When Governments Become the Enemy !


The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19 around the world and especially in the US showed how unprepared we are and how our citizens the majority of our citizens are without “safety net.”

With restaurants, hotels, airports, cafes, kindergarten closed down as safety measures, tens of millions of workers who, for the most part, live on payday to payday are most vulnerable without medical insurance and coverage, without paid sick leaves and with no support from the government.

In contrast, while major political candidates argue about the affordability of universal health care, the Feds decided to pump and inject $1.5 Trillion into the stock market to help investors, an injection of this amount wiped out in almost days.

Of course, we do have the money to give to Wall Street, but we do not have money to give our people the safety net most needed in these difficult times. Primary health care, affordable housing, affordable transportation, affordable daycare, paid maternity leave, affordable education, Republicans and Democrats think they are doing us a favor by denying all of these essential services.

Congress passed a quick relief bill to cover paid sick leaves for employees working for companies of less than 500. while not providing any coverage for employees who are working for large corporations, like McDonald, Amazon, Lockheed, FedEx, UPS, Wall-Mart, because Republicans want to do a favor for these big corporations.

In a recently published survey, almost 100 companies among the Fortune 500 did not pay a single dollar in taxes. While average families that barely could make it are paying their shares of taxes.

We have money to go to endless wars, support the military-industrial complex, we have money to give the top 1% tax credit. We do not have money for universal health care; we do not have money to fund and renovate the tens of thousands of rundown schools across America. We do not have funds to build affordable government hospitals with essential services, relying on the private sector, which abandoned small towns America. We do not have money to fund higher education and make college or vocational education accessible, but we do have money for wars and tax cuts for the rich.

More dangerous when Congress and administration try to fleece “our tax dollars” money we paid into Social Security to give tax breaks for a big corporation and Wall Street. What is called “entitlement programs” are programs we paid for from our taxes and they go toward a special fund, similar to the highway fund with a specific use? Just don’t get it why presidential candidates (other than Sanders) are out to fleece these programs or threaten to put the money in the stock market, so in a crisis like this, we lose all of our retirement money.

President Trump did not “Make America Great Again.” Our small towns across America run down. Small business has gone eaten and shut down by Wall Marts, with only gas stations and Wendy’s on Main Street with many of the citizens and young people getting paid minimum wage that barely cover their expenses and must rely upon food stamps for support.

Small manufacturing is gone, shifted to China, and we are finding we are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments, health insurance, and other necessary expenses.

It is simply unconscionable that the salaries and compensations of the health care industry executives reached $2 Billion last year. The one-day wage of an insurance executive exceeds the annual income of an average family that works all year round, most likely without health coverage or paid sick leave.

Time to take over Congress and make it a mirror image of America. Time to take over the political parties away from the super pack and the oligarchs. We have enough lawyers and prosecutors in Congress. we need teachers, plumbers, firefighters, small business owners, parents, even grandparents in Congress to reflect our citizenship and society. We need to get back to FDR and the New Deal and introduce a New Deal for the future. We no longer could afford business as usual from a partisan, self-serving Congress.

As we can see and witness, a virus-like Coronavirus can shut down the nation and its economy, only to discover how venerable our country and citizenship and how astray have our government moved from serving the citizens. The enemy is not Russia; the enemy is from within.

Note: Many major hospitals closed down since the private sector took over the health care system. Many small towns in the South have NO Hospitals.


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  1. Now consider this. In a few days tens of millions of workers in restaurants and cafes and food services, cashiers, cooks will be out of a job because of the closing. Most if not all do not have full health insurance, do not have paid medical leave, and of course they must pay the rent and mortgage at the end of the month. They are victims of a criminal neoliberal economic system that will collapse the US as we know it no different than what the Communist system did for the Soviet Union. That is why we must reclaim the Congress and state legislations from the agents of the this criminal financial system that has no moral basis. Just look at Nordic countries, no wars, full universal health care, paid medical leave, full unemployment insurance, paid maternity leave for up to 12 months and they are not going broke but doing well. Norway announced it earned $180 billion from its sovereign fund, a fund set up for the future. They are thriving financially, politically and socially.

  2. When people such as myself who earn a wage in the high 5-figure dollar range and have almost no unearned income are paying more than 35% in combined local, state, and federal taxes, it is no wonder that others are suffering. Shift the tax burden from us to the multimillionaires, billionaires, and trillionaires*, and the money we no longer pay in taxes will be mostly spent on durable goods and services that will “raise all boats”, not in stock market speculation, derivatives, hedge funds, and the like which “raises all yachts, but drowns those without boats”.

    *Funny, but not ha ha funny that “trillionaire” is not recognized as a word by most dictionaries.

