifice their lives so that the already privileged among them can prosper even more. No one from the Army of Northern Virginia cared whether their oligarchs kept their slaves or not. In the words of Jefferson Davis: “The impartial enlightened verdict of mankind will vindicate the rectitude of our conduct, and he who knows the hearts of men will judge the sincerity with which we have labored to preserve the government of our fathers in its spirit.”

America’s founding fathers, the most important of which all seem to have hailed from Virginia, created an America that was a loosely allied band of autonomous states that would band together only when necessary. There was never supposed to be any Federal Law, only a Constitution and a Bill of Rights to protect the citizens of those states. The men who died from the Army of Northern Virginia sacrificed their lives to keep it that way.

Common Sense should also tell us that laws need to be tailored to the environment in which they are enacted and not the myopic whims of legislators from a completely different environment. But it is the curse of this transhuman plague emanating from Silicon Valley that there are those among us who seek to create a world without free will, to legislate every facet of human existence until the man no longer exists and in his place stands a machine incapable of deviating from its program.

Apparently Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia since 2018, is just such a creature. Having ridden the globalist invasion of Virginia into office, an invasion that has now turned Virginia into a state where a full third of its residents were not even born in America, Northam now seeks to disarm its native residents. In Virginia’s 2019 November election Northam’s party attained a majority “in both houses of the state legislature.” (1) Amid accusations of voter fraud and gerrymandering he has now made it clear that he is “deadly serious in targeting not only gun owners and retailers but even self-defense experts.” (2)

In response, ninety percent of Virginia’s counties have now declared themselves second amendment sanctuaries.

In many cases, the county sheriffs have vowed not to enforce Northam and his posse of twenty-first-century carpetbaggers’ laws because they fly in the face of the constitution. Some have even vowed to arrest anyone seeking to enforce the laws. Northam is quoted as saying “there are going to be consequences.” (3)

State Rep. Donald McEachin, who achieved his fourth district congressional seat which encompasses all of Richmond when a Federal court realigned (gerrymandered) the districts to favor a Black candidate, has openly suggested calling out the National Guard to enforce the gun grab.

The other day, I had lunch in a place called Sal’s Pizzeria in Stanardsville, Virginia. Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith, a big man along with a deputy just as big, was having lunch with a couple of friends at a table across from me. I was introduced to him by one of the leading citizens of Stanardsville. When I told him I was a writer and would be writing about the second amendment sanctuary issue in Virginia, he told me flat out with no prompting at all, “nobody will be confiscating any guns in my county…”

I arrived in Greene County, at the foot of the legendary Blue Ridge Mountains, on a Friday night about two weeks ago. A week and a half or so before about four hundred people had turned out “at the county administration building on Tuesday night.”(4)

The board of supervisors was taking a vote on whether to declare Greene County a second amendment sanctuary and the crowd, almost to the last man and woman, had shown up to make sure they did. In the style of globalist propaganda pawned off as journalism that has turned America into a latter-day Tower of Babel, NBC sought out the lone dissenter; one Jerry Schiller, a scrawny man obviously starved for attention and aired his nonsensical reasoning: “It just sends the wrong thing about Greene County. Nobody wants to bother anyone’s personal rights but this is just not who we are…” (5)

Despite Schiller’s erudite soliloquy (yes I’m being sarcastic) the board voted four to one in favor of the resolution. But NBC was not through yet. They sought out Supervisor Michelle Flynn who had voted against it. Flynn leaves office within the week, will not run for reelection and oddly enough has the same party affiliation as Northam and McEachin. According to Flynn, despite a recent survey showing 82% of her constituents being passionately in favor of it, the “resolution was pointless.”(6) Flynn also claimed that “a Greene County resident threatened her over the phone if she didn’t vote in favor.” (7)

As I already intimated, I am in Greene County under the auspices of one of its leading citizens. I spoke at length on the phone with the man who supposedly threatened her. He asked me, understandably, not to use his name because he has already been slandered enough by a major “news” network and a county supervisor.

He told me that he and Flynn had had a rational discussion on the phone about why she was voting against the people who had put her in office and that he had never threatened her, nor at any time during the course of the conversation said anything that could even be remotely construed as a threat. Flynn’s own brother had called him the next day to explain that she was crazy. The sheriff investigated the allegations, which I confirmed with the sheriff, and found them to be unsubstantiated…

The man, who has ties to the local militias, told me that up to twenty-thousand men will be in Richmond on the thirteenth and the twentieth of this month when Northam and company will attempt to undermine the constitution. Antifa, a globalist obstructionist movement with a penchant for violent confrontation, will also be there.

The men from the militias who legally can have been instructed to carry concealed weapons and not bring long guns. He continually emphasized to me that they are strict “law and order” and in most cases are working in conjunction with their local sheriffs’ departments. They want to avoid violence at almost all costs, but they will not be cowered by a handful of paid radicals…

History does have a way of repeating itself. To paraphrase the Free Masons; all eyes are on Virginia.


