The military has a lot of responsibilities that get them in close touch with danger. This may include being in touch with hazardous materials such as explosive devices as well as gas and chemicals.

To fulfill their duties, the military needs equipment that will protect their bodies and their health. They need masks and a steady supply of oxygen that will help them navigate danger zones. Sometimes it is also necessary to go to dangerous places in order to help victims or to put peace and order in an area.

Because of this, the military needs air-supplying respirators that are of good quality to ensure that they will be able to do their responsibilities and duties without impacting their health. And to make sure that these materials are top grade and will be able to endure rough and tough abuse, subjecting them to air testing is necessary.

The following are just some reason why compressed air purity testing is essential in the military:

  1. Air testing evaluates overall air quality

The air that the military uses for its mission should be thoroughly tested to make sure that they are of high quality and have no issues. This is important because the air that military personnel breathes should be clean to protect their health.

The military uses air respirators and oxygen supply, not just for land-based missions. They may also be required to do water-based missions, and there needs to be a regulation in the air quality of their scuba diving gear as well. Being in the military is a highly physical job, and they need a basic supply of air for their bodies to function well and to keep alert and focused on the job.

  1. Air Testing Identifies hazardous components

Compressed air is needed by military personnel when they have to do certain missions and certain tasks. Not all the places they go to have good air quality, so it should be ensured that the air quality in their air respirators should be clean.

Testing requires the identification of contaminants such as dust particles, carbon dioxide, and other chemicals that are present in the compressed air. It is essential to enforce practical measures to get rid of these and ensure a higher quality of air.

The military is tasked to do missions not on land but also in water. For these missions, they need compressed air that is absolutely contaminant free. When they go diving, air testing guidelines of compressed air should be followed. Regular air testing by accredited laboratory technicians is essential because they can identify the contaminants that can harm military personnel once on the mission. Although there are quick air quality methods, these are not enough to ensure that air will be safe and contaminant free.

Underwater contaminant gases can produce ill effects on the body. Carbon Dioxide can cause dizziness and altered perceptions. Carbon monoxide can nausea and even suffocation. Also, cleaners that haven’t been thoroughly washed can also have adverse effects once inhaled.

Aside from these contaminants, the gear itself must be checked because hazardous materials can enter through leaks and cause the air to be dirty and contaminated.

  1. Lack of air testing can lead to suffocation

Air respiratory gear that provides poor quality air can lead to ill health, disease, and even suffocation. If military personnel doesn’t get enough quality air in the mission, it may even lead them to pass out and harm their health in a grave way. Also, the lack of air causes dizziness and slowed motion.

If military personnel doesn’t get enough air, they will not have the energy and strength to fulfill missions and do their tasks. Instead, they may even become a liability in crucial missions where life and death are at stake. It is important that military personnel are supplied with clean air in any of their missions. They will have stronger bodies, better health, and be more efficient in the tasks to be fulfilled.

Final Thoughts

Air is crucial to physical jobs, such as the military. They need a good supply of clean air to fulfill their tasks and make sure their bodies are functioning properly. Lack of air can cause a number of problems that include poor reaction time, nausea, and fatigue. These are absolutely something to be avoided in a military mission.

Military personnel needs to be alert and in top condition, and they need to be well protected with respiratory air gear in areas where there is contaminated air. Air testing of the gear military personal use is absolutely necessary to make sure it is functioning properly.


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