Advice on Post Retirement Plans for US Military Veterans


Most people look at retirement in a negative manner. They are doubtful about their post-retirement plans. However, we should understand that there are a lot of things to be shared about retirement.

As one phase of life gets completed, the other is anxiously awaiting to commence. You should accept it gratefully and passionately. If you have been in the US military service and getting retired or have already retired, then we are going to provide you some piece of advice and tips that would be helpful in making your post-retirement life happy, healthy and purposeful.


The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to enjoy life. Instead of getting isolated, it is better to accept the life ahead and do it graciously. You might have missed quite a few things while you were in Military Service. As military life is disciplined, it is quite understandable that you were not able to provide enough time to your family and friends as others do. So do try to make up for it now and try to spend quality time with the people whom you care and love.

Apart from it, there have been certain activities that were not able to do due to Military Service. Now is the time to complete them. This will make you feel better and also make up for the part that was not thoroughly enjoyed due to your work nature. Leisure always have a positive effect on us and post-retirement is the best time to fulfill it and enjoy life to the most.

You can play golf, visit a casino online spend time with your friends and basically do anything that you enjoy doing and you were not able to do it due to your workload and work nature. Now is the time to enjoy life to the most. So do not let this opportunity go!

Think positively

One of the most commonly addressed issues that have been faced by ex-US military veterans is that of adaptability. As they have spent most of the time living a proper, trained and disciplined life, at times it becomes hard for them to adapt themselves to the new civilian life, which has a more casual approach. It may take you some time to do that, but you should learn that civilian life cannot be mixed with or compared to military life. Treat this as a new phase and a new experience and willingly try to co-operate and adapt yourself according to the circumstances.

You too had a civilian life before you join the military and therefore it should not be too much of a trouble for you to try to understand the emotions and pattern of thinking of a civilian. An important point that you should remember here is that you should not try to isolate yourself post-retirement because at the end of the day, man is a social animal and he needs to to be around with other people. So, if you do so then you are likely to feel sadness and depression which is not going to help you in any way. So, try to adapt yourself and be mentally prepared for it. Your military training will help you in dealing with it for sure.

Share experience

Another important contribution that ex-US military veterans can make is sharing their experience. Although every veteran has his life experience to share, military life has got more adventure and stories of bravery to be taught to children and society. You should remember the tough times of the job that you have been in and try to abstract the positive side of it and share your experience with the society as much as possible.

This will especially help children who are always looking for motivation and role model.  If they get the right direction, they are likely to have a brighter and better future ahead.

Motivational speeches

As stated above, one of the most frequently requirements of human nature is motivation. We all need some kind of motivation or the other. This is especially important when we are down and feeling lack of spirit in ourselves. US military guys really have lots of daring and inspirational stories to narrate that would surely be helpful in building up the confidence of the people, especially children. This is one of the tasks that you can and should do after retirement.

Return back to society

Finally, you should be grateful to the God and nature that you are been provided with an opportunity to live a life that many dream of and you have been coming out of its successfully and victoriously. Now is a new  phase of your life and you should accept it as a challenge and you should also  enjoy it to the most.

What you have learned in your life needs to be shared and in the final phase of your life, it is necessary that we all return back what we have earned from the society. This can be done in lots of ways. You can share your experience, you can advise lots of people to deal with difficult situations. You should be an expert in dealing with an emergency situation and crunch time. You can share your experience in that field as well.

Apart from it, you can join a club or any other organization that you think is suitable and try to contribute in the best possible way. This will not only benefits the society, but it will also so keep you busy active and that is basically the mantra for living happy and healthy life.

We believe that we were able to provide you some helpful tips on this subject. If you would like to ask us any other questions in this matter, you are most welcome to contact us. Just leave a comment or email us and we shall get back to you at our earliest. We thank for reading this article. We would like to wish you all the best for your post-retirement life.


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