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  1. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.
    Anarchy will be the worldwide condition that will prevail and torment human beings over a long period of time, as human beings will also be tormented by the many epidemics and diseases, many of them new and unknown to human beings and for this reason incurable,

  2. WHY did the framers of the Constitution choose the word “INFRINGED” for the Second Amendment?
    Editor’s Note John has been busy since his first foray into the belly of the state sponsored terrorism beast. He has remained in the fight continuing to carve out a niche for himself and friends. We look forward sharing some of his ongoing work with our VT readers, also an eclectic bunch… Jim W. Dean


    Why don’t you and your “contact” get behind a guy like Randy Bryce and use the system to fix the system not to tear it apart. Just an opinion of course as all right wingers never have a fix for the problems like actually fixing the problems instead they have you spinning your wheels upon BS which only puts more right wing morons into power only to make things even worse for working people.

    I will not be popular on VT as a poster as its an old boomer site as the young say:

    OK boomer…..

  4. We have a neighbor who should be Red Flagged as he brandished a firearm a few years back when our town had a tornado tear it apart and the only reason this idiot does not act crazy is because he can barely walk anymore and is house bound.

    All for the gun changes….

  5. Wait, I forgot, silly me…

    We need howitzers in our back yard armories to protect us from all the liberal union member pedophiles and of course we need AR-15 assault weapons for dear hunting as pardon me as I forgot such things. Course we need 50 round mags for hunting.

    As I forgot most of those “patriots” collect Social Security disability checks from the evil government and perhaps the orange king of isnotreal is correct upon taking those benefits from them.

    I await the 20000 men as the popcorn is popping….

  6. Bring your men Jack to Richmond and here is whats going to happen as you shall be profiled and the AI software will recognize you and list you since Homeland security can easily do so. Mr. Duff has stated upon another article how “Q” and their Ilk are domestic terrorists. In the cities where most of America’s population resides this will be viewed as insane and have at it as I am opposed to all of this.

    You are as always my friend however, a revolt over these minor changes in gun laws is totally unwarranted in my opinion as believe as you please.

    Brought to you by our friends at the NRA. Good folks!

    Much luck to your “movement”….

  7. And one last thing for this piece. My contact stressed over and over again that they want the demonstrations in Richmond to be peaceful. It’s Northam and the Federal government who need violence and to that end are shipping in Antifa and will no doubt be adding Skinheads and Klansman to the mix who are under the direction of agent provocateurs working for the federal government (read globalists). The aim here is to not let them go at it, and towards that end we will next publish a series of recommendations put together by our military intelligence analyst, who incidentally I will pit against any in the world. Any demonstrations representing the second amendment rights of Americans must remain peaceful at almost all costs. The whole world is watching, and some are anticipating a false flag, lets hope they make it just as silly as some of the ones they have pulled in the past. No one who cares about this constitution should be adding any realism to it, let them use rubber knives like Isis…

    • Jack, but don’t You think this kind of demonstrations usually are peaceful, until closet Republican Antifa shows up. I’m a social democrat, the main motto being tax the shit out of them billionaires, because otherwise they will tax the shit out of us. Typical example of them being Republican Abe Lincoln who wanted taxation of southern poorboys so badly, that declared a Civil War on them, caused the death of a million, then indirectly put the blame of the mess on blacks. Saying we were only liberating the slaves, which they were not. Causing bad blood and racial tensions for centuries to come.

  8. Author dismally fails to both know and see that the Civil War was City of London Bankster instigated, and that the War was not about freeing the slaves first and foremost as Lincoln himself said, but about saving the Republic, that is to say, the UNION that was formed with Humanity itself through the great Founding Ideals of America (not just for Americans themselves, but universally for all of Humanity) and the subsequent protective umbrella of the American Constitution. This great man knew what he was up against:

    “I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and
    the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in
    my rear is my greatest foe” — Abraham Lincoln

    Lincoln’s Gettysburg address actually says it all, for without that, Humanity would not have a guidepost nor a stake hold to Liberty itself. Read the Gettysburg Address with full mind and heart engaged—for only someone with half a brain, to quote the author’s own words, would make such a disparaging picture of it.

    Sad to see such a great, noble and wise man put down by such snide remarks as we read in the article. God bless Abraham Lincoln, and all the American Founding Fathers for what they did for us and the Human race itself.

    • I really should delete this comment but I’m going to leave it here as testimony to the commenters own lack of reading comprehension skills:

      Commenter “Author dismally fails to both know and see that the Civil War was City of London Bankster instigated…”

      Authors: “The men from the Army of Northern Virginia who perished that hot July day knowingly marching right into the maw of death were by the very definition of the word heroes. But history is written only by the victor, and in this case, the victor was an avaricious empire that had begun centuries before on the filthy streets of London. The Spanish American War, whereby the empire would absorb the Spanish Empire, World War one and two, whereby the empire would attempt to break the back of the German people and bankrupt the French would all follow in succession.
      Driven mad by its own insatiable appetite for wealth and its unquenchable thirst for power, the empire would turn to the East and the Korean and Vietnam Wars would follow in succession. Aided by its partner in the Vatican, Lie upon Lie has been told in the process, about Western man, who he is, where he came from and where he is going. But the biggest lie of all has been about America’s Civil War and why it was fought.”

