Best Jobs For People With Disabilities


Do you know over fifteen percent of the world’s population suffers from some kind of disability? Those who are disabled experience adverse socioeconomic outcomes such as less income, less education, poverty, and fewer employments. The unemployment rate for disabled or handicap people is fifty percent higher than normal people.

There is no doubt that the life of a handicap is ten times harder and unusual as compared to someone physically and mentally stable. But no disability can keep you from doing anything. Nothing can limit you. It can never keep you from doing your dream job, which many people without disability wish for. A person who is disabled can figure out his capabilities and work on it. All they need is motivation and passion for doing work. A right job can help you pay your bills and also secure your future. In today’s age, there is no limit on job opportunities for people with disabilities. Many states and governments now provide reliable jobs to handicaps just like the state Ohio of U.S provides jobs and other opportunities for Ohioans with disabilities.

Moreover, there are many occupations available for disabled people that they can choose from, as long as they fulfill the requirements of the job.

There is a large number of companies that are now hiring workers with disabilities.

Here are the few best jobs for people with disabilities:


  1. Accountant

An accountant handles and examines financial records, statements, and analyzes the costs for the company. Being an accountant, you may also work with a team or supervise one to organize the finance. And ensure that the financial health of the company is strong. The requirements for this job may ask you for at least a bachelor’s degree and some work experience. A degree will help you to satisfy the needs of this position, and you may also require to know the specific software application. The average annual salary of an accountant is $70,500. It is considered as the best paid-jobs for people with disabilities.

If you are experiencing the lack of walking and using a wheelchair instead, then this job is best for you as you can work and manage all the finance from a desk customized just for you.

  1. Software Engineer

Software engineers work in the IT (Information Technology) department of the business. Software engineers are responsible for managing, developing, designing, creating, updating, and maintain software applications. They write and maintain codes that help users to perform their tasks and also instruct other programmers to write code for the software. This career is the topmost occupied sector by disabled people. The average salary of software engineers was $108,080 in 2018.

For this job, you must be certified in this or a similar field. You are required to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics. And of course, a little experience will make it work.

  1. Physician Assistant

Just because you are disabled doesn’t mean that you cannot step into the world of medicine. There are several options and positions available in this field. Although you can’t be a physician yourself, you can be a physician’s assistant though. By this, you can work directly with the doctors and interact with patients. You may get the duty to prescribe medications to the patients.

To step into medicine and provide health care, you must be qualified and have a master’s degree and enough experience to outshine the competition.  The average salary of a physician assistant earned in 2018 was $108,430.

  1. Salesperson

You only need strong communication skills to be a salesperson. A salesperson is supposed to sell a particular product or brand to the customers through coaxing and convincing techniques.

Every company needs a good and confident salesperson to market their products and services. Since this job doesn’t require much leg-work so its best suitable for disabled people. You can also work from home by communicating through phones, emails, and skype.

The education requirement for this job is that you should at least have a college degree and should be proficient in good communication skills.

The average income of a salesperson is in between $24,000 and $83,000.

  1. Teacher

A disabled person as a teacher can help and mentor other people with the same or different disabilities. Additionally, they can help others to master new skills and encourage them to move forward. People who have become disabled later on in life can teach others to achieve what they couldn’t. For example, an artist who gets disabled can still teach students to draw and paint the world with techniques. He can provide knowledge and skills to new ones in the profession. People with disabilities can teach in schools, kids’ learning centers, and community centers.

To become a qualified teacher you need at least a master’s degree in the course you are willing to teach or a certification in a similar field. An average income of a disabled teacher is $36,350.

  1. Tool Die Maker

A mechanic or a tool die maker is supposed to carry out the responsibilities for setting up and operating the mechanical tools and machines. The duties of a person include designing files, verifying dimensions, monitoring machines, working for blueprints, and inspecting defects.

These people usually work in factories or machine shops. The average salary for this job is $24.40 per hour in the U.S.


Life is quite difficult for a person who is physically or mentally disabled. If you are one with a disability then you should never lose hope in finding and performing your dream job. Searching for a job is a difficult task. It’s not only you but many other disabled people in the community are hunting for an appropriate job. Not every job is meant for a physically-challenged person. Therefore, with the help of the above information, one can find a suitable job for himself if he or she is physically-challenged. This is an encouragement for those who think using disability as an excuse.

Moreover, disabled people can make themselves useful by doing a job of their choice and providing for themselves and their families. This will, in turn, help the economy since it will not be a burden on the economy. The government has to provide disabled people will remuneration and funds. But if the disabled people are employed then they won’t become a burden on the economy and the country will thrive. A disabled person can work as an accountant, software engineer, physician assistant, salesperson, teacher, writer, mechanist or, computer systems analyst. All these occupations are best for people with some sort of disabilities and provide them with a secure future.


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