“I pledge allegiance to the Flags of the United States of America, to the flag of the State of Israel, and the American Republic and the Jewish State of Israel. United we stand in defiance of God, man, and the world, with perpetual wars and conflicts for all times, and thanks to the Benjamins that unites our countries together, invincible as we stand against all humanity.”

The power of AIPAC and the Israeli Loyalists in America and France, England, and Germany is on full display as Congress, State Legislatures, and parliaments are succumb to Israel’s rescues shielding it from accountability under international laws.

It is so ironic that all hell came to lose when North Carolina legislatures failed to pass a gender-neutral bathroom, significant corporations, NCAA< Ringo Stars, among others, decided to boycott the State of North Carolina. Everything is OK to boycott N.C. over a bathroom, but not right to boycott Israel for 53 years of Military and Settlers’ Occupation.

For the detention of more than a one million Palestinian during this period, for the uprooting and burning of more than a million olive trees, for the house demolitions of tens of thousands of homes, for the ethnic cleansing of 80,000 Palestinians from East Jerusalem, for the Apartheid Wall and “Jews Only Roads.”

Yes, North Carolina deserves a boycott, and hardly anyone has an issue, but not boycott of Israel over its 53 years of Occupation and violations of hundreds of U.N. resolutions.

In a recent article published by the Jewish Magazine Forward on February 21st, 2020, by “Anonymous,” a school teacher who taught at New York schools writes about his experience in these schools. Where loyalty to Israel taught daily and where Ha Tikva (the Israeli anthem) is sung in the morning by school children, and where Yom HaZikron, the Israeli Memorial Day is celebrated but not the American Veterans Day.

The writer goes on “in the six schools at which I have taught, HaTikva was sung more often than the Pledge of Allegiance, or the Star-Spangled Banner. Israel national holidays are taught with reverence or solemnity that outstrips what is accorded to religious or American ones.”

The writer goes on ” Many of these schools receive grants from the Avi Chai Foundation, which requires the recipient to declare they “seek to instill on our students an attachment to the State of Israel and its people.” One has to wonder how many of these students go on to join the IDF or become armed trespassing settlers?

This dual loyalty to Israel is going too far, with many academic institutions and state governments, requiring guest speakers and contractors to pledge allegiance to the State of Israel and not to boycott Israel if they are to do business with the state.

“Former teleSUR presenter and creator of The Empire Files Abby Martin is suing the U.S. state of Georgia which blocked her participation last month at a media conference at Georgia Southern University because she refused to “sign a contractual pledge to not boycott Israel” to comply with an anti-Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) law.”

How far will this enforced dual loyalty to Israel can go is up to the people since the Congress is already mandated Loyalty to Israel, without demanding the same loyalty to the U.S.

It is a dangerous precedent when American citizens, by force of the law, are commanded and ordered to give loyalty to the foreign State of Israel creating dangerous precedent making Israel, the only exception to our constitutional, political and economic indeed the Republic form of government.


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  1. роль еврейства в управлении миром, хорошо описана в водной лекции концепции общественной безопасности (Петров Константин Павлович), есть лекции и с переводом на английский язык, по гуглите.

  2. My issue here is not Israel but the hypocrisy of American politics and the fact everyone from Hollywood to Boston got upset over the use of a “toilet” Still, they are not angry or moved by 53 years of the cruelest military occupation in history and the most immoral criminal military as we have seen today with a bulldozer dragging the body of a young Gazan killed by the IDF, they hooked him to the bulldozer and carried him away. No damn respect for the dead. The Black’s Civil Rights movement boycotted White shops and White stores. We boycotted South Africa for its Apartheid policy. We are not boycotting our few Jewish citizens, not their business; we are merely asking the boycotting of a foreign country that happens to claim exclusivity over Judaism. We must keep in mind when we criticize Saudi Arabia or Iran, we are not taking action against Islam when we call for action against Israel, we are not calling for action against Judaism, but a state that calls itself “Jewish”. Congress and AIPAC want to use this “Jewish” thing to scare people and defame them for being Anti-Semitic. Shielding Israel and providing it with immunity from prosecution. Such damn Chutzpa. We are only exercising our constitutional rights.