  3. Our major problem in the US and since the Reagan administration is that we went crazy privatizing almost all government services. Just think of the health care system. With no government hospitals, the private-sector health care system shut down many hospitals not only in the rural south but in urban areas as Philadelphia. We complain about government efficiency and bureaucracy when running major health programs but we don’t complain about a CEO making $20-30 million a year, when top government bureaucrats may earn $185,000 annually. This virus is a wake up call for America to bring back the government to serve the people. The salary of one health insurance executive will cover the total expense of an entire department serving millions.

    • I agree with everything Sami and Juan are saying. Remember when taking a flight did not involve being treated like a criminal? All these illegal violations of Amendments 4 and 5 at every airport in the country began with the Israeli false flag attack on 9/11/01 and the aid of 535 whores in Congress looking the other way. Today thugs in DHS feel men and women up around their private parts to see if they have a bomb shoved up their rear ends or other places to blow up a plane they seek to travel on. Innocent passengers are also exposed to dangerous cancer causing radiation without any consent. Do you observe any serious resistance to these crimes by government against citizens at any airports anywhere in the country? NO at least none reported.
      I personally resist by refusing to ever fly again on any airplane ever in my life. If everyone did this the airlines would feel the pain because they do not make any dinero if the planes are empty of passengers. Most Americans are basically cowards and wimps who place their selfish interests above all other concerns. This is basically why America has been,is and will continue to go down into the cesspool of oblivion because gutless American selfish fools refuse to just say NO! Listen to former Marine Ken O’Keefe at LAX in 2016 at this iink below:

    • Sami, if anything is ever going to change for the better, gutless coward Americans must change their selfish attitudes and get serious about real change. Real change means obliterating both totally corrupt political parties Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum both totally corrupt and totally sold out to the special rich interests. The Barn in DC is so full of Horse S…t it is ready to explode. Americans today are not like their courageous ancestors. Americans want the good life but are willing to surrender all the basic rights our ancestors gave their lives for. This won’t work. Every American must be willing to give up everything for Country as their courageous ancestors all did. Nothing else will do. Gutless American wimps today want the good life without any pain. It won’t work. America is lost unless some dramatic event changes attitudes of ordinary American citizens.

    • I am with Prof. Abbe – I will not fly commercial until the TSA is disbanded.

      P.S. Does Karl Abbe still keep a bicycle in the bedroom (a story I was told a couple decades ago when purchasing a ZZipper fairing over the phone)?

    • Thank you Worker Bee. Karl lives in Northern California, I live in Georgia about 2500 miles away. The last time I visited him years ago he lived in a tiny house little more than a large room. So he might park his bike in there. I suggest you e-mail him and ask him: zzipdesigns@aol.com. I am sure he would like to hear from an old customer. He has done a great job with human powered vehicles. Perhaps one day when all roads are jammed and the oil has run out we will all have to return to human power again. Best regards, Winfield

  4. This may be a time in life when the old people are of greatest value in discussions about whether or not the country is now evil and bad. The old people knew of days when Americans were much freer and could actually think about prospering on an individual basis. It’s true, the federal government (should we call it a communist government now?), under control by the great destroyers, has milked most of the wealth from the people and has almost completely destroyed our culture, our economy, and our system of laws. I remember thinking that the federal decision to move manufacturing offshore was a bad one. The focus on the financial sector was what the great destroyers wanted, not what the people ever asked for or wanted.

    Ami I pissed off? Of course I am. We allowed the government to have a Roll Royce and they treated it like a lawn mower. We gave criminals and thieves the benefit of the doubt, and they used that benefit to rob us blind and to install a police state in America as they had already installed in Palestine. We wanted peace, and the government gave us war. Screw all that.

    People are hopefully starting to envision life without government laws and government force and violence. The American people are wanting to bring the zio-empire’s troops home and return to living in peace with others. The only enemies now facing the American people are the crime lords that control our state and federal governments. As the author points out, our enemies are domestic enemies.

    • Highlander Juan… you are not the only one who is pissed… all of us are pissed seeing our country take these shameful criminal directions against its citizens. Congress and the Presidency do not represent the citizens, they have closely held corporation made up of major donors. We do not have a working democracy, we have a government at the service of big corporations. 91 of the Fortune 500 companies did not pay a single dollar in taxes in 2018.

  5. “Why so many billionaires are fleeing to Teton County, Wyoming”
    Eric Spitznagel
    March 14, 2020 | 1:05pm | Updated NY Post
    “Yellowstone Club, a private ski resort located in nearby Montana where many Teton County residents are members. The membership deposit is $400,000, with $41,500 in yearly dues.
    The most obvious explanation for the wealthy migration to Wyoming is the tax incentives. The state collects no personal or corporate income tax, and it has one of the nation’s lowest sales tax rates. (5.36 percent, compared to 8.49 percent in New York.)
    Walmart heiress Christy Walton and ex-Vice President Dick Cheney live in Teton County.”
    Perhaps the poor should move to Teton County and receive a few crumbs from the billionaires who moved there to save money.

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