      Oy Vey.

  9. To the “evangelical patriots” do a duck duck go on the “seven mountains” doctrine being preached about all over in American evangelical christian churches which is feeding many especially in our isolated rural areas all over America. Add the Sovereign citizen movements to the mix and of course our dear neo Nazis and that is the “patriot” movement.

    They want a christian theocracy forced upon an unwilling American public and these folks have overrun the Republican party in its current form as I view these folks as domestic enemies.

    Just an observation up here in the great white north….

  10. Jack,

    What we are seeing in Virginia is educated urban vs rural uneducated playing out in local politics as what do the Democrats actually want before one gets all fired up? They want background checks and a Red flag law for the really crazy among us like the rural evangelical Israel firsters who call themselves “patriots” as they are insane and should be disarmed. How about the “sovereign citizens”? Another brand of bat shyt crazy.

    I for one am sick of their BS and of course they are all fired up from the NRA and their ilk.

    I have my popcorn and await the 20000 man armed march on Richmond as the show should get good.

    • Nine, what is being seen in my opinion, as one who lives in rural America is well educated and has many thousands of well educated neighbors, is the freedoms of the individual versus the collective run by the few. There are many of all types who are not nearly as sane as the farmer next door that have bought in to the many systems of “religion” that are easily manipulated. Many on both sides have been lied to for too long to question the lies. These are in fact the minority with a soap box. Give a human anywhere in the world the ability to live free to do as they please in peace without detriment to another and they will do so. Take those freedoms away and they will do their best to send those who would be master packing. Look to the peoples all over the world that have risen against those who cross their threshold with bad intent.

    • Uneducated? Perhaps you think the University of Virginia is a New York City public school? Did I not tell you I was and will be back in Virginia at the behest of some of its leading citizens? They practically all attended the University of Virginia. I am twenty miles, if that from Charlottesville. Those that didn’t attend the University of Virginia attended agricultural colleges and they put dinner on the table for the people who reside in Northern Virginia and work in DC, at jobs, like lobbying against the American peoples interests, which mind you pays so well Northern Virginia sports the two richest counties in America. Your comment only makes sense nine if you define education as globalist indoctrination.

    • Everyone who reads us knows how we feel about Christianity. It’s a lie and nothing changes the facts we have produced proving that but after spending some time with these people, I must change my opinion of them. I have been in their church’s and seen how important Charity, which in the opinion of no less than Éliphas Lévi a man who under the auspices of Napoleon seen what the pope had in his basement, separates and elevates Christianity from all the other major religions in the world. John Hagee does not speak for all of Christians and as I told you on Patreon they obfuscated, marginalized and censored every piece of evidence Orage and I have written and produced proving John Hagee is at the very least a simpleton who believes in fairytales. Back page us and that’s what you get, John Hagee and the pope, they know that and that’s just the way they want it. Now we will see what Others want…

  11. The so called American Patriots I know are evangelical rural Israel first union hating red neck morons.

    To harsh?

    Can’t disarm them fast enough and for gosh sake how they drive those pick up trucks with the reckless driving and tail gating as one needs a gun for protection against the “patriots” as what a total joke they all are!
    No worry as tRump will be re elected and the great dismantling will continue….

  12. Thank you Jack Heart, pen name for George Esposito, for a powerful article exposing the historical lies we have been brainwashed with about Dishonest Abe and the Civil War. Although born at Cleveland,Ohio, 1939, I was raised in a small town near Pasadena, California from 1943-1966. As a kid I often visited a magnificent 19th century library with a dirt semi circular old horse path in front with the old rings to tie horses still in the curb. The many volumes on Lincoln by Carl Sandburg were right up front in this Library. Reading these and the brainwashing in high school textbooks blinded me about Lincoln. Only years later, after I moved to Georgia in 1966 and married a great wife from Alabama, did I realize I was wrong about idolizing Lincoln and that he, along with Drunk Grant and Psychopath Sherman were not heroes at all, but unindicted war criminals. Obviously something happened to Lincoln when he was “elected” by 39%. Where in the Constitution is his authority to plunder over half the country and kill over 1 million to “keep the Union together?” He could have said, “Go, you will be back in 20 years and we will welcome you back.” From your fabulous piece about that famous battle, it almost seems that Lee deliberately threw it possibly because he had a vision that if he had won, something much worse and evil would follow. I don’t know the answer. But thanks George for a fabulous article. Perhaps the 2nd Amendment will be the line in the sand that all Americans …

    • But thanks George for a fabulous article. Perhaps the 2nd Amendment will be the line in the sand that all Americans can finally agree on. I don’t even own a gun; but I am not against them. I, like my late Father, fear a meaningless gun accident. So far as I am concerned, Drunk Grant, Psychopath Sherman and Dishonest Abe are all unindicted war criminals. If any monuments are brought down they are first in line. Shame on them.

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