Bin Laden Wanted Biden, Trump Threatens Iran, Shyster Tried to Trademark 9/11

Adam Green Interviews Kevin Barrett on KnowMoreNews


Adam Green’s show speaks truth to Zionist power. VT readers will appreciate it. -KB


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  1. You say IF a mule farts within 10 miles … you mean Netanyahu has been able to keep his filthy pie hole shut for a while. Remember his real name is Yetan Yabu.

  2. Not really, it’s been shut down and partially dismantled since the mid 80s. See Mordechai Vanunu’s testimony on that.

  3. “US Coalition cannot defeat Iran in conventional war. If it attacks Iran, Israel will be destroyed,…”
    What happens if someone releases nuclear weapons? You don’t think the Israelis would do so facing imminent destruction?

    • First of all Iran does not posses nuclear weapons, it is against their religious beliefs. Israel would try and tell us otherwise but Bibi is a liar and desperate. Iran will only retaliate if it is hit first. Iran has a massive arsenal of missiles, guided, medium range, short range and it is rumoured medium to long range. If a full scale attack is done on Iran it will retaliate very swiftly on certain targets. Of those first targeted will be Israel. Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility, Israel’s desalination plants, Tel Aviv airport and various military bases. Factor in Hezbollah, now with battle experience from Syria, right on Israel’s doorstep. Iran’s land mass is larger with hidden and well defended missile launch sites spread out over many sites with mobile missile launch vehicles that will target US military bases within its missile ranges. It now has launched a military satellite that will provide some sort of real time Intel data. A modern and lethal drone arsenal, indigenous air defence systems based on the russian s300 system and a determined large land force that is motivated to defend Iran. No doubt Iran will suffer loses but it will definately be able to throw some punches that will knock out Israel and several US bases. This war will be long and Russia and China will no doubt provide some sort of military assistance Iran. Everyday Iran is building it’s defences so much so that it is making it much more difficult for and invading force to get a significant foothold within Iran’s borders without suffering major losses itself.

  4. Trump is irrelevant, he’s a City of London puppet, same as ALL US pollutitians.
    Israel can wage war for about 6 days, and it’s not just Iran the Zionist Khazars must consider. Hezbollah has a bone to pick with Israel.
    CIA isn’t going to overthrow shit in Iran. That happened once, it won’t happen again.
    Israel knows what Iran’s capabilities are, which are as follows. US Coalition cannot defeat Iran in conventional war. If it attacks Iran, Israel will be destroyed, US Navy will lose most, or all of it’s ships in the region, and more. This was stated by the former head of Israeli intelligence services,
    Yakov Kedmi. Iran has very good air defenses, produced domestically and plenty of Russian anti-aircraft battery’s, from S-1 (Panstir) to S-300, and S-400. All with the latest upgrades.
    Iran also has this: President Putin stated “Russia will not let Iran fall.”
    Despite 40+ years of US sanctions, Iran has become highly industrialised, a world leader in drone technology, and electronics. Iranian military is strong, the Navy is well trained, well equipped, and not a bunch of little boats, various sizes of submarines, that are in their own backyard pond, along with Russian submarines US can’t really track. There’s a number of Russia’s fast bombers in Iran, anti-ship capable, and Russia is 500 miles away, at 2.3 Mach
    It’s a quick trip should more firepower be necessary. Iraq is an ally of Iran, Syria, and Russia. China is backing up Russia with a military Alliance.
    China by the way is really pissed off about US bullshit over the virus.
    Russia is well set to deal with any economic conditions that may arise. It has a lot of non-oil products for export these days, oil, and gas, non-GMO agriculture products, and military hardware that’s in high demand. Russia carries no debt, and plenty of reserves.
    Russia does not answer to The City of London.
    The thing with Iran is The Zionist Khazars hate Iran. (Persia) Also hates Russia, and have been dragging this grudge around for around1,500 years.
    Russia did not “annex” Crimea.
    Crimea initiated the move, and it was done by Referendum according to International Law. Look at Crimea today, as opposed to 2014, then take a look at the Kerch Strait Bridge.
    Russia has it’s big Navy base,, and only warm water port secured. The City of London grabbed Ukraine as what the Cabal really wants is to restore Khazaria to its original borders. This is where the Zionist Khazar pretend Jews came from. Crimea was originally part of Khazaria, but Russian since Katherine the Great took it. The Cabal wants the land, but not the people, which are pretty much Russian. The Donbass, and Crimea in particular. The Zionist’s hate Russia.
    There’s a lot of holes in this, I’m not impressed. Can’t say I think much more of this than I do Alex Jones.

    • Good read on Iran. One note: the animosity of Iran and Russia which was created and upheld by Brits (the Russophobia as we see it is a British product) after the WWII outcome, is gone especially with their joint efforts in Syria. When in 2015 Soleimani went up to Moscow to bring down Russia to get involved in Syria’s fight that he had his fingers on since 2011 (he was fighting in Iraq since 2005), it was to “fight the US over there instead of at home in Iran”.

      One note in this interview:

      Minute 10:30 Green mentions the regime changers in Iran and the CIA. You hinted the CIA coup of Mossadegh was a one time deal. And you are absolutely right. Iran has clearly mastered the art of cleaning up of the terror rings inside the country. The regime changers are all outside of Iran, with absolutely no idea as to how to rule 80 million educated people who have long rejected the monarchy and have been vaccinated against western bs.

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