Directly or indirectly, more than twenty immense natural disasters struck the heart of the global ecosystem and dwindled the quality of the atmosphere without a doubt. The damage took place and harmed not only the status of the ecosystem, but it has also ravaged the global economy, as we had to squander millions and billions of dollars after some tactical measures only to replenish the whole damage. Though, the actual implicit pound induced due to those catastrophes remains unfathomable and impossible to mend thoroughly. 

Although all the disasters befell in the recent past are solely conducted by the Mother Nature itself, but the human race has ushered them to this utter consequence instead perpetuation of creation through its inadvertent acts.  


The Cause 

Deforestation, plastic usage, groundwater wastage, and many more heedless deeds we have been doing across the globe just to make ephemeral gains, in exchange for some of the most precious assets of this whole creation.  

The preceding year witnessed a plethora of natural disasters; almost every single continent contributed at least a single catastrophe like a volcanic eruption, colossal wildfire, vortex, haze, heatwave, and many more.  

Some of them caused huge financial burdens and destruction of assets, while few of them also manifested as a harbinger to forewarn the race from the upcoming consequence. As per some eminent international agencies and their reports, we came to know that more than $250 billion of dollars we already have spent after and hitherto it is not done. 


The Outcome 

For the first time on August 11, 2019, the US space-tech giant NASA spotted an enormous fire on the surface of the earth from the space indeed. Afterwards, on 21st August, the world witnessed an unforgettable global massacre of voiceless.  

It caused hundreds of million dollars just to stop the devastation; furthermore, as per some scientific communities and their journals, the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest would gunned towards a rapid decline in rainwater, which could end in a loss of more than $3.5 trillion across 30 years of extent.  

Throughout the entire year, we have witnessed multitudinous wildfires in various countries like Toledo, Evia, California, Alberta, Siberia, UK, and Washington; thereby, we can presume the upswing of overall carbon dioxide emission and deforestation due to these wildfires.  

The inception of the year 2019 pointed out the rest year with a lamentable polar vortex, which snatched more than 20 lives of the Midwestern United States and Eastern Canada.  

Likewise, a series of cyclones like Hurricane Dorian, Alabama Tornado, Typhoon Hagibis, Typhoon Lekima, and Cyclone Idai plundered many cities and killed many people alongside wild animals and birds.  

In Indian and Pakistan, many people lost their lives due to deadly heatwaves; the largest island continent is no exception and has experienced eleven times bad climate quality and heavy haze over Sydney, the heart of it.  

Almost at the end of the year, Venetians manifested an anomalous historic deluged because of the increase in the water level, which abridged the prime economic activity of this country for a long extent.  

Environmentalists, scientists, and other experts might point out various reasons behind all of these natural disasters, like lack of political will, mass unawareness of ecosystem, rapid industrialization, and many more, although; we all know the exclusive cause is the global warming.  

The surface of the earth is overheating, and it is increasing day after day, because of the lack of human intervention in this regard. Thus, in no time, we must adopt comprehensive measures to wane the rapid growth of global clime change because if we can lighten the climate change up, then we might won’t face any major economical overhead or any absolute consequence in coming days.  

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The Hope 

However, we witnessed several deadly natural disasters in 2019, but also, for the very first time, we got a glimpse of hope; we have beheld a united voice of individual people and some major initiatives from various governments across the vast landscape of world politics. The power of various prevalent social media platforms helped a lot in this concern. Many organizations shared their concerns and some practical measure to prevent any form of severe catastrophe.  

Globally we already have started seeing a notion change toward redemption, but it is not sufficient. We have to use this incredible notion up to its optimum stretch to establish a worldwide awareness regarding the ecosystem and its vulnerability. We are blessed that still, we are having some chances of overhauling the overall damage caused by our inadvertent acts, and as long as we do not destroy the complete resilience of Mother Nature, we will have it.   



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