    • Sami, who do you think controls the US? Jews have been deceiving Americans since the inception of this country, they gained full control in 1913.

  3. Sami Jamil Jadallah-
    Dear Fellow Veteran-
    With your excellent Journalistic skills I implore you to do an Expose of HASBARA CYBER TERRORISM .

    • Yes, there is a need to address these most important issues. We must keep in mind, that Obama appointed a Veterans of the IDF as his chief of staff, who refused to volunteer for the US Army but chose the Israeli army. Furthermore, Obama gave Israel over $78 Billion during his tenure. Israel and its loyalists in the US pay millions to an army of tens of thousands to flood the media with Hasbara… ( in Arabic it is called Bullshit)… seriously. A topic is worthwhile. thanks.

  4. The media whores are silent that Israel did 9/11/01, aided by traitors Bush, Cheney and some four star generals, which led to the unconstitutional Patriot Act by the 535 whores in Congress, gang raping the constitutional rights of all Americans thousands of times a day at airports all over the country with illegal searches with zero probable cause under Amendments 4 and 5. The lying media are silent about the daily holocaust of thousands of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli Monsters aided by the whores in Congress who are bribed to do their bidding or, failing that move to plan B which murdering relatives by international criminals in Israel. Watch the video of former Marine Ken O’keefe at LAX in 2016. Israel has illegal stolen nukes. Israel gives its middle finger to the rule of law for Palestinians and everyone else but itself. Americans are the biggest fools on planet Earth. Israel Lover Liar Con Artist Trump is a whore for Israel too. The current election cycle is the usual joke. Nothing will change. America is broke, bankrupt morally and fiscally.

    • If you ask what is the richest church in the country the Mormans in Salt Lake
      City Utah come up worth multi billions of dollars. Bigamy and Polygamy are next up on the evil agenda to destroy our country. This will be the final nail in the coffin of America. Joseph Smith, 40 wives one as young as 14 and Brigham Young 55 wives, are rolling over in their graves! Virtually every war fought by American fools has been illegal based on lies going all the way back to Dishonest Abe who went through general after general until he came upon a drunk and a psychopath to do his dirty job for him, Drunk Grant and Psychopath Sherman. Not one word in the Constitution authorized killing 1 million and plundering half the country to keep the Union together., Lincoln could have said, “Go you will be back in 20 years and we will welcome you back”. Slavery was totally legal at the time. Today we are all virtual slaves working half our lives to pay killer taxes and become virtual slaves to tyrannical government. Dishonest Abe was an unindicted war criminal not a hero as portrayed in lying history books. America is gone with the wind.

    • The totally illegal Civil War was the first ratcheting UP of federal power against all the good intentions of the Founders. New York was built by black slave labor. Where did the slave trade come from which had been going on for centuries before? Did the Southern States who fought the good fight in our Civil War invent the institution of slavery? No they did not. Slavery was invented by the usual suspects centuries earlier but falsely blamed on our South. Of course there is nothing worse than losing an illegal war all based on lies. The thugs in the North imposed a tax of 40% on the South! How would you like to pay a 40% tax today? Dishonest Abe and his criminal henchmen are the real criminals of the Civil War not the good Americans of the South who fought the good fight and nearly won but nearly is not good enough. These good people were made to suffer for decades after this outrageous war was over too by criminal outlaws in the North. The only amazing thing is this despicable country survived the brutal inhumane treatment of the South by criminals in the North all over an obscene five letter word MONEY. Shame, shame shame on outlaws Dishonest Abe, Drunk Grant and Psychopath Sherman who got their kicks out of watching innocent people and children of the South suffer; shame,shame shame..a thousand times on these liars and criminals. Shame on all the lying authors of lying history books too. It is now time for all good citizens to secede from this outlaw Union.

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